Chiropractic: Quackery Hiding in Plain Sight
Chiropractic Quackery Hiding in Plain Sight

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Chiropractic adjustment is a scam! It’s quackery of the purest kind dreamt up by a snake-oil salesman who claimed he was told from beyond the grave that manual therapy, especially spinal manipulation therapy, restores your body’s “innate intelligence”, curing all of your ailments. There is no scientific evidence that it can restore or maintain health, and only lukewarm evidence that it can help with lower back pain, with most credible research putting it on par with a good massage. Chiropractic adjustments are frequently associated with mild to moderate adverse effects, with serious or fatal complications in rare cases. Yet, despite these well-documented facts, chiropractic adjustment remains a $15-billion industry, with the largest number of chiropractors (approximately 75,000 of them) found in the United States. There, this quackery has wormed its way into the health care system and the psyche of the general population, who have been conned into thinking that this pseudo-medical alternative therapy has real health benefits, and who allow these charlatans to perform potentially fatal manipulations upon them. Up until recently, I thought everyone was on the same page regarding the ineffectiveness of chiropractic, however, my comments section was inundated with people telling me that I was wrong when I listed it as an example of modern-day quackery. After reading the comments defending chiropractic adjustment, which were almost exclusively written by Americans, I realised that there is a lot of misinformation out there. My hope with this blog post is to counter some of that misinformation and attempt to critically evaluate its effectiveness. --------------------------------------------------- Support Myles Patreon: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Additional information Chiropractic: Quackery Hiding in Plain Sight ----------------------------------------------------------------- Voice overs by KNOW IDEAS MEDIA Top Hat Chat TopHatStreet Orb Kitch ----------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: Facebook: Website: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Intro Music by Michael 'Skitch' Schiciano Dreams by Dj Quads Music promoted by Audio Library ----------------------------------------------------------------- #Chiropractic #Health #AlternativeMedicine


Fuzzy Milk : The one thing chiropractors don't want you to know is that you can just see a physiotherapist for your back pain instead

bk138 GT : I have met 2 chiropractors: 1 told me cancer could be cured with diet and subluxations and every human should live to 120. The other was an anti vaxxer

AmethystEyes : “Satisfaction is not the same as effectiveness”. Wow good quote.

Pearl Mouse : He adjusted his dad with his car

Little Bee and Nutmeg : I hate that chiropractic has now ruined the actual diagnosis of subluxation i.e. a partial dislocation or dislocation that returns to the correct position without intervention which is a major symptom for hyper mobile people

Krazer : The guy @12:40 is absolutely wrong about how the brain/body connection works. A simple undergraduate course on human physiology or neurobiology actually will go over how the heart beats, how the brain controls the heart and most amazingly how heart cells will beat on their own without any outside influence. But when place near enough to touch each other, they will sync up their individual contraction patters so they beat in time. No Brain Required.

Niklas Rantanen : I honestly didn't know that chiropractic isn't effective. I live in Finland and here chiropractic is regulated like any other medical treatment. Here chiropractics are regulated to treat only musculoskeletal diseases and are considered to be profesionals in that area. World health organization says that too as well as many other European countries. Can you make part two to explain more about the researche how chiropractic isn't effective and why many countries think that it's legit? It baffles me how it's so officialy treated and regulated like normal medicine.

Brandon Daniels : Person: "My neck kind of hurts" Chiropractor: "i gotchu. I'll do a minor adjustment" *proceeds to forcefully twist their neck at like 45mph*

KachuaOnWoW : Here I used to think chiropractic was a branch of medicine somewhere between physical therapy and massage... wasn't til many started supporting the antivax movement as I got older that I pumped the brakes.

Kevin Cooper : Chiropractors that operate out of Spas with shit like detox supplements are absolutely quacks and con men... Avoid those. I've been to a Chiro that worked in a physical therapy/rehab clinic. Treated me for a few weeks and I had greatly increased range of motion in my neck. The con men are the ones that tell you to come two to three times a week forever.

