Dunkey's Best of 2018

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Justin Y. : You know it's a serious video when he spells "more dunkey" correctly at the end of the video.

Investing Book Summaries : I always knew super mario bros. 2 would remain the best of all time

Jake Eyes : 5:30 Dunkey: Smash is Smash. Do I really need to explain to you why this is awesome? Yahtzee: Yes.


Serpent XI : I'm starting to think that Dunkey likes bullet-hells

Dylan Norman : I love you Dunkey. You put a game of the year from 2016 as number 8.

The Sir Rolfe : 3:19 These guys join the battle!

Rn Spurgn : Why did you include Smash dunko?! BOSS BABY WASN’T IN IT!!!

eggward 42 : spider-man didn't make the top 14? That's pretty surprising for dunkey being such a big fan of the amazing masterpiece of spider-man 3!

MemeBait : I guess 2019s gotta be Microsoft’s year. ha funny joke I know

Blind Roach : All those cheap Youtubers turning into Fortnite channels, they'll never understand the intellect behind being a Super Mario Bros 2 channel.

Zion Rose : It just goes to show how disgustingly underrated Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze was when it first came out since it's making the top games of 2018 list when it came out in 2014.

ThickBeagle : I don't know what you are talking about, Wizard101 is the best turn-based combat game I've ever played in my entire life.

user1point0 : My favorite Youtube show: Comedy Show starring Dunkey and The Entire Comments Section

INTENSE GUY : Best game of the year is *Read More*

Daniel Sambar : 2017’s game of the year: Super Mario Bros. 2 2018’s game of the year: Super Mario Bros. 2 2019’s (estimated) game of the year: Super Mario Bros. 2 _Dunkey: I see nothing wrong with this._

Gubzs : I wish I was excited about 2D games as Dunkey always is. Sure would make my gaming hobby cheaper.

Papa Johns : Hey fellow gamer dudes and dudedettes! My name is Papa John, your favourite pizza place (dont let others tell you otherwise). Im on an epic quest to get dunkey to play the warrior of treasures, it is my favourite game and it helped me during my times of depression and bankruptcy because of my competitor whos name rhymes with giza butt. Please help me to see my dream be fulfilled

Fan here : No honorable mentions?

SlamaWolfPlays : My favourite game is Jake Paul mystery box game

How to properly clean your metal computer : I’m already excited for what 2009 is going to bring us.

Dutch Van Der Linde : I’m glad that god of war got #1...Btw is that Tahiti?

depan55 : Why was uncharted included? Isn't that game from 2016?

Joey Lem : Before watching, I'm just gonna predict that super mario bros. 2 is at number 1. Edit: Ayyyy babyyyy

Bolo : fak u dunki where is knack 2

James Burgess : I have a special type of respect for people who willingly play bullet hell games.

ZoTrope : Imagine If Nintendo Created a retro styled 8 bit Super Mario Platformer that had That had the difficulty of the orginal games with new music, bosses, and themes... imagine how amazing that would be...

Person Pacman : Damn, dunkey really loves them pixilated, nostalgic indie games

Pure : God of War is the best game of 2018!

Andrew Weaver : Does anyone know the music at 3:19?

DuoReview : It's weirdly satisfying to see Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze finally getting the credit it's always deserved.

Danish Dynamite : Super Mario Brothers 2 is ok I guess, but you know damn well that 2018 goty is BOOKWORM ADVENTURES DELUXE, BABY

Toaster : Enter the Gungeon was made 2016 tho

Ethan Blake : lotta bullet hells on here...

Michael Johnson : Didn't Uncharted 4 come out in 2016?

How to properly clean your metal computer : This video really makes you feel like 2018

Char Plays : No red dead?

Meliodas : No! YOU are an ICE CUBE!

El Grappadura : Which song is the one dunkey shows in Zeroranger? Great video <3

The Creator : *SUPER MARIO BRO...* wait no mario?

Natenator77 : Don't let Smash Ultimate distract you from the fact that Dunkey beat Sky in Smash

Studio DENIS : Who else of you watching has played ZeroRanger?

Aram Izadi : *piano plays* Guys I'm done making Super Mario 2 the number one game for so many years. The other games on the list are honestly so much better, please go play them instead. -Dunkey in 2020

Lurk 007 : if you search meatwadsprite in op.gg(NA) he played league again last 5 days

Mark adrian Feliciano : Im dissapointed that assassins creed odyssey is not include in this video

Heavenly Controller : Knack 3 2019 babyyy

Star Petal Arts : IS that a gamexplain video within a Dunkey video?

Yeeteth : But did it make you *F E E L* like Kratos?

Kuba Hołownia : 106 hours in Gungeon? Lucky man! I felt like i need to do 100% and spent 150 hours.

Gary Elmore : Well dunkey got me to play Celeste (it’s super fun)