Do People Actually Use Big Ben? | Ross Everett
Do People Actually Use Big Ben

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This is what happens when you ask someone for the time in front of Big Ben in London. They haven't kicked me out of the country yet. Look at all these places to find me: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Snapchat - @TheRossEverett LISTEN TO MY PODCAST - Kisses! Ross Everett


Christopher Bicknell : That's not Big Ben. That's the Elizabeth Tower

Will Johnson : That took WAY too long for someone to realize Big ben is a clock

Brian Butler : Glad to see you posting again! Are you still over there?

Dr Be : You don't "use" Big Ben, Big Ben uses you.

StealthElectronVIP : This is because 99% of the people you asked were not Londoners. The only Londoner was the last guy who pointed out the bleeding obvious. There are few Londoners left in London.

Liam Fyfe : I missed you! This was fantastic!

Nautical bear : Please come up north. Tried to get a ticket to London and well lets just say my student loan couldn't stretch that far. I hope your enjoying good old British hospitality and weather

Lady Azkadelia : Fun fact, Big Ben isn't actually the name of the clock or the tower, it's the name of the bell inside. OK, it's less a fun fact and more me being pedantic, so sue me.... not literally though

Les Brown : Saw it in 1975. It is one goddam big clock.

Luke Johnson : this made me smile.

Eric D : So, actually only one guy? or clever editing?

TruckerMatthew : it's been awhile. always nice to see your doing well.

DonJulio : Take some benadryl. your face is swollen

Sneaky Pete : Come to Scotland! Edinburgh is a great city :)

MrGamer : Yay! I missed me some Ross!

JimmyisaGeek : Brilliant.

MrRicky20308 : LOL

Aster Regis : tbf you could be checking that the tower is the correct time. Idk if its ever been out of sync, but the clock tower in croydon is always wrong. i did like how big ben is chiming and the guy is yelling over it.

Gerald : Can't think of a witty comment.............the 2016 presidential election. yeah that will work.

hydra hydrart : You can't see Big Ben, Big Ben is the Hour Bell and not the clock. DING!

Buck Futter : its just a prank bro!

EZStreetRick : This was Hilarious

tregreenday8 : I feel like almost everybody there was American. I barley heard any accents.

TheTravelingClatt : Get em Ross. You go get em.

Törblerone : clicked the link of the new show vid after thinking it was keemstar

kujmous : Classic, Ross. Just classic. Haaa!

Harry Burrows : your eyes are so small

Brushes Of Magic : Yay Ross!

Steve Dickson : This right here made me happy

xChuChux911 : Are you going to go inside the Princess Tower to see Big Ben? Thats the name of the bell and its huge!!! Have fun at the meet up, wish I could have been there but im the other side of England and couldnt get away ;-( xx

JAKanDAX : love it

kevlandy : You won't be able to use Big Ben to tell the time, - because Big Ben is the bloody bell, not the clock...

Mewowofo : This is just sad

SmithyTheHobbit : Why look up when you can look down?

Ganjaseed : This is why you trust your old people in your elections. Brexit 2016

Jake Lutz : Is that lil dicky