Echo co co - Jack Stauber

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小さな鶏Gallito : im scareddd :( hold my hand jack

Mr.Pat : I feel like this video has existed for all of time, but only now has been seen by mankind.

Kokoboi : This makes me nostalgic for an era I've never lived in

Kevin Le : This made my ears moist.

Good Boy : You better do an editing tutorial sometime or I'll tell mom

Toasty Nerd : Oh sweet A new ringtone

NeoCallie : You make my panic attacks a little more better :)

Cheese Blowjob : It's the year 2145, the world has been annihilated by nuclear destruction, the English language has almost died out, a group of savages find Jack's tapes with his music on them and begin to rebuild society

Biscuit Sensei : “Jack Stauber added a new—“ SAY NO MORE

Simon Richards : A N T I - D O L L

tannerin : hey the old state no! begin soiling no! begin soiling open sky and great reply gaming, fasting, then die who could be the same? would it be my name?

RobotUnderscore : jack how on earth do you make these so fast

Cobalt Cab : love it when you do the 3D model stuff

Policeman Planet : ssSTTAYAYAYAAA

Ducks in mah books : This is what drugs feel like.

Peachinne : this makes me strangely happy

The Shwaznut/ Scar/Faultyspark : Remember kids, science isn't about why, it's about why not

lydia : this is what hipster heaven looks like

ev kim : So many friggin uploads I’m in heaven

milky : 😍😍 every single time you upload I know my day’s gonna be infinitely better and I’m going to have something stuck in my head until the next upload!

Colin the Rook Main : Damn, this is trance-like.

scleuse : How can someone be so talented at 2D Animation,3D Animation,Music and Making videos like this? Jack Stauber is so amazing...

BSC0TCH : good golly

ツGabriela : Thanks for sharing your songs with us, Jack. I really love them, and I enjoyed this one a lot <3

Aubrey L : Another beautifully haunting song and video!! 💕 Thank you, Jack!

Dennis Akaeze : I don’t think the mainstream is ready for you yet

Ryan : Baby Fingers

I DID GT : I came to the revelation last night that whatever music I make and lyrics I write there will always be a little bit of Jack in it. He's had such an influence on my style.

OmlCoby : The baby S P O O K S me

Brooke Horne : Thanks for making my anxiety worse. Thanks dude. :)

Powering Creativity : THE BABY AND THE T POSING MAN ARE GODS *smashes head against table*


SOLAR GHOST : Oh my god that doll is ....... AMAZING

Ani's Trash Can : That no eye effect was cool.

Mellun : the thumbnail scared me for a second but i ended up enjoying another bop by my favorite person

Theo _ : Is this a death stranding trailer?

bazinga : Do you make all the art and visuals yourself? Its really pleasing and mesmerizing to watch!

Rebecca Ball : Love

geesus : that baby disturbs me in a weirdly good way _h e l p_

Bunkey The Monkey : 0:09 6B baby finding out about it's 6B powers

landon ferley : Love me

Wren Nichole : Why is my child in this video

Eat Anus : Stuff like this causes me to hallucinate. I still won't stop watching it though.

Damien Haze : Your eyes are their own individual entities I swear

Soy Swimrex : So perfect. Like always

Great Names For Great People : Woah oah oah whats ats ats going oing oing on n n? ? ?

steph nie : the amount work that must go into these is so incredible it just leaves me in awe

foxy minecraft : I need a full version of this because i'm in love with this video.

Batch-Of-Pengus : s q u e als

Neko ōkami : I love watching these they make my day (I love it😊)