Why the IPCC Report is so Scary

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Comments from Youtube

Moon Blast : Humans: We finally solved climate change! Asteroid: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The Yangem : Essentially: Humans are joining the ludicrously exclusive club of species that caused mass extinction events.

epSos.de : We all would benefit from the *cleaner air in the city.* The sustainable future needs to happen faster :-)

cafeteria cat : i lost a couple brain cells reading the comments


Debre Szabolcs Attila : This is why you don't elect reality TV-stars for president.

F F : The reason the governments don’t want us to do these things is because they can’t tax us as much money if we live this way grow your own food : they lose on shopping Solar panels : they loose on energy bills Water tanks: can’t charge us for water elec cars : can’t charge us for fuel As a result we would save so much more money so also would not need to work full time and pay more taxes. It’s all about money the fat cats up top are just so gready and power hungry it’s not even funny

Spyro 115 : Sounds like humanity will be put to the ultimate test. Will we choose greed and destroy ourselves, or choose compassion and end our impending demise?

Ian Erickson : I am the only person in my family that believes in climate change. They believe in trump HOAX. What is ironic is that we live on the shore. Were doomed

FanmaR : And we're so far in that no solution is going to stop any of this. Only the near-extinction of our pitiful race. Sleep well every one!

elvancor : This feels like asking a sloth to do a summersault in the next 3 seconds or die. It'll look confused, and then it dies.

Jeffrey Garcia : Thanks for reminding me im going to die in the next decade!

AC Fake : again , quickest way to stop pollution , wipe out human on earth .

Just Another Dane : Why not starting to fase out oil and gas subsidies? Remember, it's everybody taxmoney that pays for these...!

Michelle MacDonald : We need to stop thinking of this as something fixed by price tags.. Stop cutting down trees, dropping bombs, treating the oceon like a toilet, mass producing unnecessary goods and spitting out children.. You might actually see some results..

Marty theMartian : 0:24 Just around the corner? Don't be blind, it has already started.

S C : I just don’t care anymore. In the US we have an anti scientific population who either dragged their feet to do something or outright deny this. Maybe we don’t deserve to make it. Let them look to the sky for their god to save them as the flat earth burns down around them. They can console themselves by blaming “liberals.”

EK : HAHA and now look at the new Brazilian president elect. once he gets into office, jair bolsonaro will destroy all of the Amazon. The deforestation rate increased over 1/3 because it was obvious he's gonna win . AND BRAZILIANS ARE SUPPORTING HIM LOL

Rick Hillier : FWIW, I had the pleasure of visiting Resolute Bay, Nunavut during the first week of August 2018 - the height of summer up there. We had snow 4 of the six days we were there. The native plant life has not come out of dormancy for FOUR YEARS straight because of the persistent cold. The polar bears there are numerous, healthy and growing in numbers. I am told by the people living there that this is the case in most other places. The glaciers on Cornwallis Island are either stable or slowly advancing. The northwest passage was choked up with thick pack ice making it nearly impossible to navigate as some poor people on a private yacht discovered about a week after I left. We spent many hours each day flying at low altitude over most of the ice cap and all of Greenland. It is definitely not like the pictures being painted in the media. Before you dismiss this as "anecdotal", know that I am not here to change anyone's opinion, just to document my personal experience in the far north. If you're going to resort to calling me a liar, I would encourage you to follow in my footsteps and then come back and say the same thing. Most of the scientists making these claims of the arctic melting have never been to the far north or even close to the far north. Many have likely never left the comfy confines of their own laboratory or office. I think I will take what my own eyes showed me over what these people say.

Spit Fire : Eh it's not my generation that's gonna have to deal with it *Next generation comes and they say the same thing* And here we are

Brad Scott : Jeezus is coming! Run for your lives! Panic! Grab your hockey sticks! Religious nuts.

jhon macra jokora : Protecting earth is not just for us. It is for every life on this planet. Because intelligence is mixed with desire, and is being held back by instinct, we lost the true purpose of humanity in the ecosystem. Plant feed the worm, bird eat the worm, snake eat the bird. And humans make sure that cycle continues or else, the universe might once again be lifeless and it might never have the perfect opportunity to have life again

PiousMinion : Read ALL of the IPCC report. They also said the global average temp had not increased in ~16 years.

