Tell me again why you don't blow out the candles?

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Gran's Stuff : For some reason i dont know, i think this guy would do great as an actor

ProfessorAcid : With my luck I would accidentally smacked the cake and have that shit flying across the room

Nin : lol camera guy sang "to me"

Wolf Man Lyken : *The Pimp Hand Is Strong In This One.*

SockBomb : Wow so smart! Can't believe this guy is 3 years old!

Jin Kazama : He's got a point.

Rich Homie Quan Chi : some kids gonna try this and is gonna miss time the slap and is gonna smack the cake into everyone

Penguin : now you have dead skin cells all over your cake

Baccus93 : I hope you washed your hand(s) before doing that.

Aya Ahmed : Okay then let the party guests have poop particles from your hands instead

Angel Ice : yea there's germs on your hands and dead skin cells fly onto the cake, don't lie :)

In-N-Out : Is he a firefighter?

3rdEye2020 : *Unfortunately, his long winded explanation spoken directly over the cake, spread an equal amount of (if not more) germs than simply blowing out the candles.*

tsJimBob : Yeah... I'd find a way to screw that up

Luis Salazar : You just waved your hands full of germs over the cake tho...

CharlesRexBeedy : It's videos like this is what Youtube should be all about. lol

Ad N : Plot twist : he used the hand to cover his sneeze and cough before doing that

citrusfirefly : Slay

Marc Viera : oh I forgot to tell you I just finished jerking off

Craig Buhler : Some Shady product placement I see from our friends over at Breyers. Sorry guys I only do blue bell.

Philip Zeplin : I like this guy.

In-N-Out : Robert Duvall?

Twisticles : Ellen, here you come. Wonder what'll be his gift.

itsBreezy : I always thought about that too! Why would you blow over cake that people are going to eat! Lol. But this is funny!

Joe Rideout : Well this does not work for the lip smackers who spit when they talk. Say it dont spray it on my cake

gigefrog : Please do more of this seinfeld from boston observational comedy

KatyPeezy : Adults generally dont blow out candles... I know I havent in at least 15 years... that said... children spreading germs to each other is actually a good thing as it improves their immune systems... so yeah... its ACTUALLY a good thing that we shouldnt stop. :P

Berta Lovejoy : What a miserable, begrudging and sexist male. Why can't you let the female enjoy her birthday cake without trying to take all the enjoyment away? She should be blowing out her own candles, but instead you wave your filthy ape hands over the cake spreading 2X chromosome germs everywhere. This is why males should be made wear hygiene gloves at all times. They put their filthy paws down their pants, both front and back, before smelling and licking their fingers. And now they want to wave those germ shovels over our birthday cakes? Sick. Berta Lovejoy, Feminist, Promoter of Equality, Love and Peace.

AnimeMangaViewer : You breathe in more germs than you eat

limitbreak32 : happy birthday old man hope you had a good one

greed fox : what about the millions of bacteria and skin cells that fall off your hand?

Domino PianoMusic : New way, good way but no way !

PowerPro : This guy speaks like every one word is a sentence.

AwesomeGuy : no one wants dried up cum on their cake tho

JessyReya : Tbh I'm going to do this for now on 😂😂😂

Hamto : this guy is full with wisdom (☞゚∀゚)☞

AntiqueWhitePanties : what if theres poo on the hand

Emily Rodriguez : this guy is a goddamn genius

Ryu Hayubusa : He kinda reminds me of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation

Dylan Ray : did that same exact thing for the same exact reason on 10 years ago. family looked at me like I was off in the head.

Diego Jimenez : He's probably just too old to blow the candles out

Jehad Faleh : What a classy guy lol

Boeing : Now theirs wax on the cake from the amount of time you spent making your point

Rioma : begin the revolution!

Wamy Ram : The germs from your hand fly into the cake

Manuel Rodriguez : Knock the cake off the table if it was anyone else.

Hugh Janus : thats dumb. im guessing he never kisses anyone or stands within 5 feet of anyone and also wears an oxygen mask at all times. theres also a difference between spitting and blowing. your body can naturally fight off the small amount of germs from blowing

TheUnderGroundEra : Ellen is probably gonna give him a lifetime supply of candles and Germ-x

Chris : Waiting for the "Here comes Ellen with her lifetime supply of ...." comments

John Smith : thats a stupid argument I mean my family shoves the birthday person's face into the cake and we still eat it