Fix it! Fix it! Fix it! Fix it! Fix it! Fix it!

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Whismirk : When a game freeze and you don't know if it's going to crash or no.

ChrisCa1601 : Google's problems in a nutshell.

Lotte Yanson : When the wifi goes off

Murasa the Yukkuri : Fry is every steam user who got Arkham Knight and Leela represents Warner Bros.

Diego153 : Like if you are here for SMG4

Dr. Flat Soda : *Watch Dogs PC response

Cartoons : When YouTube was down for five mins today

That One Dude : SMG4 sent me here.

Vizibl3 : When Youtube goes down.

Demonzelda42-Shady Lusamine216 : Everything falls apart. Fix it! Fix it!

Fresca/Clubman8 : Autolooping on Youtube.

TheKorzyKid : I just got linked here when I reloaded from a YouTube down time episode haha.

John Sullivan : My thoughts on the Sonic Boom games.

alwayswannafly :] : steam problems anyone?

12awwalkthrough : My reaction to EA and battlefield 4.

Richard Briesch : Pokèmon Go crashing

Medic Jigglypuff : old mans dead pikachu. fix it fix it fix it

Wookiestick : When youtube was down for most of the world yesterday...


Cornelius Rhodes : When YT is down

Darby Reviews : Street fighter V

Lucus Fields : He should call Fix-It Felix! ... Eh, I'll stop.

wolfguy23 : In a nutshell, what we tell tech support just about every single time we contact them.

Some random dude : I just came here because I love futurama

It's Rie : YouTube comments

DGP // Bukkit, Java & Meer! : When youtube is down and this video gives a HTTP/500

DJ Gold : When i was little and i broke a toy and my mother tries to fix it.

Mortenthiar : People's constant thoughts about the Internal Revenue Service, Obamacare, Global Warming, as well as Dogs and Cats that haven't been neutered.

imworthapenny : When I land my damaged plane in War Thunder and theres a enemy B17 coming down the run-way

SMTDante89 : The chemical spill that's affecting multiple counties in West Virginia.

360xxX_SwagLuvUNoHomoSapiensDoritozNDewBowlOfFnafWankageWithExtraWinkyLargeSalamiOgrelord_Xxx420 : war thunder fixing a tank in the middle of a fight

Sninctbur : The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth.

PlastKladd : YouTube, please?

DatBabyGamer : LittleBigPlanet 3... omfg...

Tulobiero : When Niantic removed footprints

Hugo F : Diablo 3

est5180 : youtube



Ciaran Smith : GTA 5 servers, SERIOUSLY IT'S BEEN 2 AND A HALF YEARS!

Rad Gamer : Me in World Of Tanks when a module is destroyed.

NTBSOHFA : Advanced Warfare black screen issue on PC.

Hadokant : Street Fighter 5

Luckando8494 : when heroes & generals servers are down FIX IT! FIX IT! FIX IT!

LunarServant : "wifi's down"

Salt_Factory : Operation health

flerpaderp : When YouTube goes down

Matthew Keith : Steam irl

Bruce Gaetos : Time/Date WF Servers! lol

Nin10dohgirl1 : My reaction to Saffron Bee being kicked out of the Archie Comics......(I ship CharmyXSaffron, even though I hate the Archie Comics :P )