Balloon Mayhem
When balloons attack well know who to call

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Two minutes of balloon destruction from my Instagram


Ian Morris : "Jake, you're almost 40 it's time to move out." "SHUT UP MOM, I'M POPPING BALLOONS"

RIPjkripper : I showed this to my office cactus, Billy Bob Thorn-ton, and he approves.

Ben : It's like if SAW was family friendly.

Autogen // Drone Atlas : You should do a behind the scenes video! Unless that doesn't fit with your art of course 😄

cayn0r : This is why I love the internet, there's so much weird stuff out there :)

John Edwards : Mace Windu: Take a seat, young Skywalker. Anakin: 1:32

Martin A : The true heroes of society. I feel much more relaxed now. Thanks!

glynharper : Good to see you had ear defenders on to protect you from the popping sounds. No other safety equipment required of course!

Ádám Zamaróczy : I appreciate the humility with which you approach bursting balloons.

John Spindler : "Man Found Stabbed to Death. Police Looking for Suspects"

Sam D : Internets most important form of art.

Atilla Akay : Random guy: so how do you pop Ballons Jan? Janerichsen: yes

wavion2 : 0:35 I want to know how you'd explain that thing to a cop if you got pulled over and it was sitting in your back seat.

KIKUDOLL : Absolutely superb. When is chapter 2 coming. Ill sub if you do a john wick theme. Nawww. Ill just sub any way Keep it up!!

Mac Culkeen : When you need new creative ways to teach the same material.

Zoop Badoop : inflation artists be like

AgenteSmart : Just LOVED the cactus. Pure genius.

Elioragh : I can't believe you are not famous, this is both ironically brilliant and just satisfying to watch!

OMBseabass : why do i love/like this so much idk why

i-win : Bloons TD 7 leaked footage

Seldwin : You sent knifes flying at you with nothing but 1" of wood for protection. You are MAD!! Great stuff!

Sean Loki : I look forward to your blooper reel where you accidentally stab yourself a bunch. THAT will be art.

Carlos Bautista : Ah, i see! A true expert in combat warfare!

Food Fears : No blackest of the black one? Keep up the good work, it's hilarious despite not making any sense hahahah <3

Leslie Spike : This is art. Thank you. For some reason it made my day for real.

Theamsice : are you my upstairs neighbor?

Anton Kovalenko : That feels like a Grandmaster of Software QA

Gabriel Barsch : most people: i guess ballons are ok me:

Wild Wastelander : The two spinning ones were my favorite

Life of Lem : This made me cry with laughter. Thank you for your dedication to balloon annihilation! 🎈

Dn D : keep doing these videos, the reward outweighs the risks

Simon Andersson : is this some kind of weird art project?

Melissa Smith : Ooo, this vertical video format looks good on the phone!

Cinthia Salgado : The cactus is my favorite! Lol

tylerx2f01 : weird liberal arts degree, flex but ok

Celest Clark : YESSSSSSSS This man is a pure genuis

john fellas : You have many ideas I love it

nickflight : This is the greatest thing I have seen in my whole life.

soulshinobi : Best yet???

Unboxing Madness : For some reason I just can't stop watching!

Alistair - H Paradoxæ : I think this is my favourite of your videos so far !

bugbionic : Omg thats what i want, man i realy love you channel pls keep doing this crazy lovely things (i'm sorry my Englesh is bad :/)

Halesnaxlors : Your neighbors must love you

Elioragh : This is me trying to fit into a cheerful company

Max Power : Want you to know that my head hurts from laughing so much

Dragontammer Dragon : I can't help but make playful sounds in my mind as you pop them in such creative ways. I am very animated when I'm excited.

avatardecadewho : I watched this with no sound and enjoyed it way more than I think I should have.

Robert B : I can't believe I watched the whole video. I don't even know why. I just couldn't stop. Its kind of scary.

fritzi metzger : :-) You made my day! :-)