AoE2HD: I have no words for this game

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NEW VIDEOS: One of the best Age of Empires 2 multiplayer Battles of all time, an epic 8 player game with back-stabbing and raging battles. Age of Empires 2 is a hell of a lot of fun and if you want more Age of Empires HD or The Forgotten content be sure to subscribe. I upload Regular Age of Empires 2 multiplayer gameplay, expert battles and more! Age of Empires 2 Gameplay Taken from the stream @ Official website: Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on TwitchTV: AoEHD Re-Release & New Expansions can be found on Steam: This video was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, © Microsoft Corporation. Game Content Usage Rules:

Comments from Youtube

tibbyksu : "I guess I'll still upload this to YouTube but I can't imagine anyone watching this all the way through..." -ZeroEmpire 2014 More false words have never been spoken.

aimlesfez : Hahaha Klaymen asking if anyone has seen some action while his team is getting wrecked!!

tnylry : I'm gonna name my first child klaymen

Zedifo : "Probably not going to be too worthwhile worrying about this island, it's certainly not the focal point of the map" SheepSlaughter disagrees.

Goose : Klaymen is so shit at the game, but damn is he a legend.

Aidan Verhoef : "but I don't think anyone will watch this all the way through from start to finish." this is my 4th time watching

Your Friendly Neighborhood Stalin : Its 2016 and I get a recommendation to watch this so I did and I loved it.

Knut Ilse : Probably one of the best games ever released.

ZeroEmpires : I think it's fantastic that something like this recieves more likes and comments than a Viper game, it just goes to show that there's so much more to AoC than the competitive aspect and that even without the high level pro games there would be a huge community of people who will always love and enjoy AoC no matter what. you guys rock!

john hanni : Our dear lord Castor, Forgive us our trespasses and give us your spare gold, Lead us not into SelfControl but deliver us from Blade. Send onto us your minister Klayman, To give us your holy teachings and save the SheepSlaughter, Let us all trade with ships and spare dolphins though metal they may be, Amen.

Carlos Ramirez : I found this surprisingly entertaining, I literally watched it all.

Metallic Dolphin58 : Well... Would you look at that, I feel the time is near, a 'ZeroEmpire Christmas Special' consisting of a re match of myself and the others from this game. Let's get this thing going people! ^•^

Patrick Reynolds : I can't believe how entertaining this was LOL! More satisfying than a lot of hollywood movies. I just can't believe sheepslaughter didn't pull off the relic victory!!! He had like 30,000 wood and 2,500 gold he coulda made docks all around the island and spawned demo ships. that woulda been sooooo epic!

Robert Brewer-Bell : "Last time I checked the anatomy of a warship, it was unable to reproduce with itself" amazing

The Hybrid : When Klaymen's last villager died......i was on the floor laughing

MisoSoup247 : Damn this was an epic video from start to finish though it was an anticlimactic ending but still awesome video! My very favorite parts are: -Klaymen near the beginning having no idea what's going on... or did he? -Sheepslaughter and Klaymens last stand on the little island fortress -Metallics last unit, the two handed swordsman just wandering around the world. -"Will Klaymen find a way for his Galleons to reproduce?" xD -And your love for the demolition ships haha

SadeGames : 1:09 the Legend Begins

Blue_Pie_Ninja : Holy crap that game was unbelievable! So many highlights I am not even kidding. The relic captures, the glitched gold, the demolition boats, multi-kills, Admiral Klaymen's suicide fleet, the lonely soldier, the alliance switches, the resource hogging, the base moving. Just wow. This game was so good I think it really captured the spirit of Age of Empires. The ending though, man that was a harsh way to end, even though Castor won with a massive score, but Blade being the last active player with the highest score.


