I carve a pencil from a pencil from a pencil (pencil inception)

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Jordan Wakelin : The first 50 seconds reminded me of How to Basic

InstaSound : This is insane, I could never do that. Also fuck you for the ending :^)

Loopy Poppy : did anyone else feel sleepy during the video

Zylo Zee : Pencil Ception

Maxim Nottingham : 57% of pencil death is from car accidents 84% from unbuckled seat belt. Thank you Bobby for showing proper safety.

The Kawaii Unicorns : RIP at 1:43

fatman fatyman1730 : i feel like i'm watching how to basic

LoChAn .M : this is a odd introduction I have ever seen🤓

Caelyn animal lover : The sound effects killed me, lol😂 espesially 3:22

The Every Maker - Nick : Just want to say thank you for the good you put in the world. I needed your weirdness today.

Achly Simon says : I honestly thought he was gonna throw eggs at the pencils😂😂 Howtobasic corrupted my mind!! 🍳

thePredman#9 lol : The funny part is its not clickbait

TheAceofhearts84 : Did you steal the pencils sir?

B L : 0:33 Dude,you ok?

SleepyFoxArts : That was the weirdest intro I've ever seen.

Scones Kirkland : ...and then it broke. Seriously it looks so delicate how did you not snap it?!!

Jordan Paglinawan : Some people just have too much time on their hands

Contagious DNA : I imagine the people around staring at him during the intro like, “What the hell is he doing!?” 😂😂😂😂 Why does he have so many tools for this? It’s like he’s been waiting his whole life to gather 99 cents to buy the pack of pencils ✏️ 😂😂😂😂

tuanonnasibuca : This video gave me a lot of anxiety

ESCAGEDO WOODWORKING : Dude this was awesome!! The editing and the project, all the way!

viktor malyk : He would fall into the weird human category lol 😂

Tessa Trippe : Savage level over 9000

Trickius : 3:00 uses a pencil to pencil in on his pencil where he should put a pencil on his pencil before he adds in another pencil.

R_T_H Gamez : the end tho. XD

Margaux Sharpe : I think you meant ~penseal~

BrUSomania : I was imagining you carrying your over-sized, imaginary dong in the start of the video.

Neko Nuna : *send this to your crush with no context*


Skaarjman : what if it breaks

WarBear : _accidentally drops it_

Lou1312 : Penception

Keshawn Williams : That so cool

Channing Selle : Kids remember to keep your pencils safe

Mr.M Mackey : 🤜 🙅‍♂️

Cira Las Vegas : Wuaaaaaaht 😱😱😱 That's amazing!

The Kawaii Unicorns : •O•

Danker Beef : very nice indeed my fellow kinsman.

Justin Trinidad : 5:28 paper cut on pinky?

cindy su : You buy a pencil, then use a kinfe on it...instant death R.I.P pencil 2017/2018

Cdlrrcb Games : And here i was getting excited for getting the pencil really sharp in the sharpener ....

Mike Wolfhard : _U re_ *soooo* _patient_

DDgaming : To tell you a em a artist well a study in a art school end the arm if you draw it was goooooooddd

Maddz : but why?

алина монолбаева : Зачем карандаш застёгивать ремнём 😐😐😐😕😕😕😕

I'mBored777 : How to play the circle game with the worlds smallest pencil

AlexChuros : I like the begining

Melissa's World : I love how he makes the video more and more funnier every minute! 😂❤️😂

Nadia Nabila : XD

Nelo Guitarra : Pen-ception