Seven up 1964

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Futures : it just goes to show that we are the product of our environment/culture

AGDinCA : It's hard to believe these children are 7 years old. I work with 2nd graders and it's hard to imagine even the highest achievers engaging in these types of conversation or providing these answers. And NONE of them have boy/ girl/friends.

LemonyScabs : *I don't want to get married because she'll make me eat my greens (vegetables)" xDDD hahaha he was so serious about it too, life altering decision to have someone keep making you eat their cooking like mum.

Oliver Lindsay : 'suppose she cooks me greens and I don't like greens?' brilliant

Rashida Roberta Bint Robert Pierce : Niel was so cute as a little boy and so bright then he had some very hard times was sad to watch

Liam Daley : I remember watching this program growing up in manchester england with my mum and dad brings back lots off memories, I miss those days we didnt have much but we were happy , its amazing how much I can relate to alot off the children in this program makes me cry with happiness and sadness , I love watching old television programs from my youth time does fly by

Humayra Akbar : "To go to Africa, to teach people who are uncivilised to be good" - such a telling statement.

Wanna be a Subscriber : I thought this was going to be about lemon lime flavored soda

Marconzilla : all of their ears are huge

puzzlepiece : "After the zoo and the party we took the children to an abandoned construction site where they played with, and on, dangerous objects and all of them died from easily preventable accidents and that's what the 60s were like. The end."

mag G : I first saw this when PBS ran it in the late 80's, I remember seeing the series through age 28 at that time. I've never forgotten it and often wondered if they kept going, I'm glad to find they did. I was absolutely captivated by it...

Lexie Love : I wonder if people are doing something similar to this for today's youth? The world they're living in now is vastly different than mine ('98) or my parents' world ('54) ('64). My nephew and kids around his age tend to just expect all screens to be touch screens and to have their favorite shows be ready for them instantly, it's fascinating to see how all of this exposure they're having now is going to affect who they are as people in the future.

Jaymzzeppelin : This has been a glimpse, into Britains future BA BA BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM That ominous end tho x'D

Road Wonder : I saw the first episode for the first time by happy accident in 2011. Searched every now and again for the rest of it. I was willing to buy it but it was unavailable in DVD at the time. Finally! In 2013 I experienced my first bing watching with Seven Up. Facinating and thought provoking - am looking forward to 63 Up in 2019.

sharon plant : Feel so bad for young lad in care bless him. He looks so sad .

Lydia Smith : What makes us how we are? Are we born or made? How does our relationships with our parents lead to how we turn up? I was (just) too young to watch this in 1964 but my parents loved it - psychiatrist and infant teacher - they were so interested and rightly so. We are so lucky so many of these children have continued to allow us a glimpse into their lives over all these years. Those of us who were born in the 60s in a sense mirror them. How have we all turned out and why. Let us hope we can keep up the series until every last one of them (and me too of course) are longer with us.

Andy Dunbar : Thanks for uploading this, the best british documentary series ever made in my opinion

Lenn : Bruce is a goddamn commie

Tatts Kink : Wonderful series looking forward to catching up with them in 2019

robert creese : The making of tough people. No whining.

VaMPy : "We go ahhhhhhh"

Lucky Fish : This is an excellent series!!!

posthumorously : Rest in peace, Lynn. I was so sad to read what happened to her. :(

Jessica Morrison : Thanks john green

Mai Yaoqian : the documentary is very useful and open my mind, I can even be remind by what my childhood was by those children.

Micheal Wilson : 2pac gives a thumbs up in Australia and everyone

FallFrenzy9 : did anyone else came here from typing the soda 7 up?

N 89J00X : I love each one of these people.

Big Max : Hi, I'm trying to find the title and composer for the music in the closing credits, does anyone know? Sounds like it could be Ronnie Hazlehurst maybe. If anyone has any info please reply. Thank you, thank you x. Wonderful doco, btw.

Go Away Bad Cats : anyone else just starting this Ebner project? lmaooo

Croatia Sarar : спасибо !

Micheal Wilson : Neil is OK ok

Horatio Redgreenblue : Yorkshire boy and the boy who wants to be a missionary are the best - hope they do well. Prep school boy on the left seems machiavellian.

Hériat M : You can tell who the poor, trashy kids are right off...

Liam Daley : I remember watching this program growing

Keith Ward : 29:52 "Oh yes.."

Mindy Lee : When I grow up I’m going to be a missionary, later same child says I’m going to Africa to teach uncivilized people, how to be good. 👀👀🤫🤫🤫

Authentic Gay Blog : Incredibly moving to watch! My favs are Tony blimey he was a little bruiser and Symon! Shocking in some ways so little has changed.

Joe Schmo : See...this is why you should vote for Corbyn.

bathtubgin1929 : John said in later years that a lot of what he said he was told by his parents to say. Especially the part in particular about his favorite paper being the Financial Times lol

C Es : Old propaganda.

Martin Jacquemyns : It's weird to say but they all look very pretty

Judy Apelsin : You gave me greens and that's it. Divorce over greens. LOL

Adelheid Magdalene Kenter : Frank, kannst du so gut englisch???? jeder Kommentar nur in englisch schade,,,,wir haben so eine schöne Sprache, klar verstehe ich vieles, nicht wirklich den ganzen Kontext.....

TheCellCH : Whats the song at 31:33 very catchy

Adelheid Magdalene Kenter : ist mir nur in Englisch zu anstrengend, so gut kann ich nicht Englisch, dass ich den Sinn der Geschichte nicht wirklich verstehe, gut wäre , wenn man es mit deutschem Text unterlegen könnte, das meine ich , dann hätten mehr Leute was davon.....

Adam Haase : For anyone's interest, the song at abut 31:35 is The Monotones - What Would I Do?

Jazzmin Earthling : I see a future relation ship pattern for them ... lol 8:42

Annoying Prophet : 29:53 hahaha

HeroEltjo D : does anyone know the song at that 14:53 ?