Pete Doherty Interview for Oasis Album

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Eliza Reid : This is possibly my favoutie video ever

TruthSeekerUK/ PAFC : This guy's brilliant. How right he was.

Jo : iconic

Sam Tolley : Why is his voice so different now can somone explain

05/05/2010 16/05/2010 22/05/2010 : Umberto eco..ahahahahahah geniale già a 18 anni..

oasis is the Greatest : Trousers

Daniel Fattouh : How old was he

Harry Burrows : so cute

Helvegen : i dont get it

NS J : Did he say trousers? What a hero...

Ernesto NAjera : He was really skinny at that point lol

bernard buntin : "yeah do it again" what a patronising dick head

Earl Beatty : that croissant's probably the last thing he ate...

Mara Stanciu : this happened before he was famous

Charlie Sherbourne : Your name says a lot about who you are.

Wolf : OH the fucking irony of this sentence.

DecyIV : to think that young lad became one of the most controversial singers in british history

Chelsie Dysart : Would love to be friends with Peter, such an amazing guy; No matter what anyone says.

sophie sutcliffe : i love him more than everything

Moirai Films : Pete wasn't famous at this point, he's only 18 here.

anna5059 : Can anyone please translate this into German (so I can understand it exactly)(?) :)

12ozNoob : Did the guy even know who he was interviewing? XD .....I'm wondering if, two minutes later, Doherty was laughing about that backstage with the members of Oasis...

Tabata : be here now?

LetsOnTheClash : He is cute ! He was on french TV and they showed this video. He was very ashamed because he said "my hair cut is awwwful !! you're not nice, don't show this please" And he was hiding himself,... he was cute, I really like him! :)

dan32113 : he is posh upper middleclass tit, the son of an Army Major. The fact he rates Oasis shows his lack of musical taste. Tally ho old boy.

Jacob B : this guy is indeed brilliant

fiftyninechickens : what album was this?

Bruce T. : "trousers

CarterArts : He really goes for that mic! xD

CarterArts : 'Trousers'

Meghan Dvorak : trousers :)

Lucy Fer : This brilliant, he was so, so charismatic. How sad that drugs can fuck up someone like that until they are unrecognisable from the person they used to be. He lovely then, what a shame he couldn't stay like that.

Mark McArdle : @thebestpathetic No, please stop......I've only got so many ribs Noel Coward.

sivaband : @rockandroll63 yeah, you're a knobhead mate, what have you done with your life? bet you're a dole dosher with 3 kids huh

Mark McArdle : @lyrichand I'll have to take your word for it. Every performance I've seen of him has been utterly appalling. He makes Katy Perry sound like Aretha Franklin.

Mark McArdle : @Vepsebol66 You wrote this 2 years ago and we're still waiting for him to prove he's anything but a waste of skin and bone.

Mark McArdle : Tosspot then and a bigger tosspot now. I doubt he's ever read Umberto Eco, except on Wikipedia.

bestyoulget : "Trousers" Takes a bite of his food. Legend.

robbiemo10 : @frankiero55 Cause everyone wants to be a RocknRolla.

Conn92 : @furtoconskasso1 "Trousers".

bevyk777 : If this guy only knew who he was talking to - what he would be in the future! He saw it in those few seconds of interviewing Pete!

bebbo92 : He`s the last Rock`n Rolla... you don`t have to like his music and lifestyle but i think this is what they call rock`n roll in the golden age...

starsandgold : hahah Pete is such a cutie. :D brilliant indeed.

carl478 : i shag u in d ass

carl478 : the only thing amazing about him is hes still alive!

heduka009 : @boardgames69 Eddie Temple Morris, Mr. "Up for It"

boardgames69 : whos the interviewer?? he shud be killed. petes a legend

Keir Cavalier : "this guy's brilliant" yes, yes he is

kalm grist : Football and credible social music, stolen from the people it belongs too, by middle-class phoneys and mockney mockery. What about the real people?

SmartStart24 : ADORABLE! :)