Cristiano Ronaldo meets his Juventus teammates for the first time!

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Maliha Intikhab : One legend leaves (Buffon) and another arrives. Good job Juventus!

ragii : #1 Trending. 1 Million subs for Juventus Channel. *The Cristiano Ronaldo Effect*

Waldemar Isaak : Pjanic was like: „Thank god we are not playing the same position!“

The Erotic Movie Review : Madrid won't be the same

maximnoise : A real champion! 🔥

Sub Killer : ronaldo looks like a sculpture

Bruno Ribeiro : I was smiling the whole video haha. So happy to see him and his new teammates. Hala Mad... Ops... Juve!!!

Tony Hemetona : Ronaldo and Dybala will be the duo that Messi and Dybala couldn’t be

Sabari S : 😕What a opportunity for dybala ....playing with Messi in international and playing with Ronaldo in league

Zeze Zenny Vape : RIP el classico

El Calvo De Brazzers : Chiellini is that Happy coz he wont have to defend him again XD

ciko67100 : Che bella vita!

Trực Tiếp Bóng Đá : Fan Ronaldo Điểm Danh!!! Việt nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

Alessio ale : Benvenuto in Italia campione 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

azansyahputra : "It's an honor to meet a legend like Stefano Sturaro. It was a magical moment. I will never wash my hand." - Cristiano Ronaldo

TheVeteranGuy : Watch how alot of people will jump on the Juventus bandwagon

TΛBBY : Let’s hope he revives his teammate

Brian Faral : Now, Juventus looking team to beat after losing a couple of champions league finals!!!💪💪💪

JHTV Productions : Quell'abbraccio con Chiellini... 😍

Edwinie : 개멋져

Jimmy Christian : *Meanwhile Napoli still celebrating their scudetto*


Rob B : Narcissistic wanker.

Sidahmed Louafi : next year if messi scores a goal at allianz stadium i want everyone to applaud him so we'll sign messi and Ronaldo in the same team :D

ZX T : My only concern is that ronaldo is bigger than the club, which could cause issues when they get into the season. Juventus are a strong team which in recent years has been successful because all the players play for the team as a coordinated unit, but with ronaldo they may end up in a scenario where there are 10 players playing for ronaldo and not the team as a whole. Ronaldo is obviously an incredible player, but if the team isn't well managed you could end up diluting the performance of other very skilled players, I'd be worried about what is going to happen with players like dybala, as they may have to play in styles and positions that don't suit them as Juventus can't win the champions league with just ronaldo, they need to get the best out of all their top players.

Yoyo Mi : Chellini can't believe that he won't get destroyed by Ronaldo anymore 😂😂😂

Dhruv D. Chowdhury : It's about time Messi leaves his comfort zone too and go and try to win it all in some other league... Messi has given so much to Barca but common now be brave to take up on a new challenge... winning la liga now won't mean much without cr7 to challenge him...

ilo shaker : CR7 semoga sukses di klub baru Aamiin

The laughing factory : Lol everyone so emotional

Sarja Jarju : I've now become a full-time "JUVENTUS" Fanboy #CR7 #MyStarPlayer #WishHimSuccessInJuve

NAV Boisterous : Look at the social media of Juventus..... Its going nuts. Ronaldo is a legend.

True Zezuru : So he's really in Italy now.Get ready Serie A and Juve you're about to get lit 🔥🔥😊.How do I say go Juve, since I'm now going to be following Juve and Serie A matches seriously ☺

Mahe 98 : Niggaldo

Tame Jaman : Welcome to CR7 in Juventus

Z-Play : Why does it look like they're talking gibberish to him LOL

your dad : That charisma is just overwhelming

gabriel 241114 : CR7/Dybala I CAN'T WAIT!!!! OMG

Vaibhav RK : Happy to see italian league once again i kinda felt bored while watching italian league after jose left inter, happy to see them rise once again, watch out guys cristiano choosing juve is not fluke they are still the champions league winning team and will never be suprised if they do win in 19 or 20

Maliha Intikhab : I wanted to see Khedira and CR7!! I honestly thought he would retire in Real Madrid but I am happy that he's content with where he is.

Kingston Gapate : Dybala+Ronaldo :)

Shibshakti Debbarma : Welcome Ronaldo 💓💓👍👍

Sıradan Adam : 2 days ago 820.000 fans.RONALDO GO JUVENTUS.1.000.000 fans.

Lindsay HOhan 666 : In the thumbnail they look like a couple 👬

Hello : That suit looks amazing 👌

REJANUL MAQUE ISLAM : Juventus Came close to winning champions league final in the past three years So I’m sure with a little bit of C Ronaldo magic they will lift the trophy for Italy ! Belisssimo

Francesca Tuoro : Cristiano che non capisce una cippa di quello che dice Chiellini in italiano😂

mauriR6 : questa è casa tua Cristiano, benvenuto!

Mia ASMR : cancelo is an ass 😡😡

Hkm Saharan : He’s gonna rock 🔥

Chivas Madrid : 300,000 more subscribers dam Ronaldo fans are really bandwagons