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Raw meat eating in Ethiopia

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Eating raw meat in Ethiopia is something real men do. They do not bake or broil their meat. They love eating raw meat. You can eat raw meat in Ethiopia at large meat markets like the one in Doro Manekia. Men and women there prefer to cut the raw beef from the bone. People from other countries are very surprised when they see men and women eating raw meat. They think it is very dangerous to eat raw beef or ox. Despite the many warnings from doctors that eating raw meat is not healthy, Ethiopia’s love for raw meat does not disappear. They say raw meat is healthy. One of the men tells that his grandmother became 114 years old and she was eating raw meat every day. Eating raw meat in Ethiopia is like a feast, a lot of people have a celebration with raw meat and their best friends. Metropolis correspondent Yidnekachew Lemma tried some raw meat himself and made this bloody video about celebration with eating raw meat in Addis Adeba. He followed a group of friends who are eating raw meat every weekend together. VPRO Metropolis discovered that eating raw meat in Ethiopia is really all about socializing. This video is produced as part of VPRO series Metropolis in 2018. VPRO Metropolis is a global collective of young filmmakers and TV producers, reporting on real stories from every corner of the world. Every other week, twice a month, we make a trip around the globe to cover a current topic. From local beauty ideals to Elvis impersonators, from eating meat to using plastic, From sex education to what's it like being gay, or a transvestite, or an outcast or a dog in cultures around the world. Subscribe to our channel and we will be delighted to share our adventures with you! more information at Visit additional youtube channels bij vpro broadcast: vpro Broadcast: vpro Documentary: vpro Extra:


Pulp Fiction : its not extreme , do you know tartare?? its common in Italy to

Cool Dude : So what? People eat sushi it's raw fish.. I don't see any difference raw meat is raw fish or beef

sesame : Amharic is one of my favorite languages

A W : ጠሬ ስጋ መብላት ለተለያዩ በሽታወች ያጋልጣል በተለይ ለስኳር ለደም ግፌት ለሪህ ባጠቃላይ በወጣትነታችሁ ይህን ያህል ጥሬ ስጋ ከመመገብ ቀነሰ አድርጉት

የአዲስ አበባ ልጅ ጀግና ነው : proud to be an Ethiopian

YouKube : The guy that does most of the talking here. Every time he ends his sentence his voice cracks and it sounds he's still going through puberty... Lol.

Shing Fung Tse : Well, it is not uncommon to eat raw food, Japanese have sashimi, Italian have tartare, so raw beef is not really a surprise.

Dawn 92 : To anybody thinking this is unnatural, every ethnicity has or does this. Do not judge

Bongo Head : raw beef is actually delicious. you guys never had carpaccio tartar or sashimi?

محمد هوساوي : ብሉ ምናለባቹ ሰው እደ ቤቱ እጂ እደ ጎሮቤቱ አይኖርም

IamShe : Omg... I guess their bodies build up tolerance. I hate the smell of raw meat so I don't see how they can do it.

desertflwrs : Ethiopian beef is organic and these guys have eaten it their whole lives ok, I wouldn’t try it in the U.S. though

Frank White : Relax people I worked as a sous chef for years in a big city .White people upper class people eat raw meat all the time in public. Thanks asked for blue steak.some just keep denying it back and till u just put it on a plate right out the cooler

Beth g : Soo for all the confused people. No Ethiopia is not starting the famine ended in 1985. Meat is eaten like this becase it's our culture like how Japanese people eat raw fish on sushi or Americans eat rare steak or raw oysters. Also Somalians never forced us to raw meat.

The Real Reason : RAW AF

Johan Michael : That slight pitch at every end of a sentence that guy makes is endearingly funny.

Plane Jane : I ate Doro Wot, and Kitfo recently and it was delicious! The waiter tried to get me to eat something more for the American palate, but I refused. I will be eating it more often, I loved it.

Lisa C. Curvello : For all those desinformed comments talking about parasites: Have you heard about carpaccio or steak tartare? Hello?

