Why the IPCC Report is so Scary

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Second Thought : There are a lot of young people (under 18) in the comments saying they're scared and angry that they were born into the generation that will have to really work to clean up this mess. Stay angry! Do whatever it takes to keep yourself and your friends motivated. Vote as soon as you're able and as often as you can. When your generation comes of age there will be many more young people than the older generations who tend to deny climate change out of political expedience. Vote them out. You guys will lead the way to a brighter future, but only if you stick to your values and really press for the change you want to see.

elvancor : This feels like asking a sloth to do a summersault in the next 3 seconds or die. It'll look confused, and then it dies.

Phrancis5 : Free market capitalism is driven by personal greed and externalizing your costs to the environment or other people is an easy way to make a profit. It's "un-American" to criticize capitalism and admitting that AGW is real means having to accept changes for the greater good, which sounds like socialism. That means radical changes in how we produce food, power our cities, and transportation, which becomes a limitation on our personal freedoms and therefore is also "un-American". I'm a proud American (and former Republican), but I'm sick of this selfish right-wing nationalistic interpretation of what American is. When did common sense, decency, and objective facts become a liberal conspiracy? Millennials and POC, GET OUT AND VOTE NEXT MONTH!

Elodie Dinkelberg : Some advice from a Psychology student: I think many people will be reluctant to click on this video because the title and thumbnail arouse fear and people simply don’t want to feel that. Maybe include something optimistic about potential solutions in the title/thumbnail? EDIT: For those concerned about the accuracy of this claim, please see Ruiter, R. A., Kessels, L. T., Peters, G. J. Y., & Kok, G. (2014). Sixty years of fear appeal research: Current state of the evidence. International journal of psychology, 49(2), 63-70. https://onlinelibrary-wiley-com.proxy.library.uu.nl/doi/full/10.1002/ijop.12042

The Boy Who Cried YouTube : Yo..... I’m only 15. I’m freaking terrified of the future now.

Thomas Turner : Planet Earth: soon to be a massive ocean

Evergrand : what if this is this great filter? this could be humanity's test of survival.

oldschoolman 144 : The narrative of constant growth and expansion and use of natural resources is unsustainable.

Hoodrat :D : what if we put air conditioners around the ice so it won't melt

Salty Skeletal : Some ways to help prevent climate change: * Eat less meat (I’m not saying become a vegetarian, just pick a few days out of the week where you skip eating meat for a meal) * Recycle * Carpool or walk whenever you get the chance. * Get LED light bulbs. They last longer than regular bulbs. * Wash clothes in cold water. * Donate clothes instead of throwing it out. * Shave with a safety razor. It’s cheaper and lasts long. * Unplug electronics when they’re not in use. * Stop wasting water. (Leaving the sprinklers on for hours, taking long showers, etc) * Don’t drink bottled water, resort to reusable bottles instead. * Compost. * Ride the bus to school instead of being a car rider whenever you can. I’m in no way saying you’re obligated to do these things, but we have power in numbers and if we all do some of these things we can help beat climate change. This’s where I found most of my ideas https://www.curbed.com/2017/6/7/15749900/how-to-stop-climate-change-actions

Draz'Gul : And it's the job of my generation to fix this and to deal with the problem

Thaddeus McCaustland : *Solution: Quit being afraid of nuclear power, and instead spend as much money as you spend on pulling more oil out of the ground and instead put it into research into nuclear power safety, containment, waste reprocessing, and cheaper construction methods. Then combine nuclear power systems with solar and wind generation methods.*

meh : Carbon tax and dividend. A tax is levied on fossil fuels so the price of goods and services takes into account their cost to the environment, in this case the common good that is the atmosphere’s capacity to hold safe amounts of greenhouse gases. A tariff is put on products from countries that do not have such a system in place. The tax is then refunded to consumers, who now have a direct incentive to choose less polluting options. And businesses have an incentive to use fewer fossil fuels/and or make products that last longer. It can work even if it’s refunded, it just needs to be really high at this point. Not sure how you would tax GHG emissions from other sources than fossil fuels, such as methane from rice production and livestock, nitrous oxide from fertilizers, and carbon dioxide from deforestation. But I don’t think giving tax credits for capturing/sequestering carbon should be a problem.

