The Grasshopper Mouse Is a Killer Howling Rodent | Nat Geo Wild

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Nat Geo WILD : The grasshopper mouse has amazing agility and is immune to a scorpion's venom. What are your thoughts on this impressive creature?

Azliana Lyana : Cute vicious little thing! Pretty cool for a rodent 🤗 Didn't know they have some that howls too. Thanks for sharing National Geographic.

Butters The Bean : Cute and vicious.

Pumpkin0330 titi : Sheesh, something I've never seen before. Always something new we've learned

Sarah Redwood : What a cute little mice they would make great pet's and they can protect me from danger I want all animals to be pet's 🤗🐒🙃🇨🇦🙋🔫🏃😘

Kerry Li : Wow this rodent takes on scorpion and howling like a wolf...that’s incredible!!!

SAK- SOON : What an amazing cute mouse!!!!!!!!! It's howling into my heart 💓

Mia Vegan : "she's a wolf in mouse clothing" 😂 there's a video named like that

Memo C : The hannibal rodent

Spiral Journey : That is one badass mouse!

Star Beast : Reminds me of the video that the mouse just screams and not does the sound it makes

Tee Phutson : Oh so this is where screaming meme came from


Espeon Mistress : HEY Pokemon Company, Make this into a Pokemon!

Donald Dump : That's not a mouse, that's a beast

CartierChapo : LMAOOO that howl .

al va : mouse + cat + wolf = grasshopper mouse

Yasmin Smith : Cute but that meme of them going “AHHHH” is stuck in my head and I can’t stop giggling


curtflirt2 : Wow, it even kills others mice.

Wild Detective : Nature is awesome again

Respawn : What a coincidence the moon just happened to be there for that shot eh? Anything to say NG? Lol Excellent videos as always.

Dan Whitehouse : That's one awesome mouse! Thanks again Nat Geo.

S.K.Behura SKB : Nature's most successful killing machine

Heidi : I love them. Such cute weremice

andrielisilien : Mariel of Redwall.

Kupo Sempai : Oh this is quite informative & interesting at the same time. I saw a different mini documentary video on these type of wild mice that tackle on poison & toxic-based preys. I do have to admit, they are cute & I didn’t expect that howling, I couldn’t stop hysterically laughing cause of another clip.

Shadow Cadet : This is so amazing

Gyasipk : Rattrap kills scorpinok Maximals rule

Caleb West : And they’ve even given it the nickname... Mighty Mouse!

Shubham Kumar : Thats a cute little daredevil. Or a were-mouse.

notconvincedgranny : Now THAT'S small but mighty!

kayla connor : *so that’s where the meme comes from*

진 진 : awesome

Bright Shadow : Warrior mice of the sands

abdinoor ahmed : Who think that sound is freaking scary!!!

Maceo Roker : “Danger Mouse.”

Nikell Sutcliff : That mouse rules, wow

robonaught : These things would be interesting in Redwall. Have some mice that are evil for a change! Instead of stereotyping them into good guys!

me chloe : Wow!! Immune to scorpions?!? Its amazing how wildlife has evolved to suit its prey

Ashley : *"AH!"* She's a wolf in mouse clothing. *"AHH"* The mouse's ghostly howl stakes claim to the- *"AHHHHHHHH!"*

Jacob Smith : Reminds me of the bunny from Monty Python

Espeon Mistress : This is my Patronus.

Buddha's Disciple : Converting scorpion venom into opioids ?! I wish humans had that ability.....scorpion stings to pre-pubertal children are almost always fatal (human adults survive)

igee : Could probably be one of the best way for pest control. Mice hunters!

Jay Daisuke : It's body has adapted the toxic and converted it into painkiller. Wtf, the more its being injected the less pain it feels

Incoming Hit da dirt : it could be called the ninja mouse.....

Amber Foster : A.K.A cutest mouse on the planet!

Elizabeth Pollack : What a fabulous animal!

Animebrains show : It's that seen from that one vine!! The screaming mice vine 😆