Paragon from Epic Games - Gameplay First Look
Paragon the now extinct MOBA game

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Take a first look at gameplay for Paragon, the MOBA from Epic Games, coming to PC and PS4 in 2016. Paragon puts you in the fight with explosive action, direct third-person control, and deep strategic choice. The Battle for Agora has begun and it's your turn to Join the Fight. Buy a Founder’s Pack and play today. Sign up for the beta and learn more at: Twitter: Facebook: This alpha gameplay footage was captured in-game on PC.


Dyto Aditya : Paragone

iSahal • آي سهل : 8.5 mil views.. thats how Legacy rocked everyone's minds.. but they threw the map and replaced it with a shitty Map called Monolith and changed the mechanics to be the same as other MOBAs... Great work Epic for throwing what made you special and unique

rechyyy : This looks like a MOBA I would play :D

FreeMMOStation : You have my full attention now. Looking forward to more gameplay!

The Kont3r : R.I.P old map. (i never forget you legacy map:(   )

Albdzii187 : Gb agora legacy i miss you so much 😢💔💔

عبد الرحمن : Miss these days .. <\3

TheHvk : Third person MOBA.... Interesting.

bob kelly : what happened to video games to turn them into 50 different shades of DOTA?

Mad Pistol : Unreal in MOBA form... yes please!!!

Beasby : R.I.P Paragon April 16th 2018

Жикс Мик Викс : Now that's what i call a MOBA! Ever since Smite i started to love MOBA's because they were more action oriented and i think this will not disappoint!!

Kin : The first MOBA game that actually looks modern. I love you, Epic Games & Unreal Engine. <3

JoJo : the differences to monolith is crazy I wish I could of posted a video of legacy😔

leetaiming64 : Please make characters able to jump and roll to dodge skills!

Nekko : Still missing you :( RIP <\3

SPAAAAACE : Yup, consider me a fan. This is fucking awesome.

Darkhearts : You took what I liked about smite and doubled it :D

BoliBerrys : Omg this game is f#cking awesome.Hope i can get a Beta Access :3

Zantiago : Had such immense potential and now it's closing on the 26th of april. Too bad as it was by far the best looking moba out there.

Custurd : I'm so hyped about this game! I can't wait for it to come out! This game possibly will make me not have a life due to the fact of how good and fun it looks!

Roberth Schiffer : 2018 R.I.P my friend thanks 😢❤

Ravnaak JL : Oh my god. Its god damned glorious! Must have now.

kalle lele : Eye candy. Give your design guys a big hug.

NinjaNultrix : This actually looks really awesome, look forward to it's release

Walter Mercado : I miss this paragon :(

UFOgospel : Play at 0.5 speed @0:09 seconds. Orange guy actually moves heavy/powerfully like a giant. It suits him more..but the scale would probably be too big for a character.

TheWarOwl : Looking good Epic, I look forward to trying this title out. I've never been very interested in MOBAs, but adding some shooter elements to a MOBA does pique my interest. The monotony of MOBAs could be made very fun with more direct control over your character. In my opinion, there's no reason to keep the RTS control that we see inherited in DotA2 and LoL from the WC3 custom days. (EDITED to correct obvious malapropism)

Maegan M : wow this and Gigantic are two mobas with extremely different art styles ;3 i can't wait to play both >w<

Grobfoot : I saw this ad before a youtube video and I didn't skip it.

James Carey : This is a moba? OMGAWD IT LOOKS AMAZING!!

SimpleSock : Let me wall bounce and I'm happy.

JohnnyRockets911 : Holy crap. Looks amazing. Even better than Overwatch! Am I right?

mustream1234567890 : This is just pure AWESOMENESS MAN...... Just EPIC

Strange Workings : This isn't in the same 'League' as the other Mobas. Can't wait to see more, Sign me up!

LaBoyDuddus : People this is ps4 and pc only forever!

Guywith Fedora : Wow. I want more.

KYLE1 : Oh man, looks awesome! I'll be signing up for the Beta for sure.

Atozy : I'm hyped!

Tacos : same as fortnite.. Amazing job you are pulling out Epic games <3 U!

Eugene M : Name of the song?

Sidharth Sreekumar : RIP Best looking MOBA ever made....


PlinaZ : finally, a Moba that won't bore me

gustavitinga : This LOOKS SICK! If i can get in the beta or anything TELL ME HOW!!! PLEASE! I NEED THIS!

Nono Clem : Next Unreal Tournament !!


TraumaHunter : So it's like Smite only mechs? I'll take 2 please. :D

Casual : SMITE looks like a 3rd person MOBA. This really doesn't remind me of a 3rd person Moba but more of a 3rd person shooter... and I'm all for it!