My drunk friend sent this to me at 4am.

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69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : Thought it was nudes, but it turned out to be much better

Oni x 4500 : Why were the slurps on point though lmfao

Elzeta : *Music for my ears and soul*

Gold Beanie : Lad needs to learn how to record videos in the correct direction

Some Other Commenter : This made my day

Debesh Jena : When you know that a drunk man sings better than you.

Dr . Wub : Wow the remastered sound effects in the N sane trilogy are even better than i thought.

Kenofox : This shit is amazing

ProtoMario : He did pretty good tho...

Wyatt Anthony : I like the part where he goes *slurp slurp slurp*

Fullmetal Shenron : Even drunk he’s still better than me

ajshim : I want a mod that replaces the sounds and track with this person's voice.


team00n : i wish i have a friend like that

Andrew : Those slurps tho 100% accurate

MadMan12 : What kind of MadMan uploads a vertical video with the video being sideways

Erick Castillo : Hes got style😎

Arto : Crash Bandicoot Limited Beer Edition

JOEFLAPOEFKKRKKHE KKRJOODJEWJUIFJUDE : When you *_-realise-_* a drunk guy sings better than you do.

Arlife GM : 90% of the vid *DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUM* The rest is full of slurps

sl0ptart : Omg I'm crying... best friend ever

ThatPringlesGuy : I...I.... have witnessed god’s work

Ashlyn24's YouTube Channel : We need to higher this man for Crash 4 in 3021.

Charles _The_Cat : Is he drunk or crazy?

Coya Does Music : It literally sounds like he's trying to do an acapella version of a metal breakdown

sleeprr : Is this what the afterlife looks like? I'm on my way.

Rinato Potato : I nerver laughed so hard in my life-

Justin Y. : His lungs must be the size of his balls to record this

Antman 367 : You're lucky to have a comedian for a friend, dude. 😂

Twintendo : The noises for the wumpa fruit were too perfect! 😂

Erin Cooper : Sounds like a Korn song.

Jooonoothoon : If your friend was actually drunk than what would the chances be that the video is only one minute long?

Dαƒηε : Let's appreciate how well he sings

Valeria : i had this in my reasons to live playlist and i was so confused, now i know why

Gabriel de la Rosa : Top 10 anime dubs

Tom Varga : I’m dying, I’ve already sent this to my friends

Turtle Topian : *Lucky*


Charal : I showed this to my mom. She's now worried about me.

PRiNGLZ. : He really must be drunk for filming it like that.

Vampirelya : Even if im not drunk i would do the same thing

Shiro Samure : I could watch a 1 hour gameplay of this

mies : This is very important.

russhiem : Youtube is recommending me the right videos.

Sefraca : Great ingame soundeffects

Rembo : You couldn't have rotated the screen?

Joosua Anttila : God I love this song

Gaming Titas : Your friend is the best.

Bitesize Kitten : Lyrics?

Christian D'Amore : *Oh Boy It's 4am*