Why the IPCC Report is so Scary

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Second Thought : There are a lot of young people (under 18) in the comments saying they're scared and angry that they were born into the generation that will have to really work to clean up this mess. Stay angry! Do whatever it takes to keep yourself and your friends motivated. Vote as soon as you're able and as often as you can. When your generation comes of age there will be many more young people than the older generations who tend to deny climate change out of political expedience. Vote them out. You guys will lead the way to a brighter future, but only if you stick to your values and really press for the change you want to see.

Thaddeus McCaustland : *Solution: Quit being afraid of nuclear power, and instead spend as much money as you spend on pulling more oil out of the ground and instead put it into research into nuclear power safety, containment, waste reprocessing, and cheaper construction methods. Then combine nuclear power systems with solar and wind generation methods.*

epSos.de : We all would benefit from the *cleaner air in the city.* The sustainable future needs to happen faster :-)

F F : The reason the governments don’t want us to do these things is because they can’t tax us as much money if we live this way grow your own food : they lose on shopping Solar panels : they loose on energy bills Water tanks: can’t charge us for water elec cars : can’t charge us for fuel As a result we would save so much more money so also would not need to work full time and pay more taxes. It’s all about money the fat cats up top are just so gready and power hungry it’s not even funny

African Rule : When the Rabbi that spoke at the white house's recent Hanukkah reception proudly proclaimed he has 11 kids, I recognized this is a lost cause.

Thomas Turner : Planet Earth: soon to be a massive ocean

S C : I just don’t care anymore. In the US we have an anti scientific population who either dragged their feet to do something or outright deny this. Maybe we don’t deserve to make it. Let them look to the sky for their god to save them as the flat earth burns down around them. They can console themselves by blaming “liberals.”

Griffin Peterson : I guess i'll die  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Det._Hoffman : Our world is dominated by the so called "homo economicus" infected by the toxic greed of money and power which doesn't have any remorse but only selfishness. We are doomed

Ray Quinn : Save the world. Kill and eat the rich!

Draz'Gul : And it's the job of my generation to fix this and to deal with the problem

Salty Skeletal : Some ways to help prevent climate change: * Eat less meat (I’m not saying become a vegetarian, just pick a few days out of the week where you skip eating meat for a meal) * Recycle * Carpool or walk whenever you get the chance. * Get LED light bulbs. They last longer than regular bulbs. * Wash clothes in cold water. * Donate clothes instead of throwing it out. * Shave with a safety razor. It’s cheaper and lasts long. * Unplug electronics when they’re not in use. * Stop wasting water. (Leaving the sprinklers on for hours, taking long showers, etc) * Don’t drink bottled water, resort to reusable bottles instead. * Compost. * Ride the bus to school instead of being a car rider whenever you can. I’m in no way saying you’re obligated to do these things, but we have power in numbers and if we all do some of these things we can help beat climate change. This’s where I found most of my ideas https://www.curbed.com/2017/6/7/15749900/how-to-stop-climate-change-actions

peanuttube : Save the Planet. Stop having children.

5000 subscribers with no videos : People also need to understand that when somebody says that the earth's average temperature will raise by 1C, it doesn't mean that you take every location on Earth and add 1C to their average temperatures. Some places on Earth would stay more or less the same in temperature while other areas will increase by a lot more than 1C. And unfortunately, the places that are getting warmer the quickest are the arctic regions. Just because it isn't getting warmer where you live means that other places aren't warming.

Neel - : I'm 11 and I don't know if my generation will even reach age 30

Moon Blast : Humans: We finally solved climate change! Asteroid: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jonathan's Bass and Rhythm Guitar Covers : As a 14 year old, the people before us were all geniuses, but we as a human race became lazy asses. In our future we will just have to be smart about what were doing. Hopefully good things will come out of us.

