Veteran MD Drops Bombshell About 5G Technology Dangers At 5G Hearing

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Janet Baker : why is it that lobbyists get all the time they want with our officials but we get as an average American citizen 5 minutes!? This alone should show you the problems.

Phantom Rides : We have to do something... But then what's the solution? Switch off everything 😕

Andrés Legorreta : On light of further information being shown on this comment thread, I will change my original comment, which posessed inaccurate information, which I believe should be ommitted for possible misinformation it could cause. The full conversation below remains unaltered.

Ftw Nil : "If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in the terms of energy, frequency, and vibration" - Nikola Tesla -

asueft : *It's a very serious issue, YOU HAVE FIVE MINUTES*

TrueGritProductions : I'm already on 6G bro. I glow in the dark.

NastyNati0527 : wonder if this is why all the bees are dying

blowingtrees2 : Don't be surprised when you find out big companies are killing for money!

Don Magermans : 5 minutes, thats all she gets!!!! They don't even listen and they don't care, so 5 minutes of there time is the only thing they are concerned about.....

The King : Why don’t any of you understand physics?

Dana Ashlie : Great info! If you guys want more info about this, the effects, WHY these levels are so dangerously HIGH AND HOW TO PROTECT against it, check out my most recent video...very thorough and will arm you with how to protect your family. Blessings.

FireWaia : says: As noted above, the RF waves given off by cell phones don't have enough energy to damage DNA directly or to heat body tissues. Because of this, it's not clear how cell phones might be able to cause cancer. Most studies done in the lab have supported the idea that RF waves do not cause DNA damage.

Auto : When that guy asked "I'm sorry but what is PubMed?" , it made me lose it, and then I was very sad.

jdogg0075 : Top keyword "clearly". Yet it was unclear what evidence she is referencing.

Dank Memes 420 : Hahaha. Doctors clearly aren't physicists. She doesn't know a thing she's talking about, and anyone who thinks 5G radiation is going to have any visible affect on cancer rates failed high school physics. Edit: I'd like to edit my comment to disclose the fact that I'm not majoring in physics / chemistry so no, I don't know nearly as much about physics as people who major in it. If someone knows more about physics than what I understand, feel free to disprove what I've said.

Yummy Mummy Emporium & Apothecary : The only problem is that the shadow government who have planned this are clapping for joy at this huge harm to human health and feel validated by her words regarding their eugenics design.

tr8ced : The specified Hertz range for wireless devices with wireless access points IE routers and repeaters work on the same level of frequency of a microwave however do NOT operate at the same POWER level of a microwave 700-1200 watts. This lady is spewing non-sense "Diabetes in rat's caused by 2.4 GHz"......alright well at what wattage. I'm pretty sure the FCC has got this covered. -Bachelors in computer networking.

silversurfer : She has the plan backwards for 5G because, and it is so obvious that it is tech for human population reduction.

iplayloud2 : The biggest bomb she drops is about 2.4ghz which directly causes diabetes. She don't say anything about 5ghz 🤔

Dane Endly : No wonder the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world have horrible cell reception. I work in them everyday cleaning pools Newport Beach same neighborhood Kobe Bryant used live in. and all the surrounding gated super nice neighborhoods they too have horrible cell reception. They can easily put the towers up and make it more convenient for the people they obviously choose not to put those Towers where the rich people live

chinookvalley : And for those who are dying from this? Who will be held responsible? The winners are BigCorp. The losers are us. Feel as if you are going crazy? See animals acting strangely? We KNOW the problem, but there is no answer as long as money holds the stage. Stand up and fight this, while you still can.

P XMAN : If its safe, why does Lloyds of London refuse to insure against the effects of EMF/EMR/RF ? "`Directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise’ (Exclusion 32)."

Class Act : Warm up the Lawyers! It's Class Action Time!

Free Your Mind2 : She forgot to add that Cancer and Fibromyalgia are also huge epidemics caused by these EMFs. Heart problems, endocrine problems, immune system problems....the list goes on and on.

Robert Russell : Thankyou; One day you will be considered a Hero; ThankYou.

Sledge Hammer : I would love to go back to wired phones, health issues aside, social damage is even more obvious.

Coach Trini : The doubters in here are pathetic...

jrbisc99 : I have a pretty good bs meter and I'm thinking this lady is full of shit. I'm betting there are studies showing that any effect 4g/5g has is negligible. You have to question how the study was done and what exactly was studied. Google cell phones and cancer. There are no studies proving this. This is just another bogus hippie saying the Earth will die if humans continue to progress.

Luis : This is true. When I was studying for Cisco certification CCNA, this is about networking, in module 4 of official documentation we are told to put wireless routers to a minimum safe distance of 15 inches from a person. We are talking of 2.4 Ghz coming from a small antenna. Cannot image the effects of a powerful 5G which means 3, 4.2, 28.35, 40, and even 71 Ghz.

