17 year olds dial a rotary phone

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Frank Bishop : I am not surprised the kids could not cope with the rotary dial. What has me absolutely incredulous is that they had nearly four whole minutes of an attention span!

TikTok Meme Machine : A Rotary phone is to Millennials What a Smartphone is to Grandparents

Konner Terry : I’m 12, and I know how to work a rotary phone

StormyPeak : I have a 1936 Bakelite phone that is my main phone in the living room, kitchen area. I ordered pizza one night, the delivery boy ended up getting lost, his cell phone died, and he called me from a local store asking for directions again And...this was only his 2nd day on the job. Once he got here...he asked to use my phone, and without even thinking I pointed to the rotary dial. He let out this sigh like people do when they give up....lol...and the despair in his voice was funny ... although I knew he was having a bad day as he said "I don't know how to use this kind of phone" I told him how and he dialed his work place to let them know...but the first thing he said when his co worker picked up was: "Dude! Guess what kind of phone I'm using! You should see how you have to dial it!" LOL. I gave the poor kid a $10.00 tip. Mostly because I felt guilty about laughing at him. :P But, also I can remember having days when nothing went right...and for him that phone seemed to be his last straw. He left happier than when he came in with the pizza.

Paul W : Those old rotary phones were built very solid.

RealAvus : This prove you are OLD if you are laughing at that. BTW, I laughed.

The Whipping Post : They don't know what a dial tone is. That's why they have trouble with the receiver, which is a word they probably don't know.

wakeywakey : Today's youth knows nothing about a good phone slamming.

elli003 : LOL. I kept my rotary phone. And it's in 'Avocado Green" !

Brian Krian : Hilarious! Next give them a camera and some film to load!

cameraman655 : Reminds me when I was 16 in the 70s and my Grandparents challenged me to use an old but still active Crank phone.

Sandra Jordan : I think it’s funny that they pick up the receiver to start over.

Wizard Suth : He was so close, and then he gave up. You can't win if you give up!

Andreas Rasmussen : I feel soo old :-(

C de Gaia : At 67 years old I feel so vindicated. LOVE ALL OF YOU.

Donald Welborn : Im so freakin old. I didnt realize our technology is so obsolete, they cant even figure out how to use it anymore. What else an I in the dark about? Well a few months ago we were going through the my father's attic and we found one of those phones form like 1993 and I made a Zack Morris joke and a 16 year old looked at me like...well, you know the look.

Monte W : You know , the funny thing is, you show them how to use it and they will know how to use it from that point on ! My daughter has tried showing me how to use my cell phone and I still don't get it ! Just saying !!!! Those young men were good sports . Thanks for a good laugh.

materidouska286 : What does a 0 sound like? I almost peed my pants laughing:-)

Walkertongdee : Next video see if they can change an old tv channel.

Guiden : Like se sei qui grazie a quel PAZZO FURIOSO di Monty👍🏻

poi50nth3rd : Qualcuno che sia stato mandato da zio monty?

d sanders : am i really that old? omgoodness

Jim Rowley : Show them an analog clock and ask them what time it is.

LFP Gaming : To be fair: a rotary phone to the youth of today is like a smartphone to your grandparents... my grandparents have NO idea how to use a smartphone and refuse to learn at all

Brian Bassett : Cool, finally something funny for old people.

Michael Davidson : If you really want to blow their minds put them on a party line.

Gregory Pease : More than anything, these kids were really good sports about this, and that says a lot more about them than their inability to use anachronistic technology. Bravo, guys, for giving it a go.

Robert Heinkel : Now give them a stick shift car.

Jack Duchesneau : I grew up with these phones. What I would hate is when I'd be dialing the seventh digit, my finger would slip out of the hole and I'd have to start all over again. When the touch-tone phones came out, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread lol. P.S... These two kids are a perfect example of the school system today teaching kids what to think and not how to think. Just my opinion.

know body : I love how they lift the handle to "reset" it after each try lol. Fun to watch. Thx guys! ( if I hadn't of lived thru that time period I wouldn't know what to do w it either 😎👍

deathofsnowman : Like a video game with no cheat codes.

Bill D : And they are the future of our country ?

MermanIShouldTurn2Be : Wow I'm old kill me. Hey, fellow kids. Maybe watch a movie or TV show made before 1989 pls?

Dree Sexton : I miss rotary phones! My mom used to say, "Leave that alone! It's a phone, not a toy!" I liked to watch the rotary go round and round. 😉Ours was 70's puke yellow, hung on the kitchen wall, and had a chord long enough to go from one end if the house to the other. Did anyone else's parents set an egg timer for when you had to hang up? Think I'll use my phone and head to eBay and look for one. 😅

Meghann Kiley : You gottta-... yea you gotta-.... no, you're ri-... god... ok... come on you almost... YOU HAVE TO PICK IT UP.... no.. YOU HAVE TO KEEP IT OFF THE HOOK.... STOP..... You know what? .. AHHHHHHHHH

catranger01 : See if they can lower non-power windows in a car or open a garage door  without an opener.

rimpri : Cracking the enigma machine.

paulgrem : Before the rotary phones came out, we had phones with no dialing wheel. We'd pick up the handset and wait for the (live) operator to come on the line and say, "Number Please." In 1947, there was a Nationwide labor strike of the Telephone Operators union. (The phone company refered to them as "Our Girls.") We got dial phones about 5 or 6 years later.

Kered Rellit : My friends kid asked me "what these?" pointing at the window cranks on my 93 pickup the other day.

Richard C : Too funny, now give them a typewriter....

Ross Wright : All today’s youth have to do is watch any b&w tv show from the 50’s to late 60’s in colour and some early 70’s tv. Detective and police shows showed lots of pay phones being dialed and those that early pagers had to use phones and pay phones to call in to contact the office. Leave it to Beaver show is a good example as Wally and Beaver called their friends. Also Father knows Best, as Bud and Betty called often on dial phones.

Kanth : I'm pretty surprised they got as far as they did as quick as they did. Those old phones were so unintuitive

D Jacobsen : On top of dialing a number you had to memorize everyone else's numbers or use a phone book. There was no call log or contacts list

harleybikerUSA : That's a wonderful, fun video... and I feel the same way as those kids every time I have to get an updated cell phone!

Corey Chambers : How to dial a rotary phone: Pick up receiver handset and listen for the steady dial tone. Insert finger into hole of desired first number digit. Slide it all the way to the metal finger stop past number 1. Release finger, allow dial to return itself to starting position. Dial the remaining digits of the phone number. Notes: To start over or reset, hang up for 3 seconds. Start with 1+area code if different area code.

Cheryl Johnson : How they kept lifting the receiver to start over. I’m dying 😂😂

James Hoopes : Thank you. I’ve feeling old recently, but this made me laugh about it. The young men were very logical and thoughtful.

ussling : So sad that the younger generations are so clueless. Don't they have grandparents to explain these things? Back in the dark ages of the 1960s, my sister and I would occasionally prank our mom by dialing our own number, and hanging up as the last number dialed would begin clicking. Yeah, those who grew up with these wonderful, bombproof phones knows what that means. We would then run to a bedroom or the bathroom. A few seconds later the phone would ring, calling itself, and we would laugh as mom picked up the phone and say Hello, Hello. Ah, the modern technology of the day. My sister and I grew up to be just fine, thank you.

ROBBIE W : I wish all electronics on earth would fail due to an EMP just for a month so I can be entertained by the millennial freak out.

Cindy Mccleve : this is hilarious!!