Ivory Mantis : Hey. What have you got against bloodletting? Sometimes people have far too much Blood Humor. Also, my leeches need to eat dammit. I'm a good parent. I'm also a doctor.

Grandsome : "It's my God-given American right to have the freedom to choose a quack rather than a doctor because I cannot afford the later, so help me God...Really, help me God I don't wanna die." --A Founding Father. (probably)

Nathan Levesque : 'Brain signals control the entire function of the body' You heard it here first. DNA requires brain signals to function.

welshdragon99 : A physiotherapist will use spinal manipulation to relieve back or even neck pain in certain circumstances but won't claim it's a pancaea like chiropractors do...

MrRolnicek : I knew they were quacks. And I knew they were dangerous, killing a lot of people. But the clips I saw ... damn, I did not realize just how much dangerous they were.

niviadragonrider : Holy cow, my mom was going to go to a chiropractor.. Nope nope nope. Dude seriously thanks for all this info!

TheCrakp0t : As a former Scientologist, I can 100% confirm that it's full of chiropractors. Birds of a feather and what not

Ceedub3l : Anyone up for a round of "Dr. Homer's Miracle Spine-O-Cylinder".

JCstock : Uh, boy, what? This quack really telling me I NEED my brain to heal a cut? Pretty sure that's not how that works. Pretty sure people who go brain dead can still heal cuts if they're still breathing and pumping blood.

sbjkd : The “nerve going to your heart”? Lordy!

Sean Wilkinson : There's so much serious back-breaking, spine-twisting, neck-popping, and head-yanking action here, I have to wonder if chiro students receive their training from Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero. About the only thing that looked fairly sane and pleasurable was that black deep-tissue vibrator/massager, although I also have misgivings if it's turned up to 11 and parked in a vulnerable area, like where skull meets spine.

LargeStupidity : Wow. I thought chiropractics was literally just people giving massages to alleviate pain. So I never got why so many said it was quackery. Thank you, Myles. This video was quite an eye-opener. Although I could have lived without having to see that neck stretching...

alfwok : Okay we can all agree that chiropractors are crazy nut jobs...But so is anyone who would wear that tie. 17:55

Brooklyn Singleton : "If you injure your spinal cord, it will cause serious problems. Let me show you how."

Stuart Baker : I have been to a chiropractor a few times for back pain. Really, the chiropractor I saw was borderline massage therapist. Nothing like what you've shown here. I really can't say that it helped me at all, although it does feel good to have your back popped. I honestly had no idea they were based in such quackery. Thanks for this video. Funny thing... YouTube played a chiropractic advertisement immediately after this video. 😂😂🤦‍♂️

Dylan Byers : I will never understand how anyone could think that messing with the neck of a baby is a good idea. That clip sent shivers down my (perfectly fine, don't get excited chiropractors) spine.

tiggerie345 : Huh. My actual doctor was worried and skeptical when I told her I wanted to try a chiropractor lol. Well, I actually did go to one many times and most of it was like physical therapy, TENS, home stretching and good habit forming, with the adjustments on the side. I had to get custom insoles for my scoliosis examined through x-rays. I guess I had a decent chiro, it wasn't just about the back cracking stuff... I stopped going a long time ago, since most of the things can be done by buying the equipment yourself like portable TENS, resistance bands, foam rollers, the Posture Pump, pillows, etc. Yeah I'd rather go to a physiotherapist instead now.

Maple Junkie : My father used to go to a chiropractor, over and over and over! Nothing ever got fixed! He went to the doctor... turns out he had a herniated disc. Went into surgery, he's been fine ever since!

Ken B : 17:50 this tie is awfull, everyone knows that it should end in the belts height

Racnenn : I live in the US. I've had doctors recommend I see a chiropractor before. Edit: let me clarify. Our love of chiropractors in the US is so deeply integrated into the health and healing industry that DOCTORS will tell you to see one

Canada Jack : Good job on being one of the first people with a major platform to go after this. Thank you!

blabby102 : In Australia, a LOT of people think that a chiropractor is just the type of doctor you go to when you have joint or muscle problems. Many people don't know the difference between them and a physical therapist or osteopath. I remember my father injured his leg while jogging and went to a chiropractor simply assuming he was seeing a real doctor.