Librem-n897 : How about if we stop blaming and start fixing the problem?

Grant Chapman : There’s this place me and my friends would always go to called glacier park because it had a ton of glaciers. Had. Now it has one the size of a car.

Debre Szabolcs Attila : This is why you don't elect reality TV-stars for president.

Griffin Peterson : I guess i'll die  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Chackobrack : "looks at mars"

Carlone : Why don't we all just leave our refrigerators open???

AboxoroxRoxursox : Nah, sounds great but in reality the GOP and corporate Dem voters just shrug it off. One side is living in non reality and believes in sky fairies and the corporate Dem voters live in a projected fantasy world where it's all rainbows and butterfly's. When climate change is absolutely non debatable, they will refused to critically think or object and just pretend all is well. Two giant portions of American voter are totally disconnected and majority of people under 32 are screaming to be let out of this insanity.

Moon Blast : Humans: We finally solved climate change! Asteroid: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Evan Devin : Climate change deniers: iTs tHe IlLuMiNaTe

Sim Salabim : I have bad news everyone. Ships can't be powered by electricity. Large ships hold millions of gallons of fuel and eat tons every hour to move the massive things. This can't be done on a battery or fuel cell. One large ship creates as much pollution as 10 million cars. TEN MILLION. And there's nothing we can do about it, except making them nuclear like aircraft carriers are. But who will bear the costs and other risks associated with nuclear going widespread? Our answer is: going nuclear, no doubt.

Holly : great video! though I feel like there's a little misunderstanding here: 7:00 "even if every single individual did their part, it'd still only be a tiny step in the right direction" that's not correct. you have to realize companies and governments emerge from the sum of those individuals. the decisions of companies as well as governments are dictated first and foremost by demand. if you picture some corrupt, malicious company CEOs or politicians to be the problem's cause, then you channel your energy into the wrong direction. the power and solution lies 100% within the action taken by the individual. for instance, if mainstream awareness about the horrendous impact of animal agriculture is risen (and that is gradually occurring right now), and that reflects in what products people buy and avoid, then the respective companies will adjust their methods rapidly even without changes in legislation.

g1038385 : We're screw, we're man, we're self-destructive species. That's why God doesn't bother to kill us we do it ourselves.

Tedster : I'm not gonna lie this comment section is horrible. I think the point of the video is getting misguided. We're as one species whether you like it or not. Just because one country has contributed more doesn't mean they are to blame. Just because they're an economic powerhouse that is only sustained by what is the worst for our world. Arguing and pointing blame at these countries won't solve anything. We adapt and survive, but only if the majority of us work together. Make the right decisions and stand up with everyone else is the only way to make a change. Standing back hoping that it will all "blow past" and everything will be okay is not the option.

Jessey Ellis : Climate change deniers 10 years ago: "it's a hoax, the climate isn't changing" Climate change deniers today "okay, so it's not a hoax, but it definitely isn't man made" Climate change deniers in the future "oh no, we should have done something" or ☠☠ dead. You might laugh at people who want to stop climate change. But we're not the ones racing towards a red light.

Richard Cantin : We don’t have our priorities in order. Well it doesn’t matter. One day nothing will exist. A turtle fart will be just as relevant as a presidential speech on our planet. Society as a whole will not adapt or evolve. Keep shopping

IThinkWithMy Dick : Make the earth a safe place for future generations: BY NOT HAVING FUTURE GENERATIONS! Go antinatalist!

Goahead : I once had an argument with my coworker here in Arizona. She is against renewable energy wind turbines because they "KILL BIRDS!". I was totally speechless for a rebuttal. In the end, she told me that her husband works for the biggest nuclear power plant in the United States (Palo Verde)! And of course, she voted for Trump! I asked her what is the half-life of plutonium? Of course, she didn't know the answer. It's over 24,000 years!

