I carve a pencil from a pencil from a pencil (pencil inception)

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Margaux Sharpe : I think you meant ~penseal~

DO YOU KNOW : Hey wait a minute.... What????

Andrew Stewart : lol that how to basic intro was hilarious

weenie : That. Ending tho more like pencil deception

a t l a s : Honestly, Why?

Maxim Nottingham : 57% of pencil death is from car accidents 84% from unbuckled seat belt. Thank you Bobby for showing proper safety.

Marshmelon :3 : This man has the ability to turn something as boring as purchasing a pack of pencils into an entertaining scene for everyone to enjoy

Fizzу Wolf : Кто смотрит это видео из россии жмите лойс. Я кст играла на ф-но музон из видоса.

ТТросто Лиса : *Тут есть русские?*

Carrington Woods : I thought the thumbnail was bullshit but the clickbait worked. I'm impressed.

The Every Maker - Nick : Just want to say thank you for the good you put in the world. I needed your weirdness today.

Cooper Hammond : Did you steal the pencils

Alisa chan : Чувак, ты крут! Вот прям очень крут!

Haelee Bramer : who else is satisfied by this

William Buchanan : Reminds me of how to basic

ROCK N WOODWORKS : Dude this was awesome!! The editing and the project, all the way!

Sx Pyrex : Look down 👌🏽

Лика Натареева : Круто

Mrcrafteo : Como he acabado aquí? xDDD

구독안하면옵치경쟁전에서한조만남 : WTF

Cira Las Vegas : Wuaaaaaaht 😱😱😱 That's amazing!

Sloan Harlow : And the craziest thing is that you can still write with the smallest pencil.

Tree Tastiac : Ok, I'm subscribed after getting the pencils home 😅

Samantha Hargrove : We love a creative sister! 💕✨

Dönermann Fatih : Genius

Wolf Gamer : 10/10 would pencil again XD

Kalina OTAI : Lmao. This was funny as. The intro reminded me of how to basic

Wilnardo Dhaiti : Hello, i think im lost, is this how to basic ?

Сергей Лунёв : Content one word

Lana Mohammad : But does it work?

WarBear : _accidentally drops it_

TheReMiXeR : Where i can buy this?

Mighty XavierTheStar : *OOF*

Aaya Samayal : this so the begining is shinchan walk

Milka Kot : Круто! Wow! 😍😍😍

I'mBored777 : How to play the circle game with the worlds smallest pencil

Milka Kot : Крутооооооо

Justin Y. : Penception

Gigi 2005 : Mano tu é a pessoa mais legal do mundo serião

LANA TYAN : а потом ты себя спрашиваешь нафига ты это сделал?!)

A J : *_P E N C I L C E P T I O N_*

NBA fan : This is HOW TO BASIC BROTHER😂😂😂😂

•Themaria • : This is talent

Matheus Aquino : Muito top.👍👍👍👍👍👍🗿

Злата Садовская : Дибил

ChefDanRamsay • : This literally made me cry

Daiana Ceita : que coisa mais ediota

Pokémon Lover : I.....want......one

Mo Tariq : 👌👌👌😀

Dupezza G : Wow!