Jackie Chan Hilariously Critiques Amateur Stunt People

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Raymond Acance : Funny thing is Jackie Chan is super genuine. He’s just naturally so charismatic and funny. 😂😂 I absolutely love Jackie Chan. He’s my number one celebrity hero.

snowladeae1805 : If he does a triple somersault he make it. A single, he fall. It's okay, the fall don't hurt much. OMG! I was rolling. I Adore Jackie. It was hilarious because he was trying to find the positive in each stunt attempt.

who cares eat pizza and get fat : "Wrong shoes. Wrong pan" Love this

Your Neighbor Amos : Anyone else grow up watching his cartoon on Saturday mornings?

Carlos Arias : People take it as a joke, but I admire his critical eye. You can see he’s a professional. People should see his stunts. They are out of this world.

John Manett : This needs to be a regular thing. Literally a show where jackie watches other people do stunts and guesses what happens etc

jp3813 : Despite the title of the video, you can tell that Jackie is making serious critiques. He's no stranger to having fun, but stunts are no joke to him.

Purpose Creates Impact : Jackie Chan was my hero as a kid. A true legend who lives a life of PURPOSE

Sean Hembree : I wish Jackie Chan was my grandpa.

리아나 : Oh hes just too cute I love it 😍

Mr_Jokes : Jackie Chan is one of the few celebrities without drama and doesn’t get hate. All I see is positive comments because of who he is. One of my absolute idols.

Cons29 : Just like Bruce Lee, there won't be another Jackie Chan. Charismatic, a very likable person and a dedicated artist. He must haveore broken bones than 10 Hollywood action stars

The Auto Hot-Shot : Jackie Chan one of the biggest names in the world yet the most humble grateful and inspirational people. This is what a Legend is God Bless Jackie Chan

Stephsgotit : Loved this and Jackie!

beaudaxx bear : Jackie did the math on that first one in 10 seconds....guy is good!

African ARMY : I genuinely forgot how funny Jackie Chan was. This man made my childhood

Tom Caine : Imagine being a stunt coordinator in Hollywood and being hired for a film that Jackie Chan was starring in. I mean, what could you even say to the guy that he didn't already know, or choreograph a stunt that he probably considers amateur at best. Anything you come up with which you consider to be your best work Jackie has probably already done something better almost 40 years ago.

SunWukong1984 : We should take his advice since he does his own stunts in the past films when it comes to action comedy films.

Lamar Gordon : "Its ok. You can tell it doesn't hurt much." 🤣 I guess as many times as Jackie has literally wrecked his body for the craft he would know just by looking how painful it is. Cuz to me, a layman, that looked painful lol. *third guy* "That hurt."

Vseslav Botkin : Jackie is really a transcendent movie star, just undeniable charisma. Every country in the world loves him.

Tshiabnag : Loved this!! “Wrong shoe, wrong pants.” 😂🤣

Gabri'el Alexander : I'm not a fan of Steve Harvey but I love Jackie Chan

Delia : The accuracy of his predictions truly amazed me. Legend!

MultiTictock : Funny Steve, did you tell him the racist things you've said about Asians? Probaly forgot that huh? As a minority you would think you would get that through your Mr. Potato head Great segment anyway

Gowshihan008 : Racist Steve Harvey with an Asian man ...now that is a stunt

Mr Godzilla : "if i do the triple, im dead" :P :P

Steven D. Bennett : Stunts are like a coordinated dance. Love the outtakes of his movies where they show him getting hurt and getting up. The real deal.

MegaBlacky1991 : Wrong shoes, wrong pants my man jackie chan the bouncer xD

I want to be J-Hope's pillow : Take it from a man who's done it like a milion times

slaQ83 : Way too short, this needs to be 2 hours long.

Matdogg2k : We need more footage of this interview! This is not enough

jhay morales : Wow very accurate!! Really the master of stunts. Idol Jackie!

Dre Loco aka ZFG BEATS : Over 40 years worth of stunts, Jackie looks young to be 64

john lee : *Wong shoe and wonhg pans he sure fail* - jackie chan

guitta Dabe : What you see is what you get with Jackie. I love his honesty! No matter how old he gets he still comes across as a naive child!

Fro Buntu : Jackie's awesome, Steve Harvey's corny and fake

Dee Dish : Truly one of my favorite human beings. Chan is cool too! 😂

Sheila Dey : Mr Jackie Chan is so expert by looking on to the clip only if the stunt went wrong at the beginning only incredible.

Kavalan : Jackie Chan did almost all of his stunts, especially when he was young. I once saw an interview where he talked about all his injuries and broken bones he's had throughout his career, you really got to give it to this guy for his dedication and professionalism. As you can see here, Jackie Chan spot on on each and every stunt prediction, no surprise.

robotrip M : Lol its weird when Steve is racists towards Asians, too bad Jackie doesn't know that monkey well enough to say no to his show

Filmon Tesfay : ❤️Jackie Chan!

bittermelonleaf : He reminds me so much of my dad! Looks and accent too lol

Marlina Purnawati : Jackie is a master about this kind of stuff , his accurate predictions and analysis are based on "a lot" of his experiences.

We Are Legion!. : Jackie Chan is A great person!. I got to speak with him for over an hour and he was absolutely hilarious and very kind!. I hope to meet up with him again sometime.

Anyanwu Chrisangelo : I love the way Jackie is🤗... Funny in his own unique way

Jason : His simplicity is funny

Expo : Those boot cut jeans are something else

Yusuf Abdi : The Man literally predicted the outcome by saying if he only does 1 flip he will fall on his face yet if does 3 flips he will land on his feet...like bro was you calculating the geometry & trajectory of his landing while he was in mid air 🤔😂😭👌🏽💯👀 Only a man with experience can confidently make such a bold prediction lol

JOB YouTube Gaming World's : Jackie Chan is the 🐐 of 🎥

Edgar Pewds : God the old Jackie so funny 😆😆😂