Stan Lee Wants a Cameo in Batman V Superman!

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Xiang : Here's an idea for a DC cameo: MARK HAMILL

ArtisticLegoFilms : Adam West should be DC's "Stan Lee"

Gazu : This is pretty much Mr. Marvel blessing all of the actors saying "You have my approval to be this character." It's really a huge honor to have him recognize you as a specific character.

Spider-Man : Stan Lee is the original superhero :)

lion heart : I love DC and marvel superman is my fav tho and I would fucking love to see Stan do a cameo in the new dawn of justice that would show some respect and appreciation from both marvel and DC.

RyuChief : I hope this guys turns out to be the first immortal human. That would be great since he is already pretty old..

santana jn : DC.4 LIFE

Chin Chin : All Hail Lord Stan Lee.

King Dutchess : Marvel is better than DC

Stop keep changing Your name : aarvel is for kids and DC is for all adults.

Henrique Santos : I think Stan Lee starting making a cameo in a DC film would be amazing and epic! Plus, it could show a lot of fans that we shouldn't be bashing the other company and see that it's all just friendly competition.

Julian Harden : Hopefully when DC starts making good movies he'll cameo in that one.

L.E.S Most Wanted: Raul RealTalk Tello : Stans got a lotta balls

Lester Medina : I´m a DC fan but there´s no denying Stan Lee is a great guy.

Hydra Hamad : DC's cameo-ing should include Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy.

Vince The Horniest Mcmahon : STAN THE MAN 😂😂😂😂

jasminemyfirst : Dam even Stan Lee throwing shots at Batman v Superman lmfao

Luqman Sidek : Stan Lee.. have you forgotten that marvel almost bankrupt without fox?

Ray Kon : Not sure why ppl do DC vs Marvel when both are great, not to mention both Stan Lee and Bob Kane were good friends

LetsGoAJay : Stay away Stan Lee!! But your still cool.

akshay ajith : in your dreams lee

moviebuzzrocks : Stan Lee could have made a second career as a comedian

super kal el : He is so mad he talk's shit about the company which he copy all of his characters the only think he did in his comics is to put his name in the end thank the jack THE GOD Kirby for your fame old man

Juckle : I probably would have gone to see BvS if Stan lee made a cameo in it. Bad reviews or not


Erick Lopez : That man stan lee is a legend

Shafa Kamila : There should be a Stan Lee solo movie :v

yeremia sembiring : Stan Lee is Legend

Rachel Stone : Love it

Yaya A : Love him

Paul Velasquez : when i was watching this i embarrassingly barked like a dog im not joking

Finn Galaxy : Amalgam Verse movie confirmed? :v

Zamin Zahoor : No matter if you are a Marvel or a DC fan. You can't hate Stan-Lee. He is a gem.

Rainbow Poop : Without stan lee theres no marvel. Damnit all HAIL stan lee!

Thanggou Mang : stick to Marvel, Mr. Lee...DC has nothing to do with you

DoesNotExist305 : Funny to hear Stan Lee throw some shade at DC because of the movies when DC kicks Marvel's ass in the comics, video games, and animated series/films. And by the way, the Dark Knight trilogy are undeniably the greatest superhero films of all time. Heath Ledger is the only man who won an Oscar for a superhero movie and will probably be the only one to ever do it. DC is just better. Simple as that.

raven fyhre : DC doesn't need Stan Lee cameos, but it'll be great if DC would focus more on villains movies rather than heroes (Like the suicide squad movie project for 2020)

Steve Bern : He doesn't want that now that BVS was a terrible movie

Jack Jacobs : The funny thing is that DC is so much better than marvel and he knows it.Literally every member of The justice League could solo the entire avengers roster(except Aqua-man and cyborg but there not primary members).DC has infinitely better characters , stories and general creativity.All marvel has is a bunch of copycats, a shit ton of ambiguous cosmic entities and a retarded old man who wants to make a cameo in everything.

Hiya H : Stan Lee should get a cameo in everything.

Kevin Smith : That would have been awesome.

KaMoa : Let him be in Batman v Superman. It will destroy the brains of Marvel fanboys

Enemy of The state : I think he did have a cameo in movie, wasn't he at Clark Kansas house during funeral next to preacher and Morpheus?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi : Stan Lee just approach WB he wants a Cameo and it's all SET

ToxicSkull0 : Savage

CBL 3000 : Stan da man lee

BenignAndaHalf : It would be awesome to see him cameo in an upcoming DC movie.

VoorheesTV : What about a stan lee movie with someone else having a cameo...

Hoesway : Stan lee is amazing and always will be

enigma mist : at 94, active and still funny :)