TerryWong : I'm a student studying international relations (IR) theory and I'm quite excited to see how IR theories actually apply in this game perfectly. Realism says anarchy is here to stay, there is no world police so states have to rely, mostly, on themselves, this is also named as the self-help system which will also generate what's called "security dilemma" that suggests one state's being more secured will necessarily render other states being less secured. States, under this self-help system, will do Internal balancing and External balancing to maximize their security and power. Internal balancing is to build up your internal power while External balancing is to form alliances (mostly not lasting long) to boost one's resources and capabilities. A bipolar system is the most stable and the tripolar system is always the least. A bipolar system, for example, is when the game begins they form a 3v3 group competition, this is more stable because states will have less incentives to switch sides (given that 1 island houses 3 players, they gotta be united) to maintain the balance; A tripolar system is when the other 3 players are eliminated and the remaining 3 players will most likely form a 2v1 alliance to eliminate the under-dog; a bipolar system will emerge again when there is only 2 remaining players. The shadow of the future also plays in the part here. In this game, for instance, people will naturally expect you to form alliance with the peers in the same island. If you were to switch sides to betray your allies, forming a 2v4 where the betrayer is on the 4 side, you are in trouble because other players will think of you as a betrayer, which will weaken the betrayer's future survival ability because the incentives to forming alliance with the betrayer would be much less. This, however, does not apply to the game here because they would not meet each other again after three hours and there were no other players except the six of them. Forgive me for skipping the conclusion btw wth am i doing here: Doing an essay midterm on YT which I was supposed to watch sth rather than write sth??


KingLies : Not having fixed teams, basically a FFA and requiring diplomacy makes these games 10x more exciting to watch. 4v4s where one team is doing badly so they gg 10 minutes in gets kind of tedious. Plus with noobs you get to see all the crazy, "what the hell is he doing" moments. This was hands down the best match I've ever watched.

Klaymen 47 : Don't mind me, a regular comment just passing by. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

porteurliste : "I don't think anyone would ever watch this whole thing thrue" Almost a million views later :D

gilki[] : did anyone else play age of empires like sims except a whole country when you were a kid?

ARRAV : Klayman actually is the reason that Castor managed to get back into the game, because of the dock, so that Castor could get gold.


Siamond : please get these players back together for another round.

Zhōu yǔ Qiáo : I am really enjoying this video and think you add a lot to it with your commentary. It's like watching a professional sports broadcast. I'm learning a ton about strategy by listening and watching. So great!

Alex de kock : Ive got no idea how i ended up here

Theshadeofreality : how is this map called? Looks like pretty awesome map

Gam3star : Lol I watched it from begging to end

BlatendCrude : I used to love games like this before I got my porn addiction.

Nikkjis : why was this in my recommended?

Patrik Richter : Got abit nostalgic and decided to google the AoE theme song....I found this instead. Watched every minute off it.  this made me buy the game again after 15 years. I  never would have thought there be a playing AoE community again . see you on the battlefeild !

NotAZombie : What an epic game. Castor is such a hero for beating back Blade The Great Betrayer.

AyEsGee : Blade: 1339 killed 1339 Deaths. Wowzers

Pieter van Rossum : 48:30 Zac having an aoegasm right there DETENATE! OOHHH CASTOR if you know what i mean ;O

Abraham Lincoln : 1:41:20 Who will EVER watch it on youtube? over 1 million views

Joey Winters : There is no sexual that a galleon is. You heard it here folks.

MasterChef306 : I should probably note, this is the top result for "Age of Empires 2 game with the most backstabbing". This was really glorious to watch. The slow buildup, the battle of Relic Island, slowly realizing as the game wears on that Castor's empire is ACTUALLY being rebuilt while everyone ignores him... just perfect.

Eduardo Borges : Find these players again , make them play a second round! i want to see klaymen the god again.

Masterdevil : Take a shot every time he says "fast castle". Dead by the 15th minute mark.

Ruttho : I actually stayed up to 4:30 AM to watch this, kinda dissapointed from the end :(

Orkay Z : 47:36 "Klaymen has the mind of a flower picking girl" laughed harder id like to admit"

To Es : Absolutely brainfucked ! What a game ! Castro won imo. After being backstabbed by Blade xD MVP Kleyman Most anti climatic ending ever haha ! GG.

The Weasel 27 : what if self-control had built a dock

Vadagar : The HD fire looks terrible. Old version FTW!

Reyn : Yes! You guys should do more of these "Diplomacy" type multiplayer games!