VanLife as Long Term Housing Solution for Solo Female + Epic Camper Van Tour

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Exploring Alternatives : THE BIGGEST VAN LIFE DILEMMA: Toilet or No Toilet? Atli has the advantage of bathroom and shower facilities at work, and at her gym. What do you/would you do?

Cyndi Foore : I love the smooth clean lines of the wood interior, kudos to dad !!! You have a spacious living area.

linda nerney : You and your dad need to start building these vans. They would really sell.

Late Apex : My heart melted when you dropped the "My Dad did all this". What a great Dad, there wont be many guys that have his skills in years to come.

mike black : This is my fav the whole van very nice design just beautiful a big thumbs up for this amazing woman

George Moore : WoW, your Dad is awesome. He got SKILLS!!! Be Well!!!

plutoplatters : fulltime work is prison... part time is the way if at all possible ...oh yeahhh

Dave T : Great build on the van! Your dad is a true craftsman. Very nice!

Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare : I dont understand the thumbs down. Ive been checking out builds for a van conversion and so far yours is my favorite. Efficient, stealth and Zen. Love it.

John Askew : One of the best conversions I’ve seen on YouTube yet, really superb, your Dads a real craftsman 😊.

Protective HT : First let me say, "I'm far from wealthy. A own a small business and would be considered upper middle class when it comes to an income. When I was younger, I use to covet wealth, thinking that it was the answer. You get a good job or start a business, give it your all and you will prosper. At 51 after chasing the American dream, a house, 2 kids and so on, I come to realize that "The grass is always greener on the other side." Meaning that happiness is so much more important than money. Don't get me wrong. We need money. We need to take care of our future. And I, for one, am not comfortable relying on others or the government to take care of my problems. "Freedom is another word for nothing left to loose." Thank you Janice Joplin. But you, my dear, I envy, having a full life to live ahead of you. Don't loose track of what is important in life and that is "Living." My time for freedom is not far off. My advice to you is, "Don't get caught up with corporate BS, live for now and save for the future."

Jen Midwest : I love your clean, neat van. Looks like you are doing all you can to stop condensation/mold. Good for you!! Your dad did a great job too. :-)

plutoplatters : get a canister of "bear spray" stuff shoots like a 1,000 gage shotgun... huge spray circle

Apple Betty : I love the door to the front!

Danny Reviews : i can tell your Dad built it with love

RLJoseph : She has the best rig I've seen yet. Small, yet SO spacious. I wish camper van manufacturers sold them out of the factory like this.

Tim 1968 : This is exactly what i want ! the wood finish and layout are perfect and you could park it anywhere ! All i need now is to find someone who could build it for me !

Lake Michigan : My favorite van conversion so far - and I've seen a bunch.

TONS OF VANARCHY : Finally someone did a proper insulation set up!

Yvette Rankin-Hill : That skylight makes a huge difference.

Julian Valenti : Super Cool Home! You're dad is a great builder. Good luck with everything! 😀

Gu Est : Dad did a GREAT job on the carpentry - thats $20K worth of specialized labor !!

nomad 59 : Your dad and you are awesome

victoria brown : Just beautiful I love the way you live. Amazing and outstanding JOB. My questions are do you miss not having a shower or toliet? And do you have Gym membership. I been 3 times lil

John Norris : Cool deal! Her Dad is pretty awesome for building out two vans for her.

streeteats : I hope in the future you don't let curiosity put you in harms way.

clifford yawn : I bet with your first van you were able to save enough money for your second van.

Daily Red Pill : She's a smart woman for not paying rent and put her money in her own pocket!! Money will multiply!

Jay S : Very nice van👍your Dad did an excellent job.

Kelly O'Neill : Nicely done!

SmileyBoo Videos : Oh, we are moving to Vancouver and planning on RVing life style ourselves..... Cool!

rohelo1 : love your set up ,its the best one I have seen by far, rock on girl ,Ill pray for your safe travels. Call your dad

sherry a : This van is really nice !!

AllieHeart : Ok im normally not that impressed with van life videos but seriously this girl's convinced me that I'm living my life wrong 😮

David Hinote : Awesome van.

Petra Griffin : Cool lady

plutoplatters : Vantastic set up !! love the wood

John Davis : US people have a serious afflicion. It's called "having way too much stuff". Cargo and conversion vans, suvs's, pickup campers, etc, get you NOTICED, and get you run off, hassled by cops, hit by thieves. A minivan has plenty of room, below the levels of the bottom of the windows, for what one person needs. Get a small tow trailer, leave it at the rental storage place, or keep your non-daily-use stuff in a storage unit. In the van, keep all your stuff covered with blankets. Cut a chest of drawers in half, (horizontally, of course). Pitch the passenger seat. set the 2 halves of the chest facing each other, sideways, where the seat was. Bungee strap them down/shut. cut up another chest, strap them down, behind the driver's seat and up against t he other chest. You'll also be able to put another 3 such chests, turned sideways, down one side of the van, and facing inwards, across the back, and still have room to sleep back there. You can carry a LOT of stuff in 16 drawers, folks.

Elaine Bines : amazing but hope you stay where there are other people that you know - it gave me the creeps about the hand - i always think maybe have a recording of you and a man talking - then if ever - you can always switch it on and sounds like a couple of people inside

William Kiene : Excellent video.....your dad is wonderful......thanks for sharing.

rosie blunt : She is so sweet

Clare Colins : My dad would have loved to do this with me. He’s not around any more but I bet he’d smile to know that I’m doing this too. All the very best. 🙂

Grace in Wonderland : Would you mind if I share this video on my channel as your build is exactly what I have in mind when I'm in a better place financially....long story that I won't bore you with but your rationale is the same as mine rent here is high and I am not going to live with others as I'm kinda set in my ways as far as how I like to keep my living is that for a run on sentence ☺

BasildoomHD : 2 important questions. How do you go to the toilet and wash?

missannecordelia : What a great set up, I love it! And hey, I'm fine with using a compost bucket for a potty. 😉 Great video, guys! 👍🙌

Flower : I would want a toilet and shower to wash in my own home. Its just me but I would not live in a van without those facilities. Happy camping safe.

Deb Dub : I've had the idea of living in a van or RV for years! Who needs a mortgage?? Its nice to be able to travel without staying in hotels.

Kurt M. : Beautiful tongue-and-groove wood paneling. One Awesome Inch would be proud of that job. Nice touch on the slideout table. I love the abundant storage space. Ford Transits seem nice, but because they're still new, the jury's still out on how reliable they'll be.

Mara Bradley : Your dad is wonderful!

REVEREND DAVID HAMM : Beautiful Van I love it she has it all figured out