My drunk friend sent this to me at 4am.

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KING Cxxxyz : I thought this was 1 minute long felt like a whole century

Game Generation : Can we just appreciate how much your friend is an absolute unit at playing Crash while drunk?

Justin Y's Disciple : Can i hire your drunk friend, like for a week or so?

Gracie NM : I'm glad I came across this

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : Paid actor

cvr315 : His apple eating sound effects were on point

- Shiroyasha - : Welcome back to _"Why is this in my recommended"_ Episode 145

Arcaniste : lyrics : Tum x87 *RWAP* x19 *CRUTCH* x7

VenomSn4ke : 📂Computer 📂Drunk Friend Playing Crash Bandicoot 📂Lungs ⚠️This folder is empty

Christian D'Amore : *Oh Boy It's 4am*

I am a disappointment to my parents : We need to show this to aliens

RustySpoon : Explain this Atheists

Unknown Female : This cured my depression

Bizarre Beats : *Wish I could think of something funny to say in the comments*

Dave : Does this guy even have lungs

I am a disappointment to my parents : Again, the human race has shown superiority over the universe

Dennis Skede : I just want a 10 hour loop

TacoDell : One minute of my life well spent!


Twintendo : The noises for the wumpa fruit were too perfect! 😂

Jeebuksen Pummilapsi : *My recommended list brought me, and I now I'd like to refund my recommend..*

_ Klondank_Bar_ : I wonder how he is when he gets high.

Potatozilla The lord of the vegetables : İt's ART

Random Dogface : I can play games while I‘m drunk *hold my beer...drinks beer* *films how he plays a game while he is drunk*

ƝveR : The perfect friend doesn't exi-

Kyle627_ : I didnt want this to end

David Roth : Uhm thanks youtube recommendation system i guess?

1000 kid without vids : Once again recommendations are on point 👌👌

n0rm13 : Top 10 extreme parkour moments

Dank Matter : He needs to be hired to make sound effects

[COZY] No Limits- : This is *G O D L Y*

Vy Nguyen : Does he breath lol

notoriginal video's : How to avoid copyright.

I am a disappointment to my parents : Top 10 anime characters Thanos is too scared to diss track

Taylor Breckenridge : It gets progressively more funny the longer I watch it

Hailey Snow : Wait..... I do that sometimes...😂

ᄋᄉᄋ : 0:53 “Du du du, *slurp slurp* Du du du *slurp slurp*”

SirPug : Hey, may I hold your beer so you can do something cool?| To do something cool?| Yeeeeeessss actually drinks beer like a boss| BOOM CHOM SLURP BA BOOM BOOM time.|

n0rm13 : send this to your girlfriend without any context

Gabriel de la Rosa : Top 10 anime dubs

Crossfade421 : Welcome back to why the hell is this in my recommended episode #1245

Lil' PEW : *Lungs: am I a joke to you?*

Can we get to 10,000 subscribers ????? : *Ultra Instinct Unlocked*

ツBlazey : *I think it’s safe to say he’s a happy drunk.*

Coya Does Music : It literally sounds like he's trying to do an acapella version of a metal breakdown

Tyler Shamp : This is my new ring tone

iGontt : Por estas cosas es que amo YouTube

똥 먹어라. : Legend says he is still making these sounds while he is fleeing from that snowball

Patrick Star : Rated M for Masterpiece

UncutxHardstyle : Now i know how the sounds are made.. thanks for this educational video