mchooksis : It wont happen. It is impossible for it to happen. Humans, along with all animals that we share the planet with have evolved to seek food, shelter, and a comfortable life with the sole purpose of reproducing to propagate the next generation. This Biological Imperative is hard wired into us. We love to think that we are in control of our biology and our environment, but we are not. The ecosystem controls us because we have evolved with it. It is right inside of us. We can decide to do a lot, but it is impossible for us to decide to eat less food and have a less comfortable life. "But it wont be like that", you say, "when we have 100% green energy, 100% never ending lab grown food, 100% never ending clothing, 100% ever denser housing to house us etc, !00% complete disconnection from the environment that supports us so that we can control everything in our lives."..... Yes it will, all these things merely allow the present population numbers not only to be maintained, but to keep on rising as we control more things in the environment t to make our lives sustainable. At some point we are going to have to take the hit. The ecosystem has an inbuilt buffer that dictates that when a population outgrows its resources it will take a catastrophic hit. Since Life first began no species has ever avoided this. Humans have avoided it so far by using technology and invention to fire fight everything that arises that puts a break on our expansion Going green, with our wind turbines, laboratory grown food electric cars etc is just another example of this. It will simply make the Human population artificially sustainable for another generation or two. So at some point which generation is going to stop and say "Enough is enough, We will just take the hit so that our children can have a more sustainable and a more pleasant life" Is it going to be ours? Are we going to be the generation to do willingly lie down and take the hit for our children? We have to stop all this fire fighting using greater and greater inventions and technology. Instead we should spend the money saved on preparing for the hit to make it more bearable and survivable for our grandchildren and great grandchildren. Whether we do that or not does not really matter, because sooner or later the hit is coming. It is better to take it sooner and get it over with so that we can start afresh with a better understanding about how to do things properly

Pritsie : Im 31 years old and I have learned this: 1. Don't buy new clothes, get the old ones fixed or trade with others. 2. Don't own a car ( I live in a densely populated country so that is easy for me ). 3. Take a plane once in every five years, no more. 4. Eat less meat and eat less vegetables that need alot of water and work ( avocado's, olives, the good stuff.. ) 5. Don't smoke (any substance) too much, it needs a lot of energy to produce and isnt worth it. 6. Support your (local) government to find alternative energy and vote those people in office. ...There is alot more but this is what I think "we" should do as a consumer. And one day we will wake up in an clean energy driven world where we pray that the sun doesn't fck up our shit..

BOLO : I think that idiot trump should have to watch this instead of watching fox"news"

Debre Szabolcs Attila : This is why you don't elect reality TV-stars for president.

YX Yang : I’m from China, my government don’t need votes, senate meetings or any of the western political crap to start reduce carbon emissions and ban high pollution factories. Start planning your immigration to China while it’s not too late.

Holly : great video! though I feel like there's a little misunderstanding here: 7:00 "even if every single individual did their part, it'd still only be a tiny step in the right direction" that's not correct. you have to realize companies and governments emerge from the sum of those individuals. the decisions of companies as well as governments are dictated first and foremost by demand. if you picture some corrupt, malicious company CEOs or politicians to be the problem's cause, then you channel your energy into the wrong direction. the power and solution lies 100% within the action taken by the individual. for instance, if mainstream awareness about the horrendous impact of animal agriculture is risen (and that is gradually occurring right now), and that reflects in what products people buy and avoid, then the respective companies will adjust their methods rapidly even without changes in legislation.

