A REALLY Friendly Baby Whale Shark

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Lisa winn : A rare encounter indeed, the whale shark was obviously curious about them, that curiosity led to an encounter of a lifetime for those folks.

Emma Williams : What a gentle giant that big baby was!!! 😍

Anonym Anymo : the 7 dislikes were all zooplankton

Breauna Brown : “Why hallo, hoomans, how are— Ohmergerd you guys make bubblez!!! Imma hang for a bit.”

skullz and bones : Crew: whatever you do, don't pet it Me: *pets the shit out of it*

chris h : bubbles! nom nom. whale sharks are the best. so cute and so graceful and gentle. wonderful video!


Pydros Music : Giant, underwater pupper!

Leslie Ix : When i see encounters like this, i hope it doesn't make the animals trust every human that comes by. 😢

yepisuredolikecats : no that's a mattress with a mouth

Terran Republic : the whale shark is more interested in the bubbles than the humans, it keeps sucking the bubbles in then blowing them out, so it's practically smoking CO2, that's ocean cigarette for ya

ianthemagus : The other fish using the whale shark for protection look so impatient waiting for it to check everyone out, like "Ok, yeah, some humans...can we go now?"

The Nug Prince : Poor baby just wanted some plankton, sorry friend that's just bubbles

Laura 28 : In some of countries people murder and eat these now rare and intelligent beauties as a delicacy. I am no vegan or vegitarian though eating rare kind, harmless, animals like these for pleasure and thrilla and not to eat to live is plain wrong. Once I accidentally saw a video of someone slowly slicing up one of these creatures with a saw while it was still alive and many people were watching and cheering. I cried so much and felt physically sick, how could anyone do that?

animeartist296 : that's a baby!! wow!! it's huge!! cool video. Thanks for sharing

Angela Luo : hahaha theres so many fishes surrounding the whale shark like a shield its so cute

Anastasia Beeverhausen. : I have never seen a baby whale shark before! What an amazing experience!

sergeantassassin3 : A baby playing in the world's largest aquarium.

Iznob 200 : That’s a weird looking dog

Ravesti : Pretty sure she thinks the bubbles are plankton or small fish. Though somehow that makes it even cuter.

Lady who Tangoed with the Devil : I would be like "you guys go on ahead, I am going to stay and play with the shark.."

the bro : What a cute puppy.. It is golden retriever right?

Whofan06 : "Come back, I want the bubbles! Gimme the bubbles!

Leonardo di parma : how friendly is that shark that every time he swims for a being patted or rubbed , the divers swim away lol

olifous abelo : whalesharks are friendly & gentle,,they are filter feeder,,feeds for plankton & small fishes,,,

Apples : Those lucky bastards. I've seen whale sharks in the wild but never got to swim with them, usually because some jackass in a loud boat scares them off.

erintreez : How awesome is that!!! A rare giant baby whale shark! It does seem like he or she wants to play (:

Jhope's Baseline : Aw. Huge baby but so cute.

xxkoumori : Omg he's so tiny! What a cutey!

METHOD ONE : We live on a giant floating ball of rock, in the midst of some unknown void that we ourselves now just accept as 'normal'..... when I see such perfection and beauty as this, the idea of a God seems so easy to accept.

Brittany Dang : Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!!!

C SMITH : Some real green divers there...lots of arm flappen going on lol Very cool video though!

Eran Raines : i luv this big baby and her entourage

Pineapple Boy : im so charmed. what a sweetheart.

Darkest Twilight : I want one...

298 Gaming : I find whale sharks very interesting and everything about it is indeed fun to learn about

Michael K. : +Fat Fish Movies+ Those guys are so lucky that they got to encounter a curious whale shark like that, especially one that still is not yet fully mature! Gosh, I always find sharks to be such fascinating and amazing creatures!

Skye333 : A tasty snack, bubbles.


light : Oh what a cute little thing! I think she was trying to eat the bubbles out of curiosity

ButterflyQueen Geraldine : hahahha like an Ocean underwater party going on there

Nick Deamonson : I love when you see a shark and they have all those fish around them. It's like, the more the fish the cooler you are. Hella squad. Is that a school of fish? No, they're chilling on a shark.

Sir Wabutan VX : If I were a diver there, I'd already have fallen victim to reverting to baby talk. Who's a widdle shwarky bab? Is a babbu! A babbuuuu~

Altec Novas : Im crying over a whale shark, I love them so much

cows are awesome and cool : Question: why are all those fish on its back?

Aldiggy2000 : sharks got some bodyguards

Techhunter Talon : Like the fishy company that sherk is keeping with it. Look at them all. XD

Magnum Dong : sea pupper does a swim

Mark Chippendale : It looked like the shark was enjoying the sensation of the divers' bubbles, rather like a child enjoying a fizzy drink!

Ray Kelly : Amazing footage