How Brands Like Domino's Profit From School Lunch

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Lobetec : Wait this isn't Vox?

AgentZ430 : Wait this isn't Great Big Story?

Lanacology : It’s funny how all these adults who don’t eat school lunch are making all these decisions about it.

BillHicks420 : The US is rotten to its core. Lobbyism touches everything from pollution, pet food scandals, school meals, private prisons, coal and oil etc. This is not a way to run a country for the benefit of its population.

Andy Chen : My school is supposed to serve all 5 food groups. One day fruit is missing, and I asked the lady behind the counter. She said the juice is fruit!? JUICE!? SERIOUSLY!?

Trolligarch : As a Brit, I never really understood why so many Americans were disillusioned with capitalism. But then this video probably explains why. We sort of take our constitutional framework for granted - strict regulations on lobbying, strict conflict of interest laws and regulatory commissions being fully nonpartisan and independent and run by experts. We've always had an understanding that regulation is needed to rein in corporations. And we've always separated public and private sector functions. It would be inappropriate for the private sector to run your police, fire departments or hospitals. So our version of "capitalism" turns out to be very different from American capitalism. The fact that companies can just buy their way into schools, hospitals and public institutions really shows the rampant corporate corruption in America. No wonder people are disillusioned.

ggamer77 : School is prison.

matasuki : Instead of mandating vegetables they should mandate on the glycemic index of a food so that french fries don't get given to kids on a technicality.

Scout Scamp : "Studies have shown; that if kids are fed they perform better is school". Wack

Dazed and Confused : Thats the one thing I don’t miss from school. It was okay on some days and just plain🤢🤮. My mom always talked about how great lunch was when she was in school. From salad to taco bars to pizza and hamburgers. Well we didn’t get that. We got 2 french toast sticks, what seemed to be week old milk that when poured would be slimy and a fruit....that was breakfast. Kids found bugs,mold,and just plain nasty stuff in the food.

Young Entrepreneur : Don't let this video distract you from the facts that you can't spell nutrition without Nut

hope : I remember they required every kid to grab a fruit and vegetable even if they didn’t want it and I’d never seen more food wasted, everyday. it’s really sad to see. also the fact that they served chinese food, burgers and pizza and expected kids to choose a salad instead. the line for the salad bar was always tremendously shorter than the rest when I’d wait in it.

GeneralEsper : Not gonna lie, I had to put salad, ranch, and ketchup on a cheeseburger just to get somewhat of a taste out of the food to make it bearable. I still do sometimes. Is it weird?

Starch25 : My school district, I asked one of the cafeteria workers where the food went at the end of the day. She said in the trash. What a waste of food produced and it’s sad

MLG TURTLE : you cant find a single thing in America that is not a business

ZakkuRa : Lol, $2.50 and the meal wasn't even that good and not even that nutritious. Here in my country, Philippines, you can have a decent meal for a dollar, well actually, a proper meal. Most students, most of I know, have $2 for their lunches, which more than enough to satisy our needs.

Charlize Amos : And I’m just over here as an Australian who has never even had a ‘cafeteria’ and has to bring lunches for ourself.

Zerpician : Just throw 1/2 a carrot, 1/2 apple, 2 slices of pineapple, 2 leafs of lettuce, and broccoli into a blender add orange juice, give to kids, force to swallow, get thanked later, done.

Hugheszie : I'm so happy in the UK our government forces schools to serve edible and healthy food. I do remember the good ole turkey twizzzzzzzzlers days though

Good Vibes : In 8th grade, a cockroach literally crawled out of my friend's lunch

Y4123 : My school's lunches were not very good and it was $2.50 for it (by the time I graduated HS it was nearly $3)

Gucci_Karen 12 : Honestly at this point...prison food is better than the food I get at school. Im really disappointed in the government, aren’t they supposed to make things better for us?

