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Plan Zero : lovely

David Rodriguez : The hidden boss of the Garrison. Your style is so sick!

A O : This is truly inspiring, thank you

GarbageDevon : Dang you can actually see your body getting stronger in each clip. The swing montage towards the end was nuts- how can those corks not be sped up? Too fast! Wtf!

Find Joy In Movement : You seem like the coolest dude! This sampler is so top notch, I love the documentary type feel. great job on this one!

GREV : Кто с Жизнь Ютуб?

Mvtrix Slushy : Your like Kyle. The shorts get better over the years 😂

Renato V : dude this was amazing!! You're doing great things sean! loving the weekly content <3 <3 <3

Mooh 12 : I know how much it's hurt when you are not able to do what you love you inspired me to start tricking again

Elias Kruse : Man i already know this video will be dope!

Kris Breadie : u dun overcome it all n got gud kid

Lew Orrow : So sick to see this video, this is one of my favourite videos I've seen you do

NetworxSniper : What's the song at 5:25?

ReD ReD : Dude i always saw you one omid or kyles vedious i didnt know you could flip so good

Mike Liu : Amazing video!

MS Markoni : Love it

YBWH : just getting to watching this and ohhh my heart <333

Francesco Murgioni : BIG inspiration ;) I love your style!

Maxweli Au : Ur mah fave tricker of all time

Рома Грек : это очень круто, чувак

Lévy habouzit : inspiring! even more cause I am in a "dark years" mode haha keep up the good work Sean!

billy653 : list of music?

Luke Barrow : Yay for Pean

Adventures of Bryan : Sean, this is fantastic. Loved watching your progression and hearing your thoughts. You have a new subscriber!

youkissedmymom : Well steezy

Digital Artcast : Dude what a story having a come back like that is so inspiring god what a guy and you’re also a kick ass artist 😊

GrassHopper1323 : Damnnn the very last thing you said about progression was extremely well put. I'm so late catching up with this episode but that was amazing to watch. And you really captured the struggle that many trickers have had to go through to varying degrees. Keep killing it Sean!!

Quantum Blitz : I'm still waiting for a comment to joke about the thumbnail 2008 2018 color choice.

Lionel Manigbas : Very inspirational story!!

Cecil Lee : The Dandy Shrimp himself <3 <3 <3

Adam Devenport : Dammit Pean... I wasn't going to trick tonight...

yulyalesheva98 : Чувак, ты крут

Roymer PKFR : how old r u

Cien Gaming : He makes it look so easy

Blake Hartley : I feel like im in your starting position, i got some cool tricks and style coming along, not a lot of power, but im obsessed with my dream, however i live in New Zealand and never trick with anyone and i feel like im missing out on some of those lovley moments of impressing other trickers, ive tricked with a total of 5 trickers in my life, ive never tricked with someone who is better than me at tricking that i can be inspired by. My dream would be to get an opportunity like you got to join something like the garrison but i don't know if that'll ever happen :( dont know if youll read this but dope video, i hope to get as good as you one day

TheMax : Who gave this video a thumbs down?

osmanthewho : soooo inspireddddd go mennn

Dexter Golbourne : I seriously teared up watching this. You’re an inspiration and I look forward to seeing which new tricks you create

RP Fitness : great jurney!!

Vincent Bohanne : Yeah!

Laky_ : booiiii...leemme smash

Johannes Anttila : What a sensational video!

SLAVIN : Молодец чел

Nasia Lioukin : YOU monsteeerrr

WarringtonSkater akaPaulConlon : my god - like a monkey on speed!!, - btw... thats not meant to sound disrespectful...this is an awesome, very inspirational video!!

Eduardo Araiza : One word.... Wouuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Pete Paulos : It felt like some of your tricks toward the end were sped up, but I watched it again and everyone around you was walking at normal speed. You're just that quick! Incredible stuff!

Cecil Lee : 3:21 Arabian front roll full dub leg <3

nerfytart : "You are capable of so much more than you think you are. As long as you keep trying your absolute best to improve and you believe that you can, you can always get a little better. And you can do that again and again and again." I've always believed this. You took the words straight out of my mouth. I just started tricking a few months ago, and it's the greatest thing. Progress is slow, and injuries may set me back.... but I'll always keep trying.

Эшер : Thats incredible... Just speachless. Thanks for such motivating vid.