Echo co co - Jack Stauber

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小さな鶏Gallito : im scareddd :( hold my hand jack

Kevin Le : This made my ears moist.

Toasty Nerd : Oh sweet A new ringtone

Kokoboi : This makes me nostalgic for an era I've never lived in

Mr.Pat : I feel like this video has existed for all of time, but only now has been seen by mankind.

That kid From YouTube : A N T I - D O L L

NeoCallie : You make my panic attacks a little more better :)

Policeman Planet : ssSTTAYAYAYAAA

Ducks in mah books : This is what drugs feel like.

Good Boy : You better do an editing tutorial sometime or I'll tell mom

Biscuit Sensei : “Jack Stauber added a new—“ SAY NO MORE

Cobalt Cab : love it when you do the 3D model stuff

graphic organizer : this makes me strangely happy

WaterwayWorker W. L. : Damn, this is trance-like.

BSC0TCH : good golly

Spicy : 😍😍 every single time you upload I know my day’s gonna be infinitely better and I’m going to have something stuck in my head until the next upload!

Diego jackanape : Yep this is weird...and I love it

lydia : this is what hipster heaven looks like


Cheese Blowjob : It's the year 2145, the world has been annihilated by nuclear destruction, the English language has almost died out, a group of savages find Jack's tapes with his music on them and begin to rebuild society

RobotUnderscore : jack how on earth do you make these so fast

Fry Boiled Ghostie : I love your videos! And your song are amazing!!

tannerin : hey the old state no! begin soiling no! begin soiling open sky and great reply gaming, fasting, then die who could be the same? would it be my name?

ev kim : So many friggin uploads I’m in heaven

Soy Swimrex : So perfect. Like always

jen ! : your videos make me happy

Aubrey L : Another beautifully haunting song and video!! 💕 Thank you, Jack!

landon ferley : Love me

NOSHUA : I always get so excited when you release a new video

ok : Baby Fingers

Batch-Of-Pengus : s q u e als

Emily Green : ur face calms me

mcnuggets are great : Love it!

gregory mincey : wonderful

Spoutlout Webe : Thanks for making my anxiety worse. Thanks dude. :)

ツGabriela : Thanks for sharing your songs with us, Jack. I really love them, and I enjoyed this one a lot <3

SOLAR GHOST : Oh my god that doll is ....... AMAZING

Rebecca Ball : Love

The Shwaznut/ Scar/Faultyspark : Remember kids, science isn't about why, it's about why not

Luke Rainforth : 0:20

Oodles Of Noodles 123 : Love it!!!! 😍

MrHomestarJughead : You sir have my respect

악천 : Nice!

Brae - Brae Productions : An echo is the only echo I echo about when it’s time to echo

Damien Haze : Your eyes are their own individual entities I swear

Kahzu : yes good very

theGAMEgeek Cosplay and more : I took her to my penthou

Brady Stanga : Cool

Mwer Keller : Yet another miracle!

CobsterWusHere : The baby S P O O K S me