VanLife as Long Term Housing Solution for Solo Female + Epic Camper Van Tour

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Exploring Alternatives : THE BIGGEST VAN LIFE DILEMMA: Toilet or No Toilet? Atli has the advantage of bathroom and shower facilities at work, and at her gym. What do you/would you do?

Cyndi Foore : I love the smooth clean lines of the wood interior, kudos to dad !!! You have a spacious living area.

Late Apex : My heart melted when you dropped the "My Dad did all this". What a great Dad, there wont be many guys that have his skills in years to come.

Elaine Bines : amazing but hope you stay where there are other people that you know - it gave me the creeps about the hand - i always think maybe have a recording of you and a man talking - then if ever - you can always switch it on and sounds like a couple of people inside

mike black : This is my fav the whole van very nice design just beautiful a big thumbs up for this amazing woman

linda nerney : You and your dad need to start building these vans. They would really sell.

AllieHeart : Ok im normally not that impressed with van life videos but seriously this girl's convinced me that I'm living my life wrong 😮

Danny Reviews : i can tell your Dad built it with love

Yvette Rankin-Hill : That skylight makes a huge difference.

BasildoomHD : 2 important questions. How do you go to the toilet and wash?

Apt215 Melissa Brown : I am lovin millenials. Yaw makin it happen. From van and bus conversions to tiny houses and a host of alt living situations, a minority of you have grabbed the bull by the horns to claim your lives. I am learning from you guys at 53. Simplifying in this way, not only frees you (and CAN reduce your expenses), it also has the effect of reducing your consumption of material goods and hopefully will start the healing of the planet, before it's too late. So, what do we (you) do with all the plastic, synthetic and toxic chemical waste? I guess  you guys will be forced to reckon with that. I'm doing the best I can to avoid fake stuff.

brad douglas : This one is my favorite. I love the wood. Looks very warm and cozy. Your dad is an amazing builder

David Henderson : I remember when you had your Astro van and it was awesome, but this van is over the top and I'm just in love with it. Thank you for sharing your home with us and I hope you have a nice long adventure in your beautiful new home. ♥

George Moore : WoW, your Dad is awesome. He got SKILLS!!! Be Well!!!

Jen Midwest : I love your clean, neat van. Looks like you are doing all you can to stop condensation/mold. Good for you!! Your dad did a great job too. :-)

Annie B. : Your dad did a great job one of the best designs I've seen.

Daniella Thoelen : toilet? shower? No thanks, these are the minimum requirements for me.

Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare : I dont understand the thumbs down. Ive been checking out builds for a van conversion and so far yours is my favorite. Efficient, stealth and Zen. Love it.

Apple Betty : I love the door to the front!

Figaro5553 : I don't get why you need to clarify that she's a "solo female". You never see a single van dweller who's a man described as "solo male". Seems off.

Dave T : Great build on the van! Your dad is a true craftsman. Very nice!

Ognjen Milosevic : So many nice comments on this video.. What a beautiful community.

Tim 1968 : This is exactly what i want ! the wood finish and layout are perfect and you could park it anywhere ! All i need now is to find someone who could build it for me !

Lille4008 : It's so sad people cannot afford rent anymore in cities. We live in Copenhagen DK and pay a whole salary on a small apartment. It is crazy. Unfortunately here you aren't allowed to live in vans or tinyhouses on wheels. This van looks so beautiful and simple, good luck Alti.

Fredrik Larsson : Well, this is sanity. What better thinking could there be? You buy a car and a home at once, you get a better life and your hotel room is one and the same as your vehicle when travelling. I would do the same if I was a bit better in health, because it really makes sense. A beautiful and very well-working build as well. And very off-topic: that laughter you have is irresistible. There should be laws about spreading it to each and everyone. Keep using it!! :-)

LeAnna Bing : Awesome woman, wonderful van home, and a super Dad!

Maureen Miettinen : We carry a machete in our van too! xP

Am. Blades : You have a great Dad, I know you must realize that. Have fun while your young, time goes fast. I was in my 20's it seem like just the other day Put I'm 65 this month. Ask your Dad. Enjoy !!!

Chris A : Thank you for sharing your story that's pretty amazing and it's really wonderful that your dad helped you sounds like you have a great family stay safe

John Norris : Cool deal! Her Dad is pretty awesome for building out two vans for her.

Pam Paulson : Wow,, this is the nicest, cleanest design I have seen. What a guy Alti's dad is. They could start a business building these vans. Really aesthetically pleasing and functional.

plutoplatters : fulltime work is prison... part time is the way if at all possible ...oh yeahhh

victoria brown : You did a beautiful job

Lake Michigan : My favorite van conversion so far - and I've seen a bunch.

John Askew : One of the best conversions I’ve seen on YouTube yet, really superb, your Dads a real craftsman 😊.

Stan Watkins : Dad is cool. Yay Dad !

Autumn Blossom : Oh my gosh I love her and her van!

Angelica Espejo : Cool van! Cool dad! Cool daughter! Everything is so cool! Best van and set up I've ever seen!

Julian Valenti : Super Cool Home! You're dad is a great builder. Good luck with everything! 😀

Jay S : Very nice van👍your Dad did an excellent job.

rudaxxxmarta : that bed looks super comfy

Lovepeacejoy : Beautiful van and actually the first one I have ever liked and have been researching for about a year.....

Mara Bradley : Your dad is wonderful!

petnzme01 : very nice build. Had an idea for a slide out sit down shower box with compost toilet under one half of the bed. Bathing asian style. Asians sit down and will use only one bucket of water. You can modernise it by installing a small on demand hot water unit and 12v water pump to a hand held shower unit. Wet your body, Lather and rinse off. All while sitting down. You could use a wooden board as the seat and under that place your composting toilet. Just use doggie poo bags and get rid of your waste in the public bins. Urine? Pee into a a large capacity bottle that has a hose and an attachment for both women or men to use. Just like a urinal

Living Free Forever - Melody & Ric Schafer : This van is absolutely beautiful! Shows that we don't need so much "stuff" to live :)

HerringBone : The wood paneling looks amazing in this van. I can definitely see myself living in a van like this because it feels like a tiny apartment, I'd be right at home!

Raw LawGirl : I love her, her laughter, her van, her taste, her lack of clutter, and her dad! I think I was born to the wrong parents! P. S. The jumping out the van with the flashlights is totally something I would do while shaking in my boots.LOL!

plutoplatters : get a canister of "bear spray" stuff shoots like a 1,000 gage shotgun... huge spray circle

SaintTrinianz : Love your Transit build, especially the sky light! Not sure I could do that because of my solar set up, but would really appreciate if you could share info; size, manufacturer, etc... Thanks!

nomad 59 : Your dad and you are awesome