Alesandros356 : You are misinforming and lying through your teeth to such a degree that i just can't believe it, either that or you are incredibly uninformed, which is ironic since you start of saying "do your research". Sure, if all the ice on greenland melted all at once, it would probably cause significant rises, but IPCC has predicted AT MOST 3 feet before 2100, and 7,5 feet for the next 2000 years, but you are making it sound like it will be like the day after tomorrow, instead of us controlling the sea line like the Netherlands are already doing. And people can ofcourse just move further inlands if necessary. More CO2 in the air causes vegetation to grow in drier and hotter climates, and it causes more rapid growth in general, which is why gardeners pump CO2 in their greenhouses,, more than 1000ppm, to achieve almost 100% increased growth, depending on the plant. This is why we've had our green vegetation increase 14% in the last 30 years, known as global greening, and increased food yields, which we can expect in the future. Also, Malaria is not a tropical disease like most people think, the only reason we don't have it in Europe is because we wiped it out through technology, much of Africa is still dealing with it because they are too poor to do it, not because it's inevitable. People are only vulerable to the envionment because they don't have the infrastructure to protect them. There's hardcore cold and heat in America, and that used to kill, but it doesn't bother people now because they have heating and air condition to deal with it. And as i said before, there's absolutely no reason to believe we'll have reduced crop yield, quite the opposite. The more CO2, the less water required, the longer growing seasons, faster plant growth, the more food. Our food production per land area has increased 3 times in the last 50-60 years alone because of improved machines, GMO's and pesticides. Also, the death caused by natural disasters, such as floods, droughts and earthquakes are lower than they have ever been, despite warnings since the 70's that we'd have 1 billion dead due to famine by 2020, from Paul ehrlich, aswell as saying that England would not exist in 2000. And you're completely ignoring how impossibly useless current renewable technologies are. Wind and solar are hopelessly inefficient, mainly because of the intermittency problem that makes them more inefficient, to such a degree that countries like Denmark and Germany that pushes them hard actually increase their CO2 emission, all while increasing their electric bill to 2,5 times the US, and between 50-100% higer than the rest of Europe. Ofcourse nuclear would be a perfect place to put research investment, but no one wants to even talk about it, probably because they don't want better lives for humans, despite the fact that it's the safest energy source we have, and doesn't release CO2. And this ignores how crushing a ban on coal and oil would be on developing countries that at still just trying to industrialize and get a decent standard of living. about 3 billion people don't have reliable access to electricity, and 450 million are still below the powerty line, though this is turning incredibly quickly thanks to them industrizing. This is just the same fear mongering that Paul Ehrlich started with "the population bomb" in the 70's, every single claim has been false, including acid rain, golf stream stopping, polar bears dying out, antartica melting, more deaths to natural disasters, more drought and floodn explosive increase in population ect. It's what people call a watermelon, green on the outside but red on the inside, because what you actually want is for the government to control every aspect of everyones life, and, exactly like with socialisme, you do it under the disguise of "you owe it to everyone else/your children". It won't solve anything, because if you wanted to actually solve it, you'd push nuclear like there's no tomorrow, but you only want to control people by using fear, as humans have done for hundreds of years.

Julia Coombs : From: "Not My Real Name". Now let me see if I can put my comments into a concise & precise focus (without the Trolls & Deniers jumping down my throat). Personally, I no longer worry about climate change & the forth-coming apocalyptic future. Why you ask? Well, I 'feel' that as a species ("Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens") have 'run their/our course', & as a Species it is now our turn to go extinct. How many times in our vast Galaxy have other intelligent Species come & gone, with "NO" records of their ever being... thousands, millions, etc? So why do we (as Humanity) feel that we are any different than those who have gone before us? We are not any different than those that have (probably) gone before us! As Humanity slowly marches towards it's predictable decline, we Humans will only have ourselves to blame for our ultimate demise. As in the vastness of time, we Humans are but an insignificant 'mote' that will (probably) be missed by none. Maybe one day, an Alien civilization 'might' visit our planet, but by that time all evidence of our Species will be long gone, & no one will ever know our name & works. So I would say in the meantime: live the best life you can in the hear & now; be kind to yourself & others; do no harm; help those who cannot help themselves; & just be nice. Your thoughts?

Goahead : I once had an argument with my coworker here in Arizona. She is against renewable energy wind turbines because they "KILL BIRDS!". I was totally speechless for a rebuttal. In the end, she told me that her husband works for the biggest nuclear power plant in the United States (Palo Verde)! And of course, she voted for Trump! I asked her what is the half-life of plutonium? Of course, she didn't know the answer. It's over 24,000 years!

meh : Carbon tax and dividend. A tax is levied on fossil fuels so the price of goods and services takes into account their cost to the environment, in this case the common good that is the atmosphere’s capacity to hold safe amounts of greenhouse gases. A tariff is put on products from countries that do not have such a system in place. The tax is then refunded to consumers, who now have a direct incentive to choose less polluting options. And businesses have an incentive to use fewer fossil fuels/and or make products that last longer. It can work even if it’s refunded, it just needs to be really high at this point. Not sure how you would tax GHG emissions from other sources than fossil fuels, such as methane from rice production and livestock, nitrous oxide from fertilizers, and carbon dioxide from deforestation. But I don’t think giving tax credits for capturing/sequestering carbon should be a problem.

Yashraj Wadalkar : I don't really know how the Indian government is taking up this challenge. Im an 18year old. Ready to do anything to save the planet.

5000 subscribers with no videos : *There is a huge difference between denying climate change and denying that humans are influencing climate change.*

superjet2771 : Yes folks, feel guilty, helpless and scared That is the plan.

