Do People Actually Use Big Ben? | Ross Everett

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Heather Good : I live near london, and this has got to be one of the most amusing research studies I've seen. I will say that you'll find that most british people are too polite, and will just tell you the time, it's a behaviour that's become very automised.

Christopher Bicknell : That's not Big Ben. That's the Elizabeth Tower

Brian Butler : Glad to see you posting again! Are you still over there?

Lady Azkadelia : Fun fact, Big Ben isn't actually the name of the clock or the tower, it's the name of the bell inside. OK, it's less a fun fact and more me being pedantic, so sue me.... not literally though

StealthElectronVIP : This is because 99% of the people you asked were not Londoners. The only Londoner was the last guy who pointed out the bleeding obvious. There are few Londoners left in London.

Will Johnson : That took WAY too long for someone to realize Big ben is a clock

DeathStarKitty : Big Ben is the bell, not the clock. Twat.

Dr Be : You don't "use" Big Ben, Big Ben uses you.

TheTravelingClatt : Get em Ross. You go get em.

Nautical bear : Please come up north. Tried to get a ticket to London and well lets just say my student loan couldn't stretch that far. I hope your enjoying good old British hospitality and weather

SmithyTheHobbit : Why look up when you can look down?

Aster Regis : tbf you could be checking that the tower is the correct time. Idk if its ever been out of sync, but the clock tower in croydon is always wrong. i did like how big ben is chiming and the guy is yelling over it.

Dave T : Big Ben does not show the time...Big Ben is the damn bell, holy shit

Ganjaseed : This is why you trust your old people in your elections. Brexit 2016

kevlandy : You won't be able to use Big Ben to tell the time, - because Big Ben is the bloody bell, not the clock...

xChuChux911 : Are you going to go inside the Princess Tower to see Big Ben? Thats the name of the bell and its huge!!! Have fun at the meet up, wish I could have been there but im the other side of England and couldnt get away ;-( xx

Gerald : Can't think of a witty comment.............the 2016 presidential election. yeah that will work.

Eric D : So, actually only one guy? or clever editing?

kujmous : Classic, Ross. Just classic. Haaa!

Buck Futter : its just a prank bro!

Liam Fyfe : I missed you! This was fantastic!

TruckerMatthew : it's been awhile. always nice to see your doing well.

Steve Dickson : This right here made me happy

DonJulio : Take some benadryl. your face is swollen

Les Brown : Saw it in 1975. It is one goddam big clock.

Sneaky Pete : Come to Scotland! Edinburgh is a great city :)

tregreenday8 : I feel like almost everybody there was American. I barley heard any accents.

MrGamer : Yay! I missed me some Ross!

EZStreetRick : This was Hilarious

Törblerone : clicked the link of the new show vid after thinking it was keemstar

Brushes Of Magic : Yay Ross!

Harry Burrows : your eyes are so small

JAKanDAX : love it

hydra hydrart : You can't see Big Ben, Big Ben is the Hour Bell and not the clock. DING!

JimmyisaGeek : Brilliant.

Luke Johnson : this made me smile.

MrRicky20308 : LOL

Petrino : how many ppl told you to "go home to where you came from you filthy yank?"