Bose-Einstein Condensate - Coldest Place in the Universe

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Kevin Parker : I kinda got scared when the German started talking about his oven.

Gabriel Johnson : Pretty sure my exes heart is colder...

theodoeshutup : the MIT guy is a more entertaining speaker than the producer guy

Amaury Ayala : dammnn i can i use it cool down my cpu?

viature54 : the coldest place in the universe is actually my wife

James Dell'Alba : It pained me when he kept saying "degrees Kelvin"

Paul Hendrix : MIT, where they cool things down with lasers and then blow on them to cool them further.

Nicholas Dix : Press F12 to freeze a sodium atom to 1/177000000000 K.

Augusto O.R : Second coldest actually, after my ex's heart.

tibschris : So F12 cools sodium atoms to a millionth the temperature of dead space. TIL

andriuchaMetal : That's the coolest thing I have ever seen.

hunn20004 : Hey, this wasn't in the bible.

Get Krunk : Well, if there are aliens with this technology, this isn't the coldest place in the universe.

Jasper Synth : Canada is still colder

Alex Abadi : I watched that 6 minutes video and now my coffee is frozen cold !

Aperture : "Cook up some sodium atoms; The same kind in your table salt." No, that's not how chemistry works.

e1woqf : I stopped looking when I heard "fahrenheit". So surely this video does not have anything to do with science.

CheeseWasTaken : Put on sunglasses and it would be even cooler

Boston Badass Hugh Jass : Not even that would cool an AMD card ^_^

hellcat1988 : I really wish the education institutions would start teaching this stuff sooner.  I've learned more about science and history since leaving school than I ever did in school.  I didn't know light emitted gravity, that the earth doesn't orbit the sun, that the sun wasn't at the center of our solar system, and now I find out there's a 5th form of matter.  I can't help but feel sorry for kids growing up in rural areas with archaic educational material.  Even if they use the internet to learn about things, they may not test well against old material that is fundamentally wrong in the first place.

LattiMonstaaa : dear lord how stupid is the guy in this vid

Brian Su : hmm I think you can't get down to absolute zero because of the uncertainty principle too.

Liamggbb123 : spectral brought me here

Olden C. Nile : I wish they'd quit screwing around so much and explain the science. They think they're entertaining but it's just frustrating and annoying.

Bhanu Tez : how do they know it is the coldest in the universe? if we didnt explore the entire universe..

Rod Long : I have a hard time believing that the coldest place in the UNIVERSE was created by some dude in a lab on earth.

cascadefly : this show is made for dumb people

Lucrian : its not degreese Kelvin its just Kelvin !!! and not even we germans use the Fahrenheit scale so why do the english People oder the American ones?

Craig Blanton : I call BS. There's no way this guy is actually from MIT. I mean, look at him. He's making eye contact, talking like a normal person, and I'm 3 minutes in and I haven't seen him do anything even remotely antisocial yet.

The Dollar Guy : Make solid light and you have something.

Vern Emcee : "I always wondered what F12 does" LMFAO

Adam Jensen : What possible reason did 107 people have to dislike this video?

Brendan Garvey : Now attach it to a human nervous system and set it loose to kill people in Moldova... ;)

J Borg : Neat video, but the host would be better on a children's show.

eyebinker : It's only the coldest place in the Universe if super advanced aliens don't exist.  Then I'm sure they've probably gone colder in the name of science.

Randy Marsh : am I the only person here who is here because of the movie spectral

rosanglura : But can you turn it into a Russian soldier?

Eric Taylor : wait till they get a load of my picokalvin.

DanThePropMan : This is so cool.

Manuel Dena : Just saw "spectral" in netflix and it got me here 😂

kuku swuro : universe is so amazing.. matter is really deep.

Mike Rourke : Fahrenheit? What's that?

ErgoCogita : @ 2:35 Maxwell's demon's coffee cup? Sorry, couldn't resist. lol

Frederico barreto : 2:56 Back to the future?

Damon Cassada : Chilling documentary.

Libor Tinka : I wonder how they measure its temperature without actually heating it up?

The Thugger : Nothing is cooler than water out the faucet

ZerglingOne1 : Lasers that make things super cold. Can anyone say Freeze Ray?

Tomoko Kuroki : "Well I blow on my coffee to make it colder so let's blow on the atoms."

amiracle : Did he just compare a black hole to one of the coldest things in the universe? A black hole should be one of the hottest things in existence from all the kinetic energy of atoms under extreme pressure.