Tell me again why you don't blow out the candles?

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Gran's Stuff : For some reason i dont know, i think this guy would do great as an actor

ProfessorAcid : With my luck I would accidentally smacked the cake and have that shit flying across the room

Ashley Bee : lol camera guy sang "to me"

SockBomb : Wow so smart! Can't believe this guy is 3 years old!

Rich Homie Quan Chi : some kids gonna try this and is gonna miss time the slap and is gonna smack the cake into everyone

Ecliipse : now you have dead skin cells all over your cake

Baccus93 : I hope you washed your hand(s) before doing that.

joshua payne : Been to well over 100 birthday parties in my life, never been sick from "candle blowing germs". I call bullshit.

Wolf Man Lyken : *The Pimp Hand Is Strong In This One.*

Philip Zeplin : I like this guy.

Jin Kazama : He's got a point.

gigefrog : Please do more of this seinfeld from boston observational comedy

KatyPeezy : Adults generally dont blow out candles... I know I havent in at least 15 years... that said... children spreading germs to each other is actually a good thing as it improves their immune systems... so yeah... its ACTUALLY a good thing that we shouldnt stop. :P

pocket monkey : I don't have the hand-eye coordination for this bullshit.

Sascha Mark : You are so American.

TheUnderGroundEra : Ellen is probably gonna give him a lifetime supply of candles and Germ-x

J4KE : I want him to be my dad

Just a Youtuber : What's wrong with having Germans? You sure are racist.

Wolfgang Icarus : except you talked over your cake and probably got some microscopic spits all over the cake. You just can't win. Best thing is to never have birthday party

YaBoii Mike : So many triggered people here and I’m over here dying of laughter

Jayyy Zeee : That's a genius idea! I think this could catch on!! By the way, aren't mustaches a breeding ground for germs?

MissMaria AndHerToys : the best is when all the kids take turns and half are with a runny nose, as every one enjoys the moment

JohnnyReiTV : This called "A hand blow".

BadTPS : Say it don't spray it

333puggles333 : I think your dad may be an airbender

d00kies : yeah maybe if you go *PFFTTBPTTBTFFFTSTPBT* all over it

Bobby Yamamoto : I've done and said the exact same thing.

jigglymabob : dad is buff

Beat Cypher : what if that was just tradition in the future.. everyone just did that instead of blowing on a cake.. no heads being smashed in cakes.

Sean Bennett : Thanks for waving your germs over my cake dad!

jake berry : To bad his fear of germs gave him a weak immune system so I'm going to lick his fork when he is not looking and give him Ebola.

Rickard Carlsson : sharing germs creates immunity doenst it?

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Bob Hare : I usually pass on the cake at parties for this reason. Or remove the icing !

evensar : Well, maybe the sperm on his right hand got on the cake. Because washing after wanking is for pussys. Oh well!

nullpointer66 : i thought snot and saliva is part of the flavor

Psycrow : HAhah germz..becauce they are Germanz haha

Bill Bingham : But since you can't have your cake and eat it too, there's no risk of getting sick.

Will D : Twat

Ashvini Khandekar : good trick

dave2large : Try that when you hit 50 smart guy! You're gonna need a bigger or faster hand.

Stargazed Reality : Thought he was gonna smack that glass of the table, very disappointing.

MissiTofu : The dad-est dad ever

Mariusz J : That's a bit silly and overreactive but the dad is too likeable to even bother explaining how this is a non-issue since we're bombarded by germs everyday everywhere and our immune systems take care of everything. Happy Birthday to the overly concerned dad!

Manny Perez : but you do spray germs like that also :(

TheAGCteam : He's the real MVP.

Michael Deane : happy 3rd bday you big baby

footytang : Just so you know, the main way to get sick is from germs on your hands and then touching your eyes because it absorbs into the bloodstream through all the soft tissue and tear ducts in your eyes. Ingesting the common cold would have almost 0% chance of catching it.

ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose : Oh for goodness sake. If you could see how many "germs" are in your house which you track in with your feet, blowing on a cake seems ridiculous. You are haunted with fantasies. Sugar is a preservative anyway. Do you know why sugar in your cabinet doesn't mold?