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***Awesome 3D rc heli demonstartion from one of worlds best pilot!! Enjoy watching*** Event: Modellbau Wels 2017 *** © Thomas Petschel, RC RC RC!!! ------ Model Fair Wels 2017, Modellbau Messe Wels 2017

Comments from Youtube

The Flying Nurse : One time I hit a bumble bee with a tennis racket, and it flew away kinda like this.

RCmies : It looks like a glitch in a video game

RCmies : How is this even possible with the physics of our universe? Really amazing. This is literally unreal looking.

Chanel Games : WTF is this. How can it fly like that? unbelievable , beautiful landing. Great job man.

unknown 4 : I want to see his broken parts bin

True Drone Reviews : How do you even start learning that?

Alexandre Elisabeth : J'appel ça un 🔥Incroyable Talent🔥

Lil Mikey : I wonder if he could mow my lawn

Redbot Arduino : That guy must be awarded OSCAR for his flying skills

Mark Mark : It is not a helicopter, it is more like a firefly.

Lucio Vlog : Caramba em parabéns muito bom Pena que aqui no Brasil nao tem

Vladica Ristic : Svaka Vam čast majstore .🥇 You are king .

jay kup : Nice flying next time land it on the wall.

Jason. Madara : This is nothing you should see some of the people do them outside they're so freaking fast it's unbelievable

eybel channel kids : the great skill

Sergio Del Valle : I have a question was that real I don't follow this stuff was it stimulated and if it was real he is real good never seen anything like that

PAC diddy : Holly crap this dude is insanely talented!!!!!!!

Nick Carter : This is the best video on YouTube I thought he was going to crash at the beginning of the video this guy have mad skills good job

Kyle Gardner : It's always amazing how different people find ways to express themselves

De Evolve : Are those blades capable of killing a person?

DMG Kids : Waw, it was amazing.. dragonfly mode...

Trains Crashing : This is not how a helicopter is supposed to fly. Lol

Özdemir Usta : Nice şhow🇹🇷❤️👍

Ayush singh : First I thought that it's not working properly.. then .. I realized it's amazing

AV8R BRI : Holy Hell! Mad R/C skills there bro 👊🏻 I had no idea those R/C helos were capable of that. Awesome job

Harpreet singh : it's like helicopter is holded by an invisible man.

Matt Goss : OMG! What did my eyes just see? Holy. Crap!

Brandon Lee : He is flying 3D, this is Not a easy task, his hand eye coordination and remote stick control is on another level!! When flying normal he quickly goes inverted, and keeps his axis at center! Words don’t do this justice! Not to mention the heli costing thousands along with his control components, sponsors are for sure helping this dude! Great job keep it up

lowkey 4life : Not going to question how your flying it upside-down but ok. Physics is broken

Sutter Knives : reminds me of jordan belfort flying home..........😂 just great man!!👍🏻

joshua johnson : OH MY GOD!!!!!! I don't see how it is humanly possible to control an rc helicopter with that kind of skill. You my friend are a robot super human. Congratulations in the highest degree!!!

mindfixer4you : You forget just how big this thing is because of the view. Then he picks it up again and F**k!

marcos silva : O cara e bom piloto

Nate M : Man you better of won that competition. Holy crap that was crazy to watch

Giuseppe Maenza : Grande Mirko Cesena, l'elicottero esprime precisione ed eleganza ma anche forza se necessaria, ma è anche il frutto di tanto lavoro :)

Sanjay Sentinal : it looks like a drunk helicopter.but great

Daniel Whitlow : I would hate to attempt anything of that nature on that machine. Very nice man! You have very good muscle memory and reflexes to control that heli like that

Tommy Bokelman : I wonder if big brother got him to fry drones

Arian Fpv : We can't talk about skills with him, it's over the skills ^^

Marco Inkognito : So smooth, what an amazing flight. I would've smacked it against a wall within 10 seconds :D

Akhir Hashim : awesome...

Tanpreet Singh : Amazing

Josef Dahari : Sickest helicopter skills I’ve ever watched. The helicopter is super Drunk

Andre Gowans : That aint no helicopter, that's a dragonfly

Ghulam Khadar : I made a rc radio active controller when I was in 4 class 18 years before,for using different types of experiment like water board flying planes ✈️ helicopters and door lock and unlock with that divice also use in my bike engine off and on..😝

Cristian Alexander : ¿Cuántos minutos vuela? how many minutes does it fly

Michael Bradley-Robbins : That's how I'd look trying to fly level and straight.

Subodh Kumar : Amazing bro 1st time look this

Bryan Keith : Wow !!!! The view count on this vidro is amazing. Great video. Thanks.