Natalie Jhons : Here in the Middle East we just bring our food with us mostly sandwiches

Common_C3nts : My public school has awesome lunches. It was like $2.00 and had everything. Entree, milk, vegetable, fruit, salad. I always bought two lunches. Extra Milk was 25 cents. To this day I wish I could leave work and go to my high school to buy a lunch. You have entrees like tacos, burgers, chicken nuggets, turkey/mashed potatoes, ravioli/breadsticks, beef stirfry, chicken patties, hot dogs, pizza (generic square from GFS), spaghetti meat sauce, corn dogs, chicken wings, bosco sticks (cheese breadsticks), BBQ, quesadilla, etc. The food seemed to be bulk food from places like Gordon Food Service, Tyson, Chef Boyardee (ravioli). Now there were 3 lines. Standard lunch line for $2.00, a la carte premium food line that had things like nachos, pizza hut pizza, fries, etc which was various prices, cans of pop, juice. Then a junk/other food line with chips, candy, milk shakes, pop, juice, cereal, yogurt, pretzel and cheese, etc at various prices. Public school lunches are awesome and cheap. The scam now is the prepaid lunch account software. My school used to have its own internal software, now they use a 3rd party. This 3rd party software skims off the top and then all the prices went up by at least 15 cents. That is where the fraud is coming into play. The state should have its own internal software that all schools use, not a private for profit company taking 15%. It is a joke.

Phexism : boiled hamburgers? isn't that more expensive lmao

Karman Bassi : never rely on the government for anything, it's the opposite of capitalism

Maddie : The school custodians at my school take uneaten fruit out of the trash after it has been thrown away

hbarudi : That explains the rising childhood obesity rates.

Kay’s Garbage : Wtf the thumbnail’s school food looks better than my school food

desert man : I love a good plastic burger with my plastic fries and dryass apple.

Chloe Adams : Sending this to my principal

D Henwy : I am soooo lucky to be in a private school

Nana beauty : I'm from Poland we don't have free lunches here. You can just take food from home and it's so much better. But if u want to have a lunch at school you pay and get a delicious traditional home cooked meals. But since primary school most kids bring lunch from home or buy at a school shop something to snack on. We also finish school quiet early compared to what I heard about us

Page Hate : My school is really poor.

Roger Xiao : "Studies have shown if kids are fed, they perform better in school." *sigh.....okay then

Dean : everything in america is about profit. it's goes hand in hand. we have government, and we have private corporations who get government contracts. the federal government buys essentially everything it uses from america's private sector companies.

Lolita Lolito : Send your kids with homemade lunches 🤷🏻‍♀️

Simon Says Apple : Americans sure love their capatialism! ...or well, the capitalists do anyways.

Ozzie : The dumpsters behind my school car say for “School and Prison use only”

Daniel Berry : My school costs 1.50-2 pounds but on Christmas it can cost 2.50 plus. 2pounds is 2.57 dollars And you have to pay with your fingerprints and if you run out of money in your account you don’t get food

The Trashman : Man, the US is corrupt through and through, huh

Andrew Cowan : The US should copy the French or Japanese school lunch systems.

Karthikeyan Jayachandran : Thank God, I'm not born in Capitalerica

Getsu Zamaki : School is trash and will always be trash only if your lucky you’ll find a school with good lunch other wise YOU MIGHT AS WELL BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH 😂

Mudit Gambhir : Is there anything left in America that hasn't been ruined by corporate lobbying?

Marios Doumou : It's a poor country. Don't have the luxury to provide more to their children. ...Oh wait! This is America! lol

Ashman : the guys voice turns me on omg

someone : Jeremy oliver is a well known chef in england who changed our school lunches to being healthier. We didnt get fries and burgers everyday but still our lunch is 10 times better than americas

Sama Lass : Schools: ''KIDS, WRITE AN ESSAY ON WHY WE SHOULDN'T MAKE MORE PLASTIC IN THE WORLD!!''. *School proceeds to buy plastic lunch plates*

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