I trained flips for 10 years and documented my entire progression

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Welcome to PEAN'S PLACE! This week we're looking at my last 10 years of Tricking. Where I started from, the ups and downs of it all and the progress I've made along the way. Come along as we explore the last decade of my ridiculous quest for sweet tricks and what I've learned from it so far. To learn more about the world of Tricking check my feature length documentary "BIG" • Follow me • • Every week is a new experience on Pean's Place you never know what you're gonna get. • Subscribe if you want to, don't if you don't want to • I'll see you in the next one, Byeeeeee


David Rodriguez : The hidden boss of the Garrison. Your style is so sick!

A O : This is truly inspiring, thank you

GarbageDevon : Dang you can actually see your body getting stronger in each clip. The swing montage towards the end was nuts- how can those corks not be sped up? Too fast! Wtf!

Find Joy In Movement : You seem like the coolest dude! This sampler is so top notch, I love the documentary type feel. great job on this one!

Mvtrix Slushy : Your like Kyle. The shorts get better over the years 😂

Renato V : dude this was amazing!! You're doing great things sean! loving the weekly content <3 <3 <3

GREV : Кто с Жизнь Ютуб?

Friend Friend : Amazing! The only dislikes are the people who are jealous. Keep it up!

Lévy habouzit : inspiring! even more cause I am in a "dark years" mode haha keep up the good work Sean!

tricker mooh : I know how much it's hurt when you are not able to do what you love you inspired me to start tricking again

Ramesh राम : Love You Mannnn🤸♥️🔥🔥🔥

Elias Kruse : Man i already know this video will be dope!

Lew Orrow : So sick to see this video, this is one of my favourite videos I've seen you do

Strategos Castaneda : I'm seeing a lot of videos about this topic and this one is gold!

One Guitar Worship : Thank you so much Sean! This helps! Definitely the best made tricking progression video out there! :)

Harsh Gautam : I am so impressed and envy you so much for what you have done with your life, are you also a painter

Dimitris Vainas : Bro, this was sweet! Loving the passion you put into your tricking, and also this channel lately. :)

Patropi .Lolz : Id like to know more about your dark years man... I mean, if you want. Because it's so inspiring seeing that you overcame it. You're so strong. I love you ❤

Nathan Sun : 8:15 to 9:05 is he even spinning cause if he is, he is the fastest spinner I’ve seen

Эшер : Thats incredible... Just speachless. Thanks for such motivating vid.

Creativ4eg : You fckn monster, dude, it's awesome! :D Give the soundtrack please!

cr ly : sick bro, beautiful inspiring video (even for an over the hill wannabe like masel) but where is it you are training at the start with the midlothian leaf in the back? Thats ma neck o the woods... Where are the scottish trickers actually training?

Aiden Scott : Finally watched this. You have become a beast!! I love your style and combos. Keep killing it!!!

wils wils : Loved every minute Sean. You've evolved into an amazing tricker throughout the years. WOOOH!!!

Symbiotic Soulutions : nice 1 bro. ur a beast. now that u have fully unleashed it on us no mAKing us wait 4 vids. need constant updates. lol keep it up

Totally Asian : Ya know, you're a really underrated garrison member. You deserve more attention in the group

FunMotions : Omg i love everything about this video so much! You are so sick and i loved watching your journey of tricking, keep up the good work!

ReD ReD : Dude i always saw you one omid or kyles vedious i didnt know you could flip so good

Jacksepticeye Jackspediky : See videos like these motivate us trickers that we have a bright future ahead. I suck now😂 but I'll be working twice as hard from now on. Thanks to you Sean

Zeke Dayton : Such and incredible and inspiring video with awesome skills. Thank you!

Theo.Ileby Kyoo : This sure motivated me a lot. You're like one the best trickers out there <3 Hope I can be that good someday

Vizera : Actually amazing.

Noel : I actually liked him more than omid tbh 😀 but he's always not in PZ's videos so its kinda sad actually

TDmonkeys : This was truly amazing and motivational!!!! Wish you a long and strong tricking career from now one as well ❤️

Sebastian Tellström : great sampler! very ambitious. your style is awesome :D

Henning Escher : So nice bro, really inspired by that! <3

Hamza Aljumaee : amazing...your story gives me a huge power to improve my tricks...thank you so much for uploading this video

Squi993 : Awesome and inspiring story. Its probably personal, but I am curious what injuries and illnesses you faced. Keep on going!

J Soldat : Probably the most inspiring video I've ever seen, thank you

Ivan true Wizard : Sean, I just pause your video at 07:04 and wanted to write this comment, about how much you resemble Phill Gibbs when you trick. Amazing, pure dedication and love to the sport ! Now I continue :)

Adventures of Bryan : Sean, this is fantastic. Loved watching your progression and hearing your thoughts. You have a new subscriber!

Epic : make a tribute of kyle and sean training session it will be lit

Francesco Murgioni : BIG inspiration ;) I love your style!

Blake Hartley : man first dub variation was shuriku thats pretty dope

sebastian arraigada : One of my favorite trickers big inspiration ❤️ love it!!!!

Noel : The td raiz looks amazing!

casey howard : I've been tricking for about the same time period, I don't have the all twists and swings as you though, great video!

Kris Breadie : u dun overcome it all n got gud kid

N G : Jazz makes everything x10 cooler