Spongebob - Life On the Outside

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BlackMarsh : When Spongebob did cutaways they were better than family guy in its prime

tonygeek12 : I bet the writer of this episode was depressed at the time.

AquaticNeptune : "To not be in prison" The window looks just like a jail cell

404UsernameNotFoundX : the emptyness in the boat behind him shows how empty his life is. the cubicles shows how trapped he is. he and the wife are in debt, can barely pay for car insurance and gas. he can't think of the good times he has in his childhood, but he can't. his childhood memories are nightmares to him. his mother is an alcoholic and his dad left him when he was a little fish. he felt alone. therapy never helped him. he just wants to end it all. he didn't want to live no longer. that night, he ended it. when his wife slept, he took out a pistol, shot himself in the mouth.

AlmightyArceus : As a kid, I knew I didn't want a life like this. Just graduated college and I'm doing everything in my power to not have that life. Keeping this at the forefront of my mind as an example of what to try to avoid.

WesternWolf : Laughed as child Slight sobering frown as an adult lol

Alex Mathew Mendoza : As a child, I thought this was funny because of the clear repetition of the guy's life. But as an adult, it's a very sobering view of life for many people stuck in a 9-5 office job wherein life's meaning is slowly eroded by the emptiness of the cycle.

KennyG881 : It's actually disturbing how accurate this is

waxedtaters : 2 questions: who is driving the car behind him, and how does he get into his cubical?

knuclear200x : I can totally relate to thi- >coming to bed, honey? >yes, dear never mind...;_;

DarkLightPrince : I just realized that the fish driving aren't even on the road.

Spandan Banerjee : Surprisingly profound social commentary.

TheRich4270 : Attention Family Guy: THIS is how you do a cutaway gag.

Tlactl : this made me think more deeply than it was meant to

OrneryTexan : Well...at least he has a wife to come home to and never wakes up in an empty bed. *forever alone*

Tran Le : That guy sounds so miserable when he says "Yes Dear," as if every syllable is draining what little joy is left in his soulless heart.

logan sullivan : Sadly, this is depressingly true

Alexis Plummer : My dad once whispered "yep, exactly" at this scene and I never knew what he was talking about.

Jacob Smith : We do this for 40 years and then we die

The UnknownCommenter : Turns out no one was out of prison in the first place

Gabriel Blas : I wish my parents explained this scene to me as a kid, regardless of how pessimistic they sound. It sucks how they spoiled me as a kid and didn't prepare me on how much of a dream-crusher real life can be.

ARPANET Troll : Dude has a job, a house, and a wife. As far as I can tell, he's winning

Mike Illmatic : I miss that old school dark reality humor in this show God how this show used to be amazing

Akisara : Off camera, he opens the window and ends it all.

das it mane : This is pretty depressing for a cartoon.

lorderik237 : This once made me laugh as a child. Now it makes me cry.

TitanDweevilMassacre : This is why there's a suicide forest in Japan.

Jacob Langlet : Wife: Coming to bed honey?

heck off : until you get tired of it all and put a gun against your head and pull the trigger

joshua machado : prison or no prison... us average people will always be in our own mental prison... we get paid little. never recognized for anything. then we die

roan33 : My life in a nutshell. 

Mr. Red 88 : I get up, go to work, come home watch TV and go to bed. Up ,work ,home, TV ,bed! Up ,work ,home, TV, bed!


Dasse : Yep, that's life it sucks

Christopher Zampella : "Talking to inanimate objects again, huh Puff?".

Foxy Grandpa : This makes me wonder how bad prison life is compared to the daily cycle of a 9-5 job. Spongebob is essentially telling his tubby pink companion known as Patrick that the mind itself can be a prison, if one allows it to be

Trevor Davidson : Reminds me of a family guy cutaway

Raz Yizhack : the best 10 seconds in spongbob episode ever  . so brilliant !

Syed Eusoff : Oh man that was deep. Its basically saying that life itself is a prison 😕

Hilman Samsung : when i was a kid i laughed at this. Now that im working i still laugh at this beacause of how Painfully accurate this is.

Tallahasse Toby : that shot around 0:08 is so brilliant; the bars on his window communicate his imprisonment. next level shit.

Kerry Smith : um yeah I'm going need those tps reports by Monday

Mr. Hyde : That "What am I even living for?" moment. People go to school and study hard to get a decent job and start a family on their own. This is the life goal of most humans. But once they reach that "goal" they just keep working their ass off until they grow old and die. There's nothing more to it. Yeah it's depressing. But well I believe in an afterlife so I have something to hope for.

PokéMarioStudio101 : This show tried to warn me what was to come and I didn't even know it

Dracomut : As a kid I always wondered why my mom and dad would laugh so much at this scene

Night Terror : 0:04 The car behind him is empty.

Commander_Ninja : I... I'm going to go for a walk now. I have to think about some stuff.

Lucent Shadow : Outside life IS prison.

Matt K : Dude's got a car , a job, a house and a wife. I'd say he's doing alright.

Relentless Chaos : Holy S*it The Creators of Spongebob were accurate about life