Sean Webb : Does the adaptive immune system really need the brain to respond? I thought that T-Cell and B-Cells were always going through the blood stream. Macrophages always gobbling up foreign items.

Extys : It's literally illegal in France you can go to prison for that, it's "Illegal practice of medecine".

Annie Worroll : That neck nonsense he pulled I wouldn't let anyone do and I'm a sub in a BDSM relationship.

Donn Atello : My dad used to go to the chiropractor. Guy didnt promise to fix anyone, only temporary pain relief for 10 bucks a session. My dad would go in there and feel way less pain for a week. The only 'good' chiropractor I've ever met. Only ever charged 10 to 20 dollars for anything he did, didnt recomend any drugs, only exercise and diet, even said not to trust chiropractors Also said not to come in if we felt we didnt need it. Moved a year later, went to see another chiropractor, guy charged 85 dollars, wanted to see you 3 times a week, promised health n healing, suggested all kinds of supplements (which he sold in-office) and was generally not pleasant. My problem with both is simple: no oversight/accountability. The first chiropractor was just a certified masseuse who gave really really good massages to relieve pain, and that's fine as that's all he advertised. I dont know where I was going with this, I just felt like sharing my experience with chiropractors

R603 Burakkusuta : I always knew it was snake oil. Also what he Palmer did was actually witchcraft, which cannot ever be trusted due to whatever you are speaking to being able to claim to be anyone.

rayofsunlight : I went to a chiropractor as a young teen and I'm 99% going is what caused me to have extreme difficulty fully opening my jaw for years without it locking or causing pain. At the time I wasn't aware of how chiropractors were, but the signs were there w the alternative medicine (which I also bought into back then orz). Glad I didn't continue going

JD Tug : This is really cool, my father uses chiropractic adjustments, he goes like twice a week, I had doubts it was scammish. So glad you are covering this topic. (I come from Canada, we also have free healthcare, and it seems to be popular here)

Angela M : Wow, I never realised that chiropractics aren't using real science. I always assumed it was a type of physical therapy.... Theyre very common in America. It's seen as normal and mostly safe (where the risks are worth the reward)

Brendan Green : Thank you! Not too long ago my friend was trying to tell me how fantastic chiropractors are. Along with them, I have a friend who gets acupuncture twice a week. Does Myles have a video on accupuncture?

Mickey Rube : 22:49 “...this video is for people who are thinking of going to a chiropractor...” Perfect video, as usual, mate! The only edit I would make is here. I would’ve phrased it: “...for people who are thinking of taking themselves or their children to a chiropractor...”. It’s the ones who have no choice in the matter that I really feel for.

Heavy Metal Collector : mfw professional wrestling, which is meant to simulate _an actual fight,_ is safer for you than something that claims to heal you. That neck snap thing before the channel logo made me physically cringe. Just, ow

Ozgar Thunderhammer : All I gotta say is my back hurts, I pop my back (at home not a chiropractor) and it feels better. Don't know if that has anything to do with this.

Josh Barrett : The issue is I think in the USA is that Chiropractor is synonymous with "back doctor" as far as general nomenclature goes

claire nader : Only if chiropractic adjustments could fix their relationship...

nitroad shadow : Hey Myles I think you should take a look at (maybe more of a look at) the wash of sensationalist pseudo-science pap that is hosted on subscription platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime I feel that there is a lot of harmful and misleading content on there. Also some of it is being promoted to kids/teens/concerned parents.

Nabael : 264 people like having their money wasted on potentially damaging "treatments,".

Rob Eckton : Myles you are wrong!!! There is ample evidence proving chiropractics.....dead researchers told me so! Please keep up the good work. You and Jeff Holiday are two of my favorites.