3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399370 : Any way we could speed this up a little bit faster?

Rapier : Call me pessimistic but I honestly don’t think we are gonna be able to stop this disaster. We just don’t have the far sightedness to fix this huge issue.

Vi DerH : Well I just going to ask Mr. Pickles what to do next?

Sázhe M. Epifanne : James Lovelock's book titles for the past decades went from "Earth is beautiful, let's take care of it" to "How to manufacture fireproof armours for humans". That should tell you enough about what the constantly incoming data is saying.

Luke Carlin : And now me and my friends are protesting and my school and most people under 18

september1683 : Here is a report on the threatening ice age (from the year 1974) There is no doubt that the weather is going crazy. In the most comprehensive meteorological operation in history, researchers from 70 nations are currently trying to find out whether the insanity has any method: The Global Atmospheric Research Program (GARP) is to determine whether the planet is facing a new ice age. One thing is certain: It has been getting colder for 30 years. Since 1940, the global average temperature has dropped by 1.5 degrees [Celsius]. Large areas of Canada, which were once ice-free in the summer, are now covered in white frost throughout the year. What has triggered the decline in temperature (which in turn is responsible for most of the other climate changes) is something the GARP scientists are not yet in agreement on. Theories range from the influence of sunspots to the exclusion of solar energy through an environmentally polluted atmosphere. (Wirtschaftswoche, April 28, 1974) [Wirtschaftswoche = german economic trade journal]

Bongo Bass : 2118:alright kiddos today we learn of Denmark the country that sank

Ray Quinn : Save the world. Kill and eat the rich!

Iskaka : Here in norway students are protesting

August Landmesser : And that is rather conservative extrapolation. Some others are less optimistic. www.physics.rutgers.edu/~karin/140/articles/MethaneHydrates.pdf

putheflamesou : United World Youth org, a gen, silence inheritance like 1989 China. The Venus Project for the youth, free the old. . .Age of Irony/Disruption/Nothingness/Truth and the final test

BoomMicGuy : My future looks bright! Can't wait to fight in the great resource war of 2035.

Kritch ify : Climate change is real. Man made global warming is a hoax. The "97% of scientists agree" has been proven false. Was a paper done by an Australian cartoon artist. Governments around the world saw an opportunity to implement more taxes and ran with it.

InvisibleVan : Red pill people realise we are experiencing natural cyclic climate changes that have little to do with these scare tactics. Most so called scientific research on this matter revolve around 10 climate model predictions, all of which have thus far been inaccurate. Those of you who wish can research things like the grand solar minimum, current climate temperature compared to predicted models etc. If you look for doom you find it.....

Bill West : Please don't try to "fix" Earth. Don't build where you'll be killed.

Taven : I feel really bad for the younger generation....

Xavier H : Lol in the US, it's still up for debate. Defund education and bank on the dumb population buying bad arguments. It's really quite effective

18Darkside : I'm sure raising taxes like France will help.

Anthony Morris : It's all about what you're refusing to say. The proven greatest threat to impoverished people is expensive energy, authoritarianism and deprivation of freedom and liberty. The Netherlands even today are below sea level. They are a free, democratic, wealthy capitalist nation. Even without climate change Bangladesh floods and kills 10s of thousands about every 10 years. Bangladesh is not a free, or true democratic, wealthy capitalist nation. Climate change has nothing to do with their flooding, deaths, or their impoverishment.

Kash : What if i told you the big oil companies are funding the climate change studies? I know its crazy

Emil simonsen : I know you need sponsors and all, but honestly it’s a little counter productive to advertise something that did to be shipped to your place :) Either way, very informative and well made video.

Apple Banana : Can we move all the deniers to Florida?

Vasco Ribeiro : We should be dead by now by the 80s standards. Well some did by flooding, landslides, tornados or hurricanes but that's not a big deal.

Amelia S : Politics can't stop you from going vegan. today. It's the single best way. Taste buds are comparatively less important and they adapt.

jsnjcnt : Project on the Oppenhiemer ranch, global cooling

Mirza Shanawaz : That's for the motivation. I will change my way, and I will persuade my friends too! But the problem is politicians don't cooperate us. It's hard, we need full blown movements!