My drunk friend sent this to me at 4am.

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Dave : Does this guy even have lungs

Gabriel de la Rosa : Top 10 anime dubs

Don't watch muh videos and don't scrubskribe : Someone make this as mod

Taylor Breckenridge : It gets progressively more funny the longer I watch it

Kree ! : *DAMDAMDAMAMDADMADAMMMMMMMM* *SUCC* *SUCC* *SUCC* *CWASH* (why does he says c"w"ash?)

Deadwolf : I now know who to hire if I ever need sound effects done

HiHACKER : This is the first time YouTube god has recommended a new video that is actually good. Usually there are old!!

PLUSHIE G. PRODUCTIONS : I need a friend like that

Whisper FNV : Life is worth living again...

Inmaculada Sánchez-Barrancos : It's really good to be drunk, hahaha

Patryk Michałowski : best voice acting.

Lolishy TAS : Holy fuck, the wumpa fruit sound is scary accurate. Easy to pull off but it just sounds like ot was directly from the game.

Glitchex : That’s pretty good gameplay for someone who’s drunk 😂

Truly Infamous : This is my new favorite video on the internet

Maritza : im glad this exists

W ••Roger : I love how the screen is fucking sideways

elroy poptart : Friend: hey what are you doing right now Me: making dubstep and playing Friend: cool can i see? Me: send this

Smiley : I need a friend like him

Broder The Hedgehog : I demand the whole game with those SFX, or a full version, please

Starf00lian : Can we get a full playthrough of Crash Bandicoot with this person making sfx??? This is a real question.

a thing : I caught myself singing with him when the boulder started rolling 😭😭

Jose Hidalgo : I'm waiting for part 2

Sir_Shock_Raiden : Is your friend like Demoman from TF2? When he's drunk, he fights better (according to him). So when your friend is drunk, does he play Crash Bandicoot 2 better than he would if he were sober?

Darthddawg : Ok what I am wondering is how he managed to beat the stage while videoing himself and making sound effects with out taking a breath. Like wtf?! This is also very funny.

John Doe : Love the Apple sounds

DenTheHuman : New acapella god

Mike Kazz : Friendship goals

I Hate Dubstep : Is this dubstep

Y Tho : Top ten greatest people of all time.

That's Not Cheese : were you drunk too? no way someone records something sideways and vertical.

Shadow : Autism affect thousand of peoples every year


NoahPro : Thought it was OneyPlays for a minute...

TheCatJester : give me whatever he had!

njunge gathungu : THIS. This is what YouTube is for!

AdamCrossing : I'm here before 1M views.

ツ H m m m m N i c e B i k e ツ : Did you show him yet? What was his reaction?

Repent and Believe : I'd like to see you play all levels in Crash 1-3 with this beat you did. lol it would be awesome

mrsora16 : Those sound effects are too accurate

Erik Ghostwood and the crew : SLURPSLURPSLURPSLURP

Call Of Dank Memes : The only things my drunk friend sends me is suicidal contemplation

RatPatriot : doom 2

Cute Potato : Lyrics?

CrazyDog : Nice ASMR.jpg

Septh? : The collect fruit song is so accurate.

KifDawg : That was actually pretty fuckin good haha

Supermale Vitality : Downvoted

Grass Thinkz : A good reason not to have friends

XxBlue StarxX : Me when I am playing sonic, just humming the music to myself 😂😂

Mazen Ahmed : I want a full remake of the game with his voice as the sound effects