Jackie Chan Hilariously Critiques Amateur Stunt People

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Raymond Acance : Funny thing is Jackie Chan is super genuine. He’s just naturally so charismatic and funny. 😂😂 I absolutely love Jackie Chan. He’s my number one celebrity hero.

Stephsgotit : Loved this and Jackie!

snowladeae1805 : If he does a triple somersault he make it. A single, he fall. It's okay, the fall don't hurt much. OMG! I was rolling. I Adore Jackie. It was hilarious because he was trying to find the positive in each stunt attempt.

who cares eat pizza and get fat : "Wrong shoes. Wrong pan" Love this

Sheila Dey : Mr Jackie Chan is so expert by looking on to the clip only if the stunt went wrong at the beginning only incredible.

Delia : The accuracy of his predictions truly amazed me. Legend!


Dre Loco aka ZFG BEATS : Over 40 years worth of stunts, Jackie looks young to be 64

MegaBlacky1991 : Wrong shoes, wrong pants my man jackie chan the bouncer xD

리아나 : Oh hes just too cute I love it 😍

Purpose Creates Impact : Jackie Chan was my hero as a kid. A true legend who lives a life of PURPOSE

Terah T. : I need another Rush Hour.

Yusuf Abdi : The Man literally predicted the outcome by saying if he only does 1 flip he will fall on his face yet if does 3 flips he will land on his feet...like bro was you calculating the geometry & trajectory of his landing while he was in mid air 🤔😂😭👌🏽💯👀 Only a man with experience can confidently make such a bold prediction lol

Cynthia Cyprian : Wrong shoes, wrong pants😂😂😂

Amelia Nicholas : Jackie Chan is really adorable

Yogeshwar Singh : Jackie analysed and predicted the outcome like a physicist.

Ashish Upadhyay : Jackie Chan ...a simple down to earth legend. 👌

Anabanana96 : Jackie chan is so adorable and he doesn't even realize it 😂😂 he's just himself lmao

karen micciulli : This is so funny. My Grandson may do this in the future. He is always trying stuff, and saying I'm ok. He's only 3.

Khaiah Mann : "That's hurt" lol

Orwell Galilei : even if Jackie Chan ever ran out of film work, he would totally rock as stunt coordinator.

Sean Hembree : I wish Jackie Chan was my grandpa.

Marlina Purnawati : Jackie is a master about this kind of stuff , his accurate predictions and analysis are based on "a lot" of his experiences.

xsonicsparkx : This was genius. One of the best segments I've watched on a talk show. I could watch Jackie analyze stunts all day. Keep it coming Steve.

John Manett : This needs to be a regular thing. Literally a show where jackie watches other people do stunts and guesses what happens etc

Martin Ndegwa : EXPERIENCE something you cant pay for

Profano Caballero : wrong shoes, wrong pants, wrong shirt, wrong hairstyle, wrong expression. kung-fu not advised.

SunWukong1984 : We should take his advice since he does his own stunts in the past films when it comes to action comedy films.

Lisa Brown : You know what......would be great? If Ice Cube bring back Chris Tucker to "Friday" ...and also invite Jackie Chan too. I'd love to see that movie.

Triqsz : Always loved Jackie Chan and now he's even more awesome

Krissi Faith : He has broken almost every bone... in first strike his back was broken by a snow mobile and they used the clip. It was insane

WAusJackBauer : Not sure if it was intentional but they always put the text in the way of the person...

Manal : Maan i love Jackie, wish i could meet him

Tabs T : 0:01 girl with red dress thinks shes too cool to be excited to see jackie. Still smash tho.

Jadden : I love Jackie Chan! One of my favorite actors

Betsy Tom : Legend predict it all correct...hahaha...

Emily V. : More Jackie Chan please!!!

AdemolaVictorTv : Jackie Chan

MultiTictock : Funny Steve, did you tell him the racist things you've said about Asians? Probaly forgot that huh? As a minority you would think you would get that through your Mr. Potato head Great segment anyway

Gabri'el Alexander : I'm not a fan of Steve Harvey but I love Jackie Chan

SEEZEE : "Jackie always OK" - Rush Hours Bloopers Quote

craziewill : LOVE LOVE LOVE Jackie Chan.. he is so knowledgeable and yet to humble as a person...

Gowshihan008 : Racist Steve Harvey with an Asian man ...now that is a stunt

Videoscord : Mr Jackie knows his stuff I would pay to see Mr Jackie predicting the stunt

Tshiabnag : Loved this!! “Wrong shoe, wrong pants.” 😂🤣

Ginanjar Putu Wijaya : Jackie Chan always takes his works and interviews seriously, even when being asked with silly questions or at least questions that are not really important. He is so genuine and knows to appreciate other people well.

Jason : His simplicity is funny

Alfreda Calbert : Jackie's stunts are amazing. When he made Rush Hour, they claimed he couldn't speak English. Liars.

Tavon B : love jackie

Jean MRI : Thank you Steve, i love Jackie Chan and his movies!