Matthew Ryan : To the helpless feeling folks: 1. Go vegan 2. Buy as many solar panels as you can afford 3. Buy a car that gets 50 or more mpg 4. Grow as much of your own food as you can 5. Vote all Democrat (Unfortunately, the Green party has a 0% chance of winning anything, but voting Blue is far less evil than Red)

Kilercrab321 : Who would have guessed that capitalism and capitalists are committing egregious crimes against humanity and should be flayed alive for this crime.

OVXX : it has to be done but its NOT GOING TO

GreenMonkeySam : The newest South Park episode is scarier than I thought. I viewed it as satirical comedy, but it's actually horror.

Bob Jones : And we'll probably do nothing about it

The Benjo : You do realize that there is no way to stop climate change without killing all humans

septembermannen : Fearmongers. C02 follows temperature, the sun raises temperature. C02 used to be much higher when people where nonexistent. Climate change is a natural thing. If you believe this stupid vid then go live as we did 500 yrs ago. Get rid of the pc, telephone, tv, cars, heaters, ac, showers, plastics, medication etc. Good luck.

Gadge Schwahl : You guys said the world was supposed to be flooded by 1990. Then it was 2000,then 2010 maybe just maybe people don't believe you anymore

Sgt. Hoffman : Our world is dominated by the so called "homo economicus" infected by the toxic greed of money and power which doesn't have any remorse but only selfishness. We are doomed

BoomMicGuy : My future looks bright! Can't wait to fight in the great resource war of 2035.

Jacob Brown : So I remember when in 1990s 2008 was predicted as the year all hell will break loose. So, in 12 years (2030) when this stuff does not happen, will you consider that this 'scary stuff' might not be true?

StumpMoto : The bad thing about wind farms, and solar farms is that they both take up large amounts of land, and are unreliable due to weather patterns and geography. Nuclear is the future no doubt. Even if we changed the power grid, and all vehicles to ev or hydrogen; it's going to nothing. Minning and processing of materials for batteries used in vehicles like Teslas, Prius, Volt, etc... Is just as bad if not worse than a average life span of standard SUV. The reason being is the land being ripped up from minning, and the amount of energy to process and transport the material to make the batteries. Also, if we dont take high care of managing nuclear material for nuclear plants, and the location of the plants. It's going to worse than normal plants, and we all have witnessed this twice. Knowing this, I am concerned about trusting companies with that high of responsibilities. Especially when companies lie and goverment care little to take care of Oil Spills in the Golf of Mexico since 2004. 14 years, and they havent fixed an on going Oil Spill. Three different administrations we voted for, and little done to fix the problem and did little to report it until now. So theres that. It's just a huge cluster fuck for everyone and everything. Theres no good answer because the infinit amount of variables.

Darren Holcomb : "A person has already been born who will die due to catastrophic failure of the planet" . . . The Newsroom. I won't bother even having children. Theres simply no point.

2laughandlaugh : Have you ever heard of carbon offsets.....the people who collect these huge offset fees are just watching the money stack up in piles.

Major Gojira : 2118:alright kiddos today we learn of Denmark the country that sank

SuperGroob : LMAO... this is one of the funniest videos I've seen in quite a while! The world is getting warmer. The water will get deeper. The screams will get louder. Deal with it. There's nothing you can do about it. Can you stop an Avalanche after it's started? Can you stop a Tsunami when it's already hurtling towards you? Can you stop a Volcano once it's spewing lava? Can you stop a woman from nagging?

Oskar Ngo : The world is over populated; especially with too many poor people. Climate change is just nature’s way to reduce the excess population. So in the long run if you really want to save the planet; save ecosystems; save animals; continue to burn MORE fossil fuel- that is the Only real way to reduce enough of the ~7 Billion population. That is the Sad but Real Truth that nobody talks about!! All this talk about about lifestyle change; eating less meat; driving less; etc; is nonsense.

LeafTreez : What a great time to be a young adult studying architecture! People wonder why most young people don't support the Trump Administration who will do nothing about this. We have to live through this, we have to fix this.

TacoTacoTacoTaco : Private vehicles make up so little of fossil fuels when compared to everything else. . . If everyone stopped driving it would not help. Stop saying this.

Apple Banana : Can we move all the deniers to Florida?