Learn Russian alphabet in 10 minutes!

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Leanne Russell : Can hear your cat crying the back ground lol x

Chris Zegarra : "learn Russian alphabet in 10 minutes!" you mean "heres a 10 minute Russian Alphabet Lesson, Spend 3 Hours on it"

Satanolgy : learning languages makes me forget how sad I've felt

Parralyzed : Never thought I would learn new english words via russian tutorials...

Todd From Work : Your kot is trying to learn Russian too ;)

веня пахомов : а я единственный который смотрю это видео из россии

PhillipThunderGrunge : Russian is intriguing and weird

Chris Levis : preparing for WW 3

LarnrothREDragon : I know I'm supposed to pay attention to the tutor speaking/teaching Russian but I couldn't help but hear a little kitty saying meow at 2:59. My ears are that sharp.

Andrea Morrieson : Duolingo helps a lot guys

PSGTalks : r.i.p. left ear

Angel Armstead : Russian alphabet looks so easy to me. But that could be because the first second language I decided to learn was Japanese. In comparison almost any writing system looks easy.

Tomek Grzenkowicz : Привет. Как дела? Russian is easy as hell.

Serina d : this is too fast i didnt have enough time to repeat

Zelda : Thank you! This probably one of the BEST Russian alphabet videos. It looks great and I love that you break up the letters and then practice words with those letters bit by bit. Thanks so much for such a fantastic video. I will definitely watch this EVERYDAY!!! :-)

AstekOst : Hahah this is so cool, I'm Serbian and I understand most of these words :D (mama, most, mesto, maska, sto, testo - litteraly same as in Serbian (except we read 'e' as 'e' not 'ye')) :D

Ilham Pratama : my question is, when will we pronounce "o" as (a) or (o)? thanks :) nice to watch your video

Kita : Its funny to see this, when you in Russia

Mikane 2 : Я решила посмотреть как иностранцы учат русский кто тоже

Copyright 2015 : "Журнал" sounds exactly the same as the Portuguese word for "newspaper", "jornal".

valianth : 5:08 wtf did she say to me ?

AnonymMC : >learning the alphabet in 10 minutes. >video is almost 12 minutes long.

Канеки Кен : Супер! Говорите слова на русском совсем без акцента) Продолжайте и дальше снимать свои видео. Удачи вам, автор-сан!

احمد براني : Thank you. This is very helpful, except for the letters with dots on them. Insha'Allah I'll get to know them and come back soon. :)

amy nygun : I'm russian but I don't speak it. And my moms not russian but my dad is and he is in prison since I was 2 years old and I never learns the language and I want to and I know how say hi and no and yes and water and I love you and thankyou and dog

A. M. Goudarzi : excellent video! thanks for uploading. Please upload more of such educational videos.

Speedster404 : This video is 11:57 minutes, not 10 mins!

ill shoot ya : I'm Arabic guy and trying to learn Russian and german

Lime Gerard : I'm going to scream


LinaBars : По произношению понятно, что ты русская)

xXxLockheedxXx : 2:21 Nearly thought she dropped the "сука" bomb there LMAO Learning Russian just to speak with online CS GO players. :)

Стебель Клена : Сразу слышно что русская)))

Rozamunduszek : "poison", not "poizon"

Epsilon : У девушки немного странное произношение звука Э. Он немного скатывается в Е.

Kitty Cat : Эх, сложно вам будет...

Liment Star : Когда ты Русская :> Блин, это весело =)

Κωνσταντίνα Μ. : Thank you SO MUCH!This is e VERY GOOD video and it really helps me!I love Russia and of course russian.Very helpful..

CrazAle : ананас is the same in german Ananas!!!

LrsLzk : Trying to learn "don't shoot" for when WWIII kicks off.

Phantomghost 523 : Y'all language is weird

ash ember ned : let's see i can learn Russian alphabet from YouTube

GamingTaco - ROBLOX : мама did I get it right?

Naddy Rose : I don't undrestand anething😓😓

PsychoWolf : Thanks so much it really helped me , I can speak arabic, Hebrew, english and now im planning on learning how to speak Russian and Spanish.

Rebecca Vaughan : great video except that you don't give enough time for us to read the word before you say it. :)


Alina Lee : Как же приятно видеть, что кто-то корячится и учит русский, когда знаешь его, как пять своих пальцев😂

Ансамбль Бегемотиков : Странный алфавит.... А Е К М О С Т.. -_- Руский алфавит начинается так, А Б В Г Д Е Ё Ж. P.s. hi English))))

Саша Егорова : Sorry for the clumsy English. Russian is the only language in the world, which you can use only the vowels to create speech. For example: Э! А я? ( Ech! Ach ja? ) This means - Hey! And what about me? Если я в чём то ошиблась, исправьте меня, лады? :)