Bob Jones : And we'll probably do nothing about it


5000 subscribers with no videos : 1) Blame 2) Fix the problem *Yeah, 1 sounds a lot better*

Håkan Rohdin : Oh, the irony of someone posting a video about climate change also trying to peddle single-use lenses.. How much greater environmental impact does those have as compared to glasses, 10 times higher? 100 times higher?

The Yangem : Essentially: Humans are joining the ludicrously exclusive club of species that caused mass extinction events.

Upcycle Electronics : Here locally Doheny State Park, one of the most visited state parks/beaches in southern California had to close it's lower parking lot permanently within the last month. The North/South bike path connector is also threatened. This is a main connector cited on most guides for bicycle tourism on the Vancouver to Mexico route, one of the most popular cross country bike tours. I have personally ridden this local route almost every day since 2009. Around 2012 the parking lot and bike path began getting washed out during rare "King Tide" events. Now the path is washed out around once a week despite the state park adding a reinforced rock levy and reconstructing the beach with a bulldozer monthly at this point. Their efforts failed with the car parking lot and turn around about a month ago when a larger tide put the parking lot under so much pressure half of the turn around was lost. This is around a year after the large palm tree outcrop barriers were lost along with the large concrete pads for beach showers, and the water pipes for the bathrooms and showers. This isn't some poorly planned location either the parking lot was a considerable distance from the old shoreline and all of these facilities were constructed 15 to 20 feet above the average high tide surf. Secondly, the biggest change we need in the US immediately is a legislative culture that treats violations against cyclists about like we treat DUI's. About half of the hardcore roadie commuters I know have either been disabled (like me), killed, or are too scared of the dangers to continue the commitment to commute by bicycle. Parking your car and commuting by bike is by far the most effective change any single individual can make right now. Unfortunately many ignorant people have an irrational prejudice against cyclists on the road. They don't understand the technical clothing or their own driving responsibilities, and they react negatively as a result of their frustration/ignorance. Personally I find it remarkable that no one cared about me wearing lycra when I played football, but on a bike they whine with the prejudice of a modern neo-nazi...and yes I'm a clydesdale of a cyclist that also played football. The only solution I see is to make the public aware by creating legislative awareness. If someone drives their car across a bike lane for any reason, regardless of the perceived presence of a cyclist, the fine should be a couple thousand dollars for the first offense. The same or worse should apply for double parking a car. If anyone causes any incident involving a cyclist they should lose their license for a year on the first offence. Cyclist prefer low traffic and slow speed routes that are usually far from the main routes cars take. Any driver should be hyper aware in these places and situations. Unfortunately they are usually the most incompetent in these areas where people generally act more relaxed and less aware of the risk they impose on others. Such a policy would also shift the terrible civil engineering designs that usually abandon cycling infrastructure in the most hazardous areas like intersections. I've been hit by 7 cars. In every instance the car was at fault. I bounced back quickly from all but the last one that broke my neck and left me partially disabled. I can still ride a bike. It's nothing like I did in the past, but I can still ride. Unfortunately I can't sit upright or stand for more than an hour or two a day. I spend 90% of my day laying in bed as a result. There are no excuses for our current driving culture. Our expectations need major readjustments. -Jake

Christine Caney : Bear scat news. The truth is most insects are being killed by Round-up made by Monsantos. Stay angry=stay divided. Don't be fooled, do some research and find the truth like this old woman did.

kenneth johnsen : Because the IPCC changed their data? Again! How can one have faith in IPCC? The IPCC have changed their ways of calculating probability a couple of times recent years, which by calculation, made the earth between 0,5-0,6 degrees celsius warmer (this last report raised earth temperature 0,3 degrees celsius against IPCC political climate target of max 1,5 degrees celsius increase in earth's temperature). This is NOT actual warming, it is: revised numbers re-calculated and changes in time-periods which calculations are made from, and it says so clearly in the report. I am not advocating for or against climate change policies, I am simply putting out the question, can we trust the IPCC? And why does governments says that climate change is the biggest threat to human existence? -Nuclear war, cancer, bioengineered pandemi/biological warfare, AI robotics, fascism, nanotechnology and unknown unknowns are a much bigger and more imminent threats to human existence than climate change...

Predator Productions : ok ,people, every year these scientist say we only have so many years left, being 70 yrs old now,I have lived through all of this scare crap.we were already supposed to be under water from accounts from the 80, y2k,acid rain ,global nuclear war. and so on, climate change always happens, always will, the earth always heals itself and is doing so with current hurricanes and other storms. Please do your own research available even from ipcc and others that show our earth has been warmer than now even less than 2k years ago.