Cry Baby : How is this wierd at all? I'm Canadian and eat raw meat in various forms, such as sushi, tartare, rare steak stays red in the middle.... I wouldn't eat chicken or pork raw but doesn't look like they do either.

tom tom : I prefer eating mine a little more raw and fresher. When I see a cow, I just jump on his back (like a lion) and bite hard into his neck. Then I like to enjoy eating the cow fresh in the field. Delicious.

niya : dude. these people are beautiful omg 😩

great boy : NO Ethiopian has an answer to the question of why they eat meat raw, no one. But I heard that, this is the result of wars. They were not able to put on fire in the evening for fearing that the fire could lead their enemies(Ahmed Gurey..or the left-handed Ahmed. a leader who occupied and ruled this area between 1400 -1500 ) to their positions, where they were hiding and so it went until they claim that,this is their tradition after 500 years. liars!

Private Account : look delicious I don't see why u guy must hating on them it's their business for eating raw meat it's not like they force u to eat raw meat or anything if they die from bacteria it's their problem but u guy saying mean things to them like u going to their funeral when their die or something so stop hating these people don't do anything to u well unless eating raw meat if u don't like the video skip it n keep ur opinion to urself

takoyaki fried rice : I really love your videos tho.. Btw Pls make a documentary about the Philippines which is my country.😘

Aisha Riyaah : i dont see any problem at all,we all human being with differents country,cultural,religions,foods,languages,thats it..nothing will change😊love to ethiopians from bangladesh,living south africa❤

Don S : To all those who say eww and yuck and parasites... And look down at this tradition as low, lemme remind you of Tartare of Italy and Sushi of Japan. Sushi sounds so pish posh ehh...

Reasonable Faith23 : I do not want to impede on others cultures, but I'll pass on the raw meat and have my halaal meat well done and seasoned. Lol. Peace.

Sir Burhaan : Somali sultanate Forced to eat row 16th century.

Yolo Swaggins : Show this video to gordon ramsay!

charlo patolo : My Indian grand parents use to give me raw beef as well as a youth but as we got older as cultural stigmas and “taboo” became more prominent it almost vanished from my community. Some families mite still do this but I don’t see it again . The west has made bad names for so many great traditions ..Trinidadian 🇹🇹

Lavonia Duda : Thanks lots for the video. :D

LaceRedRose : I think if you start eating it while you're young your body you can tolerate it better

Nikki Wailupe : Not gonna lie, they look good for there ages and ther skin is amazing.

Abdullahi Muktar Abdikadir : It is started in 15 centry, during adal abyssinia war.

Alex McCoy : Do they always ask questions answerable by a Yes or No?

Axel Axis : Raw meat is delicious and good for you.

John Doe : The mustard and lemon juice helps to kill bacteria. We cook our ceviche that way we put shrimp or fish raw in lemon juice and some spice and let it marinate for a couple of hours and it is delicious!

adzriel 09 : They need to invite gordon ramsay to dine there.

Harihara Sarma : Each guy is having two-two knives with him while eating and drinking. Any argument, there will be a blood bath.

AJ J : I think you guys should upload your videos to Facebook too. I’m a new subscriber, great content. Keep up the good work! :)

Elizabeth Shaw : I have seen thinly sliced raw chicken eaten in Japan and it is quite common. If anyone here said this is cannibalism I only have one thing to say to you. Get a dictionary!

Ray Mak : I would really really love to have a chance to try some

Wadjet : *it's not like they don't know better🙄*


Wello Combolcha : ጥሬ ስጋ የሚመገብ ሰው ራሱ ከብት ነው።

l love you tigray Mekelle : እድሜልክ ምያሰጠላኝ ምግብ ይህነዉ ጥረ ሰጋ እድት አርገዉ ይበላሉ አየ ያገሬ ባህል እችይ ብቻ ነዉ ምታሰጠላኝ አረቦቹ እንዳያዩ

: ምራቄን አስዋጣችሁኝ I missed raw meat 🥩 I can’t wait to eat with my family ehhhhh sweet !

parth singh : That's we call them (HAPSI)

vannistlemarr : I like raw meat!