A cheetah gets outrun by a human

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Jeroen Tel : Still makes me crack up every time! :-)

_Jaydee_ : lmao this me running from pitbulls in my neighborhood

Ezequiel Ortega : omg how he do that, this is my new motivation, I'm gonna watch this every morning before I go to the gym now

James Smith : lol well done almost real

T T : I remember watching this in 2008 when I was like 6 lol

the little indominus rexy : fake

alex glew : lol

Natalie Ali : Hey that was so fake first a vol he could not be running and then pick up a gizel second a vol the cheeta would have ate him

A Blind JayFeather : 0:13 When your friend has to get to school quicker than the bully.

DancingwithJaric Mackinely : !FAKE! Sketchers Ad Other People Who Think Its Real Bruh?

Be smart : Lmao cheetah was running slowly

Jason And Jamirah so savage : He pick up the gazzele

Mordecai : That Face Tho

Chu Johnny : Really?

Alex Bali : Obviously fake, the antelope would struggle, not keep running in the air

Mr.FireGod-San : junk so fake

mainmedic : Fake and gay!

Tamias Antoine : This is fake and stupid

stingerrules : This isn't fake. I outrun cheetahs all the time. You all just need to lose some weight.

laima : Its fake bicause a man canot run that fast

Muhammad Syafiq : 0:20 What the F**K !!!?

Jose Rojas : Lie

Johnny Rocket : Usain Bolt xD

funnyman : nice cg bro

Julian : I can pick up my 60kg little brother like that.

Calvin Streicher : Who cares if its fake its soo funny

Joshua Johnson : Chuck Norris...

bbsale uk : no shit sherlock how did you come up with this

Rhiannon Wiley : Fake

hitmontop16 : I saw the gazelle look back at the cheetah while it was being held.

Spidyspy Zing : Ooo! Hahaha. Like the way he picks that impala. Like some kind of purse

Spadizzle92891 : chuck norris jokes suck

vasquez3104 : Hahahaha.

Tethren : It's obviously fake - there is no way he could have picked up that antelope so easily.. :)

KronosHQ : no my brother didn't know

SuperYomegaman : Do u actually think this is real?


ReasonX X : The Chuck Norris comments are really starting to annoy me. Every youtube vid I see has a thousand "chuck norris could do that" or similar comments and they still all get 300 likes

lck79 : no one, and i mean no one dare to steal from chuck norris.

Kaitlyn Gwynn : Omfg!!!!! I know this is fake but this is just ficking ammmaaazzzzzzziiinnnnbggggg!!!! Made my life -3 stupid vids FTW!!!

senses78 : No fake. Just Chuck Norris !

jasomaso08 : Are people really stupid this is FAKE!!

Billy Brennan : Of course it's fake fucking idiot's.

Ryan Connaughton : @TheNewboyz120 Are you fucking serious?

mithras1001 : I dont know whats more funny, this video or the fact that some people think its real. what a bunch of twats.

KronosHQ : i seriously don't know what to say some one help it this fake or real?

Shteve : @HighlightHawkeye Kenyans aren't sprinters dumbass, they're long distance runners.

Francesco Fakhoury : no shit this fake xD but its a great french commercial LOL

Nikolas Linardos : xaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Jesse : @Hardstyleshuffler702 yeah, thats called a cheetah, not a tiger.