Jackie Chan Hilariously Critiques Amateur Stunt People

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Raymond Acance : Funny thing is Jackie Chan is super genuine. He’s just naturally so charismatic and funny. 😂😂 I absolutely love Jackie Chan. He’s my number one celebrity hero.

Your Neighbor Amos : Anyone else grow up watching his cartoon on Saturday mornings?

jp3813 : Despite the title of the video, you can tell that Jackie is making serious critiques. He's no stranger to having fun, but stunts are no joke to him.

Mys Led : Will someone please give Jackie Chan his own show, where he analyzes stunts and etc. Like a more professional Jack-Ass critiquing show.

Dan Onil Galang : One thing, though, Jackie got all those right., he's a pro. Its like watching Gordon Ramsay critique a dish.

Catherine Abellanosa : They werw all laughing, but Jackie genuinely was analyzing everything with a critical eye. I love Jackie Chan! I wish I was related to him. 😋

Shakester71 : Jackie Chan is as down to earth as anyone. I remember when I heard he was in San Francisco's Chinatown, I headed down there as soon as I can just catch a glimpse of him. I was on a bus and noticed a huge crowd. The bus stopped and I was about to get off but before I could, Jackie gets on the bus. He starts shaking everyone's hands. The majority of people on that bus were Chinese, so Jackie was speaking Cantonese to them. I was around 14 years old then. This was around the time of Police Story and Project A era. He walked by and rubbed my head like I was a little kid and asked if I was doing good (in Cantonese). It was awesome. I was already a huge Jackie Chan fan and became an even bigger one after that.

slaQ83 : Way too short, this needs to be 2 hours long.

MaxxCoyote : Man, I could watch Jackie critique this stuff for hours more. It's funny yeah, but it's also cool to see a master craftsman break things down.

snowladeae1805 : If he does a triple somersault he make it. A single, he fall. It's okay, the fall don't hurt much. OMG! I was rolling. I Adore Jackie. It was hilarious because he was trying to find the positive in each stunt attempt.

jonny pepperston : Jackie Chan should host a game show where people come in and try to do stunts

Matthew Gil : Can this please be a new show I would totally watch Jackie chan critiquing amateur stunt people

john lee : *Wong shoe and wonhg pans he sure fail* - jackie chan

Saptarshi Paul Choudhury : Mr Jackie knows his stuff I would pay to see Mr Jackie predicting the stunt

who cares eat pizza and get fat : "Wrong shoes. Wrong pan" Love this

Kat LOLOLOLOL : Jackie Chan looks so confused about why people were laughing about his critiques. He’s so adorable 😂

Drifting Dwarf : Keanu Reeves and Jackie Chan are my celebrity heroes. Not the characters they play, but their actual characters in real life. Such genuine, kind, hardworking, charismatic, cool, and simple gentlemen.

Momo : It's true, what he said about the industry in his starting days. If you can't endure, you're disqualified for the stunt. Keep in mind, back in the days of HK very little equipment is used for protection of the stuntman. The achievement for such amazing choreography in cinema nowadays comes from the people who taught him.

Steven D. Bennett : Stunts are like a coordinated dance. Love the outtakes of his movies where they show him getting hurt and getting up. The real deal.

Stephsgotit : Loved this and Jackie!

I Was A Legend Than Got Old!. : Jackie Chan is A great person!. I got to speak with him for over an hour and he was absolutely hilarious and very kind!. I hope to meet up with him again sometime.

Alpha Adeeb : Wrong shoes wrong pants

Akhil Blaze : "if I do the triple, I'm dead" lol

guitta Dabe : What you see is what you get with Jackie. I love his honesty! No matter how old he gets he still comes across as a naive child!

Purpose Creates Impact : Jackie Chan was my hero as a kid. A true legend who lives a life of PURPOSE

WAusJackBauer : Not sure if it was intentional but they always put the text in the way of the person...

adiba ayop : his comments may sounds funny.. but u can find then genuine & from people with experience. he also knows whether hurt enough & 'not so much'. plus, it's true when he said 'We said ok. if said don't, we get kick out from the job' . we Asians like that. we even know 'stuntman' only recently.

thomasthaott : did everyone forget steve harvey is racist to asians?

your moms belt : Jackie chan has a great sense of humor who agrees?

Delia : The accuracy of his predictions truly amazed me. Legend!

Luci Mocanu : RESPECT Jackie Chan !!

Donald J. Trump : I hope Jackie lives forever , can't explain how much i look up to him.

MrHousecup : Wow! Jackie’s really good at judging successful or failed stunts!

MrCleanDeath : I keep thinking he has mustard on his shirt

Sheila Dey : Mr Jackie Chan is so expert by looking on to the clip only if the stunt went wrong at the beginning only incredible.

Rosemarie Ann Awa : The man does his own stunts. He definitely knows what's up.

lenoa Damyra : i wish he was my uncle 😭😂😂

Indian Citizen : So humble

Chris Sche : I could watch more of Jackie critiques. That was fun


Dee Dish : Truly one of my favorite human beings. Chan is cool too! 😂

Audio Visual Proof : I grew up watching Jackie Chan Kung Fu movies on TV in the 80's! Anyone in their 40's remember Black Belt Theater! lol

Treasure Jensen : He does all his own stunts. Totally awesome

Warvvolf : A lifetime of experience and great sense of humor :)

Marta Perez : Jackie Chan Actor #1 👍

J B : This man is truly an expert in his work!!!!

Alesha Syed : He is the most caring person lmao

Vara Lakshmi : Clever ...

MegaBlacky1991 : Wrong shoes, wrong pants my man jackie chan the bouncer xD

Mika L : Awww I love Jackie chan ❤️