How to Write the Perfect Developer Resume
Resume Advice for Junior Software Developers

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In this video we will be going over the exact resume I used to land my first full time job. I will cover all parts of my resume explaining in depth why the things I did were good or bad, and what I could have done to improve my resume in each section. 00:00 - Introduction 00:52 - Header 02:05 - Objective 03:08 - Education 04:39 - Skills 07:02 - Relevant Experience (Jobs / Internships) 10:34 - Personal Projects 12:41 - Link to Projects 15:21 - Additional Experience 15:58 - Overview/Recap Twitter: GitHub: CodePen: #Resume #JuniorDeveloperResume #SoftwareResume


Eddie Jaoude : Thanks for sharing and being honest. Informative and funny too 👍

Luis Aguilar-Arellano : Great video and excellent explanation. I’m very glad you also pointed out your mistakes, I’ve made the same mistakes without even realizing how bad it reflected on my resume.