My drunk friend sent this to me at 4am.

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UncutxHardstyle : Now i know how the sounds are made.. thanks for this educational video

Crash Bandicoot : This guy should have made the audio for my beautiful remaster

NveR : The perfect friend doesn't exi-

KING Cxxxyz : I thought this was 1 minute long felt like a whole century

NeMesis ! : Why are this video is so entertaining?

Sefraca : Great ingame soundeffects

FlightSimXtreem : 1 Drunk 2 Filming 3 Own sound effects 4 And not failing at the game Who said multitasking is not possible?

HardSonicStorm : *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *slurp*

SUPER TØP : Did u marry him

LightnessOfTheLife : love the slurping sound

Light : You are not you when you are hungry

Ignatius Rivaldo Lie : "Too much sound effect" 10/10 -IGN

Those Who Game Further : Is there a way to replace the sound effects for the ones in-game?

Someone X Music : Now I realise woompa fruits' sound is a lick


Taylor Breckenridge : It gets progressively more funny the longer I watch it

Donovan Wills : He killed it though

Diemand The Animatronic Wolf : For being drunk he seems to be playing very well. I didn't expect that.

Lightning Wrecker : I never wanted this to end!

ExtebanGamerYT : 0:49 Best Part v: Homer Simpson

Christian D'Amore : *Oh Boy It's 4am*

shit poster : 2drunk4me

Moon Van : 0:06 dat sound effects

Ike Christensen : I wish I had friends.

juan pablo Chacon Vargas : That is acapella for the twinsanity, that will be so good xd

Lord Cekrom : Best sound effects =D

TheDarkFighterek : Man of a culture

TriforceTrump : dun dun dun

Dank Matter : When your on a budget so you use your own sound effects

Max van der Vegt : .-.

Twintendo : The noises for the wumpa fruit were too perfect! 😂

mr Luchio : Just 1 minutes and i have the etern happiness

Ong919 : *D r u n k*

Ninjafox1000 : I don't see a problem that's just crash bandicoot.


Dave : Does this guy even have lungs


Walter White : Awesum

Francesco Pc : Good friend

Hex Detah : I'd let him drive.

Gabriel de la Rosa : Top 10 anime dubs

aGmingNerd : Despacito

YoshiEgg95 : Even a drunk guy is better at crash then me

Tyler Tinari : He's one hell of a beatboxer lmao

Walter Rowlands : SiIvaGunner liked this.

σταματης βραγκας : Taking into account he is drunk, he is actually really goos at this game... I mean have you ever tryed to beat a stage while not taking breath?

CrashBandicootFanGirl : The video is funny and the slurping sounds good.

Flynn Rider : JAJAJAJAJA

Pedro Pias : Actually. He has talent xD

ammsamdoij : Can you put it on iTunes?