I carve a pencil from a pencil from a pencil (pencil inception)

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LilliFox : That was the weirdest intro I've ever seen.

Zaxor Von Skyler : "You're a big chunk of salt."

Afterlock : Me: I’m going to bed early tonight. Me at 3am: “I carve a pencil from a pencil from a pencil”

Pot8o Cat /Leia Angelica : Am I the only one who got a HowToBasic-ish feeling from the intro?

Cole Hartness Vlogs : Top ten things to do when you’re bored in school

Jackman Works : Oh yeah?! Now carve a leg from a leg from a leg!!! GAME. ON. 😀

Laura Zhang : 4:38 high quality sound effects at its best👌🏻

Imię Nazwisko : 0:27 Safety first👍

Potatofairy 24 : I want a pencil sharpener to carve my pencil like this

0_0 : I dare you to carve a finger from a finger from a finger

WarBear : _accidentally drops it_

Stephanie Joobern : Those sound effects tho

Z Mup : You got good skills you should make something cool like this and make a lot of money off it

Jistelle Loves Cookies : Cute child you have there- OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING

rothy : the sound effects are to die for

Maxim Nottingham : 57% of pencil death is from car accidents 84% from unbuckled seat belt. Thank you Bobby for showing proper safety.

Double the Cookies : Imagine bringing this to school and your friend asked you to borrow it and he broke it

goat power : 5:45

The Milky Oreo : 0:34 Safety first

Hirols Gamer : what is the name of the classical song in the background, i would love to know

Nice Guy : Pencil version of Human Centipede. Love it! 😂😂😂

Danica Olson : Me getting art supplies 0:29 to 0:41

Justin Durr : Did he just boonk gang the pencils

Fox With The Rocks : *how am I supposed to do this*

1000 subs with no Videos : 5:43 OMG IM DIEING 😂😂😂

ajsaucegod999 TTV : *_P E N C I L C E P T I O N_*

Young_ Cross : the intro is so funny

Adriana Maria : E a representação de não ter nada pra fazer.... Jikjkkkkkkkk Ai vc fica entretendo otários como eu..... Kkskskkzjkxkdkj Se vc TBM e um otario que começa a ver um vídeo sobre uma coisa e sai do YouTube vendo vídeo assim shshshshshsh curte ou comenta pra mim saber kkkkkkk 😋 se você simplesmente não está afim de curtir ou comentar mas é igual a mim você é 10 mano te amo

Kitten Lover : I lmagine when he’s doin his funny walks someone just walks in on him and is like 😐😑

Adriana Maria : 👒 👦🏼 👩🏼 👕 👗 👖 isso significa amor.. 👠 👟altura não e documento! Essa serve para as baixinhas e os baixinhos ..

The Timelords : This is the calm and artistic version of HowToBasic

The Gayest Of Sky’s : I’m not sure why I watched this video.. but, I’m glad I did.

Jolewska :p : Why does the music sound like it belongs in DDLC?

I BRAHIM gams : You are an artist and inventor I love you

2005 gladiator : the dislikes are the tree huggers

MG Makes : Man you have a steady hand and a bucket load of patience 👊👊👊

N4MELESS YT : imagine someone walking into school with that

Hasan Ahmad Hasan : Fabulous art you are super cool Bobby God Bless you

Rex AKA Alberts Nemesis : Something Doesn’t Seem Right About That

Familia Pascual : Why you so funny ? 😂

Wolf Gamer : 10/10 would pencil again XD

Venom Shotzz : This is the how to basic that didn't make the cut

Todos son bien recibidos y resibidas : Una lápizsepsion jajajaja tengo hambre

InfinityHD : This intro kinda reminds me about howtobasic 😂😂

Darkshadow : This is the best thing to do in class when bored behind doodling on a paper and writing on a desk

ROCK N WOODWORKS : Dude this was awesome!! The editing and the project, all the way!

Atomic Basher : Now sharpen it

f f : So... pencil to pencil to pencil?

Flower Mother : PENCILCEPTION!!!!

French Toast : The weirdest intro ever....