Romantic Donkey : Where is my tin foil hat? Why is it that every “expert” tries to convince the world that their field of study is the cause of so many health issues? The answer: They want public money to fund their research and give them job security.

Michelle Fuqua : Yes, and Nehatnu in Israel isn't putting it up for his ppl and they created it. If it's SO GREAT why not?? Because, they know, the AMERICAN ppl are guinea pigs. 😡😡

Sasha Lahrs : Dangers of EMF/EMR have become a hot topic, especially with WI-FI being everywhere, cell phone radiation, and now the increasing concerns with 5G. There are a lot of EMF products on the market, usually "passive" in their approach. I'm excited about a new product called Blushield, with a more effective "active" approach, as it creates healthy frequencies using scalar technology that allows your body to entrain to healthy frequencies, and ignore the harmful EMF. Please view the YouTube link below for a short overview. We're able to offer a 10% discount if you purchase one through this link: and use discount code LIFESPARK.

Oscar T : Cell Towers are the Problem

Dexter Schray : This lady may know a lot about medical sciences, but she doesn't know shit about electronics and technology. Reading this comment section america gladly eats the propaganda they're spoon fed. I WISH 5g was as dangerous as you all think - so we could cull the heard a bit. All I have to say is, the people scared of 5G are the same people who can't put down the 4G using technology, only making 5G more imminent. If you 5G nay sayers are so scared of it, you better get rid of your 4G technology, microwaves, smart meters, smart watches, wifi modems and routers, wireless phones, two way radios and even the TV remote - if it sends out waves of any kind it's cancerous! Stupid Americans... embarrassing.

School Developers : Nicely done, but they've encapsulated the discussion to 5 minutes by design. They haven't analysed the 4G exposure, by design. They don't care about "we, the people" - just the fascist/corportist goverment we serve. RIP, Amerika! WE NEED A REVOLUTION, but too many people have been "dumbed down" by flouride and the boob tube and their cell phones.

Anthony Bachour : When you don’t know the difference between ionizing and nonionizing radiation

Jaromir Dub : 5G is Very good for disease management.More sick people= more money.Ones you are not in military age you are slowly becoming useless to them. You’ll spend your lifetime savings for chemotherapy and then you’ll dye. Thank you very much. Next. Ps.Just before you drop dead don’t forget to pay your taxes for next year.

S Kirk : No citations. Just an immediate call to authority. Probably paid off. Same argument they had against 4G... and 3G... and 2G... these people never go away.


Scott Sanders : The bastards in Congress don't want to hear about it obviously with only 5 minutes allowed for her to make her case. They are on the take from lobbyists from the wireless industry!

joescalon : No citation and uses the word "clearly" when there is zero proof that low frequency radio waves do anything as they also happen naturally. For radiation to effect anything it has to vibrate or heat it up, low frequencies do not have enough power to do any of this. Let alone saying diabetes is a about exposure to sugar...

HealthActivist1 : Courageous lady - thank you for speaking out. This information is kept hidden by our governments and the mainstream media.

tom jones : Wifi, mobile phones etc, are using microwave radiation. Do you know what microwave radiation does to biological tissue? It heats it up. You know, like in the microwave oven. The worst that could ever happen is your skin gets hot. Only amateur radio operators, broadcasting at high power levels, ever have to worry about this.

Kensho Mo : 2:05 The whole world atm is running 2.4Ghz IEEE 802.11 protocol wifi frequencies . If what this lady says is true God help us all. Actually, there have been a few cases where a few separate families lived directly under cell towers that were mounted on the roof of the public housing. The different families had several members develop brain tumors not far in time apart from one another. Thus I don't think its merely restricted to 2.4Ghz being the only harmful frequency but perhaps a vast range of frequencies but with very high intensities. I believe they should study the effects where proximity (for inverse square law effect) and frequency are variables. I use headphones when I can every time i take a call on the mobile phone because every time I put the phone against my head, I get a headache afterwards. Protect yourselves guys and girls. My router is under my work desk. I'm afraid this will make me sterile in future...

Kim Bird : here in the uk .a judge in NEWCASTLE has told the council to stop 5g until proven safe . we need more judges like that .originally it was the council that had taken a man to court, for a gagging order ,as the man had proof of how dangerous it was to the public , and was letting the public know about the dangers of 5g. the judge turned it around. good on him .

MrB1923 : This doesn't even pass the level of a junior high school debate. MAJOR FAIL. But the uneducated and paranoid sheep will swallow it and get all excited.

Delanea Ouellette : The saddest part is the tech companies know EXACTLY what they are doing. 5G is a slow depopulation agenda. Plain and simple

Redcap Goblin : Why the hell are we letting them install 5G without long term independent extensive testing with civilian oversight?

Wes DL : So Diabetes in kids is caused by radio waves, and not them sitting on their asses playing video games or on facebook all day, and eating refined sugars and carbs. Damn all this time it was cellphones. Color me skeptical.

Zach Trapper : Now tinfoil hats aren’t sounding too crazy anymore.