Tell me again why you don't blow out the candles?

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SockBomb : Wow so smart! Can't believe this guy is 3 years old!

Philip Zeplin : I like this guy.

Gran's Stuff : For some reason i dont know, i think this guy would do great as an actor

Rich Homie Quan Chi : some kids gonna try this and is gonna miss time the slap and is gonna smack the cake into everyone

/-\ : lol camera guy sang "to me"

Penguin : now you have dead skin cells all over your cake

ProfessorAcid : With my luck I would accidentally smacked the cake and have that shit flying across the room

Jin Kazama : He's got a point.

Wolf Man Lyken : *The Pimp Hand Is Strong In This One.*

TheUnderGroundEra : Ellen is probably gonna give him a lifetime supply of candles and Germ-x

Wolfgang Icarus : except you talked over your cake and probably got some microscopic spits all over the cake. You just can't win. Best thing is to never have birthday party

Ad N : Plot twist : he used the hand to cover his sneeze and cough before doing that

CharlesRexBeedy : It's videos like this is what Youtube should be all about. lol

Un Crit Valent : Now Ellen will give him a lifetime supply of birthday candles...

Joe Rideout : Well this does not work for the lip smackers who spit when they talk. Say it dont spray it on my cake

gigefrog : Please do more of this seinfeld from boston observational comedy

Chris : Waiting for the "Here comes Ellen with her lifetime supply of ...." comments

In-N-Out : Is he a firefighter?

georgyorgy2 : This is the Chuck Norris of germ fighting

Baccus93 : I hope you washed your hand(s) before doing that.

Adam T. : yea there's germs on your hands and dead skin cells fly onto the cake, don't lie :)

In-N-Out : Robert Duvall?

itsBreezy : I always thought about that too! Why would you blow over cake that people are going to eat! Lol. But this is funny!

limitbreak32 : happy birthday old man hope you had a good one

3rdEye2020 : *Unfortunately, his long winded explanation spoken directly over the cake, spread an equal amount of (if not more) germs than simply blowing out the candles.*

greed fox : what about the millions of bacteria and skin cells that fall off your hand?

Mark Bradley : Yeah, tell them grandpa! Live long and prosper!

Aya Ahmed : Okay then let the party guests have poop particles from your hands instead

Craig Buhler : Some Shady product placement I see from our friends over at Breyers. Sorry guys I only do blue bell.

AnimeMangaViewer : You breathe in more germs than you eat

Luis Salazar : You just waved your hands full of germs over the cake tho...

tsJimBob : Yeah... I'd find a way to screw that up

Twisticles : Ellen, here you come. Wonder what'll be his gift.

Boeing : Now theirs wax on the cake from the amount of time you spent making your point

KatyPeezy : Adults generally dont blow out candles... I know I havent in at least 15 years... that said... children spreading germs to each other is actually a good thing as it improves their immune systems... so yeah... its ACTUALLY a good thing that we shouldnt stop. :P

Dylan Ray : did that same exact thing for the same exact reason on 10 years ago. family looked at me like I was off in the head.

Lord Cal : He kinda reminds me of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation

PowerPro : This guy speaks like every one word is a sentence.

bruce wayne : no germs , dead skin cells though....

Diego Jimenez : He's probably just too old to blow the candles out

El Negrito : I blow my candles out by farting on them

Domino PianoMusic : New way, good way but no way !

Manuel Rodriguez : Knock the cake off the table if it was anyone else.

AntiqueWhitePanties : what if theres poo on the hand

Hamto : this guy is full with wisdom (☞゚∀゚)☞

JessyReya : Tbh I'm going to do this for now on 😂😂😂

Rioma : begin the revolution!

Emily Rodriguez : this guy is a goddamn genius

Jehad Faleh : What a classy guy lol

citrusfirefly : Slay