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RCmies : It looks like a glitch in a video game

RCmies : How is this even possible with the physics of our universe? Really amazing. This is literally unreal looking.

JP FPV : go home helicopter, you're drunk

The Flying Nurse : One time I hit a bumble bee with a tennis racket, and it flew away kinda like this.

True Drone Reviews : How do you even start learning that?

joshua johnson : OH MY GOD!!!!!! I don't see how it is humanly possible to control an rc helicopter with that kind of skill. You my friend are a robot super human. Congratulations in the highest degree!!!

Damon Schouw : JUST DISGUSTING how good he is. I can't fly that good, outside with nothing around at any elevation. He is a great pilot, the skill level is amazing.

MHIE Tv : Its what like dragon fly

Harpreet singh : it's like helicopter is holded by an invisible man.

Lil Mikey : I wonder if he could mow my lawn

eybel channel kids : the great skill

Cableguy818 : I would have bought 67000 helicopters to perform the same stunt in 11 seconds

RCmies : Does the helicopter hover upside down by turning the rotor blades 90 degrees?

unknown 4 : I want to see his broken parts bin

DMG Kids : Waw, it was amazing.. dragonfly mode...

PAC diddy : Holly crap this dude is insanely talented!!!!!!!

Rob Zoorob : This Hobby is more addicting than drugs

williamsshane021 : WHAT THE HECK is this. Lol wow. I use to have one of these helicopters and this is insane.. they are so freakin hard to fly and this dude is making it dance

Lewis Clemens : He is rich because he has yeezys and a giant helicopter

OFF Fishing : Amazing control and skills

Trains Crashing : This is not how a helicopter is supposed to fly. Lol

GG_Lion : 3:20 Lawnmower

AYUSH SHOWDOWN : I cried laughing when i saw the helicopter flying upside down. What ever it was a amaizing helecopter.

AV8R BRI : Holy Hell! Mad R/C skills there bro 👊🏻 I had no idea those R/C helos were capable of that. Awesome job

Legion 16 : Как оса блять зазазазахахахха

jay kup : Nice flying next time land it on the wall.

abu sufiyan : Unbelievable. .how it is possible...

R4Reviews : What happened to physics?

Daniel Whitlow : I would hate to attempt anything of that nature on that machine. Very nice man! You have very good muscle memory and reflexes to control that heli like that

Brandon Lee : He is flying 3D, this is Not a easy task, his hand eye coordination and remote stick control is on another level!! When flying normal he quickly goes inverted, and keeps his axis at center! Words don’t do this justice! Not to mention the heli costing thousands along with his control components, sponsors are for sure helping this dude! Great job keep it up

Jack's77 Fpv : Master of 3D copter ....good skill amazing

Muriel Viana : Zero do San Andreas 😂👌

Vladica Ristic : Svaka Vam čast majstore .🥇 You are king .

Mr Logical : *All the brain cells* that MOST guys devote to *SPORTS, chasing women, MUSIC, CARS and GETTING LAID,* he devotes to dreaming up *AMAZING CHOPPER TRICKS.*

Sanjay Sentinal : it looks like a drunk helicopter.but great

Franz Braun : Ich würde gerne mal wissen, wie viele Hubschrauber er in seinem Leben schon geschrottet hat. ECHT KRASS!!!

Mid or Chen Or Io : I can see professionalism to him. I love how smooth his performance is its like watching a dolphin dance through the air and u can see how precise his movements are that is really according to the music unlike in other 3ds its just banging fast paced stunts or tricks that sometimes doesn't match the music

Lil Stevan : Woww it's amazing 🙂

shujaat ali : super plane

Mathematically Impossible : This guy is on a whole new level. I’ve flown many drones and attempted to fly helis. If he can do this with 1 rotor he would dominate with 4.

John Mark Smith : You can’t get that lucky that many times in a row. Which means it’s 100% unadulterated pilot skill.

FPV-DIRK : WOW...du bist nicht ganz dicht?! Aber dieses Video ist einmalig! Weiter so....liked!

ThinkingBetter : The power of software, micro processors and the human brain mastering the laws of physics...

Yuvaraj Vinay : Just jumping jabong from here to there...anyway superb skill to you..keep it up 😉😉

O'LEVEL & UNDERGRADUATE PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS : Wonderful! More like a dragon fly!

Jash440 : This is like ice skating but better.

Tanpreet Singh : Amazing

Greg Ashford : Smooth, precise, beautiful flying

Andre Gowans : That aint no helicopter, that's a dragonfly

wahyu black97 : amazing pilot