How Brands Like Domino's Profit From School Lunch

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Lobetec : Wait this isn't Vox?

MLG TURTLE : you cant find a single thing in America that is not a business

Sama Lass : Schools: ''KIDS, WRITE AN ESSAY ON WHY WE SHOULDN'T MAKE MORE PLASTIC IN THE WORLD!!''. *School proceeds to buy plastic lunch plates*

Scout Scamp : "Studies have shown; that if kids are fed they perform better is school". Wack

Paradoxical Panda : Biggest military in the world but can't afford to feed there own kids.

Serdna : Wait this isn't Great Big Story?

Andy Chen : My school is supposed to serve all 5 food groups. One day fruit is missing, and I asked the lady behind the counter. She said the juice is fruit!? JUICE!? SERIOUSLY!?

MilkmanYT : The dumpsters behind my school car say for “School and Prison use only”

Andrew Cowan : The US should copy the French or Japanese school lunch systems.

Marios Doumou : It's a poor country. Don't have the luxury to provide more to their children. ...Oh wait! This is America! lol

Trolligarch : As a Brit, I never really understood why so many Americans were disillusioned with capitalism. But then this video probably explains why. We sort of take our constitutional framework for granted - strict regulations on lobbying, strict conflict of interest laws and regulatory commissions being fully nonpartisan and independent and run by experts. We've always had an understanding that regulation is needed to rein in corporations. And we've always separated public and private sector functions. It would be inappropriate for the private sector to run your police, fire departments or hospitals. So our version of "capitalism" turns out to be very different from American capitalism. The fact that companies can just buy their way into schools, hospitals and public institutions really shows the rampant corporate corruption in America. No wonder people are disillusioned.

Lolita Lolito : Send your kids with homemade lunches 🤷🏻‍♀️

Jane Sullivan : In French class the teacher told us about school lunch in France. You have two hours to eat, every school has a chef, and you can go home for lunch if you want. At our school, you get twenty minutes, our lunch lady cares more about enforcing the dress code than about cooking, and our daily menu is something like nachos, pizza, cheeseburger and "chicken" patty sandwich ( note the quotation marks). Also we have six lunch periods, from 10:40 to 12:42, because our cafeteria is way tops small to fit us and it smells like feet, boiled hot dogs, and axe body spray.

hbarudi : That explains the rising childhood obesity rates.

copperblaze22 : No one eats lettuce on a hot dog.

Young Entrepreneur : Don't let this video distract you from the facts that you can't spell nutrition without Nut

Eliah Hughes : Its all politics. A good $1.25 meal could be given at every single school if they wanted to. Its companies not letting them. They got stuck in so many contracts with different food companies they, just have no way out.

Kartik Padmanabhan : Im gonna go out on a limb and say it is more of a culture problem than anything to do with poverty, I grew up in a poor middle class household in India, but my school bag always had a lunchbox filled with food. Im sure the americans can do better than relying on corporations to fill in their nutritional need.

Brad Evans Productions : I remember when Michelle Obama's plan when into effect when I was in high school. The way the lunch combos worked getting a fruit would make your lunch cheaper so naturally everyone would grab a fruit to get the cheaper combo then immediately throw in the trash, there would be trash cans full of fruit and vegetables, it was really sad honestly.

XxhyperionxX : Is it just my school or does everyone have only milk to drink?

Y4123 : My school's lunches were not very good and it was $2.50 for it (by the time I graduated HS it was nearly $3)

Dean : everything in america is about profit. it's goes hand in hand. we have government, and we have private corporations who get government contracts. the federal government buys essentially everything it uses from america's private sector companies.

Meh Deb : Food is the most fundamental need. How can we expect to grow our littles when their brains are starved for proteins and nutrients? We should be giving them the best food we can offer.

catlife : The idea of a school lunch is foreign to me. If your country needs it because children are not properly fed at home, that country has some serious problems, and school lunch is not going to fix it. Why not just make all the lunches vegetarian and not deep fried and breaded meats?

Doodberry Kermin : Just gonna point out that just because someone is getting free lunches doesn't mean that they are not eating at home

ZakkuRa : Lol, $2.50 and the meal wasn't even that good and not even that nutritious. Here in my country, Philippines, you can have a decent meal for a dollar, well actually, a proper meal. Most students, most of I know, have $2 for their lunches, which more than enough to satisy our needs.

Zerpician : Just throw 1/2 a carrot, 1/2 apple, 2 slices of pineapple, 2 leafs of lettuce, and broccoli into a blender add orange juice, give to kids, force to swallow, get thanked later, done.

Amby Cakes : I’m so embarrassed to be an American sometimes. Glad my kids and I are in Australia now.

Tony Wu : The thing dominoes said about kids loving school pizza.... that's just not true

DRiley : Funny how most of our problems boil down to corporate lobbying.

someone : Jeremy oliver is a well known chef in england who changed our school lunches to being healthier. We didnt get fries and burgers everyday but still our lunch is 10 times better than americas

Flappy Bird : "Studies have shown; that if kids are fed they perform better in school" yh, I don't know about that. I always felt sleepy in classes after having lunch. so I stopped. tbh I performed worse because I was sleeping.

BTRBT : >Government institutes policy. >Policy doesn't go as planned. The political left: "Capitalism did this."

Hassan Abbas : Just bring your own lunch every thing solved, and dont be cheap!

Lanacology : It’s funny how all these adults who don’t eat school lunch are making all these decisions about it.

The Trashman : Man, the US is corrupt through and through, huh

me ow : Vox style reporting with Great big story music. Still a nice report

Karthikeyan Jayachandran : Thank God, I'm not born in Capitalerica

The Fidget Spinner Movie : So how do brands like Domino's profit from school lunch?

Mudit Gambhir : Is there anything left in America that hasn't been ruined by corporate lobbying?

dosmastrify : 7:30 yeah dude, make the rules good enough that corps meeting them are still good for you. Force them to make the packages very different and call it a day. If domino's pizza can make an actually nutritious pizza that tastes good and is cheap. Why not?

boson96 : What's with the kid on the bottom left at 9:36 ??

Bryson Gainey : Turkey slop on Thursday was my favorite! Also liked the boiled hamburger with a packet of ketchup, the infamous pizza bread first debuted when I was in 7th grade.... my mom will tell you about the time I made a huge scene, I told off the lunch lady because they wouldn’t sell me 10 orders of cheese sticks... another time I was dared to swallow a whole grape and I was choking and needed the Heimlich maneuver.... And once I got suspended for popping a Ziploc bag it was so loud the entire cafeteria went completely silent..... yea I was a racket! Teachers dreaded me...

Mahdi Ahmed : In the end the most that it impacts is the weirdass lunch lady

Roger Xiao : "Studies have shown if kids are fed, they perform better in school." *sigh.....okay then

MarinAnimations _ : Instead of Dominos, my school got thin slices of Pizza Hut. But while most kids in school throw away vegetables like salad from the salad bar. I noticed at my school, it was the salad bar lettuce that ran out first, and fruit would be the least touched because it was never good. But I also noticed later in my years there, there were teachers behind the lunch ladies that check you out checked kids with hoodies and made sure no one had more chicken nuggets, or corndogs than allowed, if you had more it would be taken away immediately.

WarBoy : just prepare your kid's lunch and stop depending so much on other people for everything lol

Karman Bassi : never rely on the government for anything, it's the opposite of capitalism

Noboil Frog : People farming, feeding the poor to the rich. USA..USA..USA..🇺🇸🇺🇸

Lobetec : That too, your not allowed to bring stuff out of the caferteria so it brings up the throw away part.