Strinden Doar : a loud minority? if by minority you mean 60% of scientists, including Nobel prize winning scientists then ok I agree!

Apple Banana : Can we move all the deniers to Florida?

Gee Kay : with all this upon us, the outcome of the mid-term elections in the U.S. will be important. Mother Nature and Planet Earth cannot afford climate change deniers like Trump in the WH. Get out and Vote.

2laughandlaugh : Have you ever heard of carbon offsets.....the people who collect these huge offset fees are just watching the money stack up in piles.

Paul Allen : Thank you so much for this video Second Though. Very comprehensive, well planned, and informative. I wish there were more people who understood how dire the situation is.

Sami : I've accepted the fact that i'll die because of climate change

Bongo Bass : 2118:alright kiddos today we learn of Denmark the country that sank

Rory Forbes : You got it wrong from the start. There's no such thing as a scientific consensus. Science isn't conducted by popular vote. All it takes is just one person with the correct answer and all the rest are wrong. There are no runner-ups. Science history is filled with scientists with the wrong answer being popular ... eugenics, peptic ulcers, Mars' canals, plate tectonics, flat earth, geocentric solar system ... and on and on. Once the "consensus" is removed, popularized climate "science"/propaganda fails on all fronts.

John Hagan : If you're curious why people are understandably skeptical, please note that this video is about as far from "science" as you can get. Americans are constantly barraged by marketing, and perhaps the reason that climate science doesn't gain acceptance is that we're especially good at recognizing hype when we hear it. For example, the Greenland ice sheet wouldn't melt completely under any reasonable climate projection, and certainly not with a 2C global temperature increase. This is similar to when the IPCC AR4 said that the Himalayan Glaciers might all melt by 2035. That was a ridiculous claim and was immediately retracted when its source was tracked back to a study that actually predicted 2350. Of course there was also a claim in 2006 by Kevin Trenberth, head of NCAR, that Hurricane Katrina was just the beginning and that massive storms would be striking the US every year due to warming water (climate change). Trenbreth fell silent for the next 10 years as global ACE did not increase (in fact decreased slightly, but not statistically significant), but he reappreared on cue when 2017 finally turned out to be a very active hurricane season. When we had a strong El Nino in 2016 press releases were everywhere saying that the tipping point had finally been reached, but compared to El Nino 1998 temperature only increased by 0.15C. Given that, according to Karl et al., 2015, the temperature trend from 1950-1999 and the trend from 2000-2014 were an identical 1C per century, the increase from one El Nino to the next one over 17 years looks like...1C per century. Note that CO2 emissions increased massively in the early 21st century, mainly due to industrial growth in Asia, so some acceleration should have been apparent, but it wasn't. In addition to those inconvenient truths, even the IPCC admits that sea levels rose more quickly from 1920-1950 than they from 1980-2010. (AR5, WG1, Chapter 3). Everything I'm pointing out comes from mainstream climate literature. I'm not citing any blog posts or fringe scientists. Karl, Trenberth, and the IPCC are fixtures in climate research and reporting, and their own findings demonstrate that there is no observational evidence for a looming crisis.

eggsy : define climate change.... if you mean gobal warming yes its happening if you mean the rate of natural disarsters becoming stronger and getting more common your wrong hurricanes for example have become less common and become weaker in the last 50 years and also electric cars are actualy worse for the invironment because the production of one electic car produces 11TONS OF CARBONDIOXIDE. and around 85% of energy is produced by fossil fuels so the that is worse than petrol cars so.... science

carolineleiden : Has anyone noticed that nobody calls it Global Warming anymore? That is because there has been no warming since 1999. So they changed the name: Climate Change. And change it will: we are heading straight into a new cyclical Mini Ice Age. Once every 400 years. Remember when the London Thames froze over every year? That was 400 years ago. It is due to inactivity of the sun. Called the Grand Solar Minumum. Happens every 400 years, and causes famine and floods and storms. It usually destroys the society of that moment. It caused the end of the Minoan Empire, of the Roman Empire, of the High Middle Ages. And that was with very few people inhabiting Earth. Less than a billion. We are 8 billion now. Almost everybody will starve. Global Warming? I wish!