I carve a pencil from a pencil from a pencil (pencil inception)

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Has science gone too far? I think it may have. I hope you enjoy......."Pencil Inception" Share with your friends Love you guys :) Instagram @bobbydukearts Twitter @bobbydukeart

Comments from Youtube

xM.E : Is it me or does the pencil look longer

Oh Yeah : Friend: Can I borrow a pencil? Me: *snaps off end*

MoonFlux : Do not know why it was in my recommended. But I am not disappointed.

The L Delivery Man : So you had a chance to use the word “penception” and chose not to use it

Alp Gürek : T H E Y D I D A S U R G A R Y O N A P E N C I L

Chipettes eat Chips : Stranger: so what do you do in your free time? This guy:

Amy Xiloj Cecilio : 1999: We will have flying cars in the future 2019: *_*this*_*

Areee Ash : Dad: 0:00-6:13 Dad: puts it on a shelf Dad: goes to the bathroom Son: oooo cool pencil. Can i take it for school? Son: *grabs the pencil, starts playing with it* Son: *drops the pencil* Son: oops sorry dad, can you plz make another one for me? Dad: *comes out of the bathroom* Dad: *sees the broken pencil* Dad: *stares at the pencil for straight up 5 minutes with wide open eyes and heavy breathing* Dad: *has a panic attack* Dad: *kills son* Dad: *runs away and never stops* Legend says the father is still running to this day. RIP unknown kid. Sorry im crazy Edit: HOLYYYYY MOLLYYYYYY WTF HOW SO MANY LIKES OMG THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!!!! Edit 2: omg guys chill its just a comment wuts wrong wif u ppl 😥😂😂😂 LMFAO

GamersMark3 : Is it just me or am i having HowToBasic vibes on 0:33

Jacob Martinez : _This is beyond science_

mood : They did surgery on a pencil

Nadia :3 : Job Interviewer: So, what would you say is your greatest achievement? Me:

Antonia Pt : bro i can’t even use a sharpener without breaking my pencil 73828 times how can ur hands do that, tell me ur secret

Unoriginal Name : He’s wearing gloves because if he touches it with his bare hands he turns into a pencil too.

Michelle la Mitológica : Classmate: Can I borrow a pencil please? Him: Sure (passes this pencil) Classmate:wtf

Susie Troupe : *snap* ARGH! *slam* *intense music starts*

The Spectacular : WARNING! Don’t go on 5:45!!

York : all the shaving are causing me great anxiety


Zack Nguyen : Casually walks out of the store without paying.

Keyla D : Where can I buy these

Lizzcacher Theo : You know what I love about this Channel is you are never clickbaited

Nathan Mejia : Imagine trying to do this with tourette's

Squidward Gaming YT : Wow, nice art, Tomorrow, create a crayon inception

Sophie Hu : Holy crap and I can't even sharpen a pencil without it breaking

ki wi : When someone has to much time to kill .3.

Just Mollie : 0:34 oml I died when he buckled it in lmao 😂 😂

tzutari : Put it in a tiny glass case that says, “In case of Emergency, break glass” But the case is made of pencils. And the hammer to smash the glass is a pencil. And the house is just a pack of pencils. Everything is pencils.

papamamashasha turbo : Nice steady hands.good work would you ship anything to the carribean.

parkersandrec : the beginning of this video gave me a very HowToBasic vibe except with less egg

cutie cupcake : Tounge twister say "i carve a pencil from a pencil from a pencil"fast reapeat it 3 times The title almost cofused me

It’s me Amanda : even the pencil needs safety

Vania The Froster : Generations Of the pencils 😂😂😂

Chocolate lover : 0:17 Duke: *•Takes pencils•* Duke: *•walks off mall pretending nothing happened•*

Afterlock : Me: I’m going to bed early tonight. Me at 3am: “I carve a pencil from a pencil from a pencil”

Christina barfoot : I'm not even an artsy person but I enjoy binge-watching this channel. 11/10 do reccomend

Bagel Seed : I didn’t know mr makey or however your spell it from South Park has a YouTube channel


Doofus : I'd to imagine that he just walked out with the pencils without paying

StayingForTheCringe : That was the weirdest intro I've ever seen.

Sock Vlogs : Thing: * snaps * Me: * dies on the inside *

Gloxania : The pencil is finished at 5:45

Steven UltimateGaming : 5:45 you looked 👌🏻

Moi Lar : Question is, how will I ever look at pencils the same? The possibilities will keep nagging at me...

Chuchannia : ЭТО ГЕНИАЛЬНО!

*whatever.works.01 ._.* : *_whats it like to be insanely talented?_*

Beviwa Phillips : This shit gave me so much anxiety. I was afraid he was gonna break it the 2nd time kdbwlakaskbwsi

Laughing Pasta : The intro: ... Me: ... The intro: S- Me: No. The intro: Wha- Me: NO. The intro: Bu- Me: NO. Nadda nope srry gtg, rest of the videos waiting, can't stay, BYEEEEEEE!!!!! The intro: *pets dragon toy and waddles* huff, rude.

WarBear : _accidentally drops it_