Happy Tree Friends - Eyes Cold Lemonade (Ep #33)

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Comments from Youtube

Mike Jizzwalker : Our class teacher asked to pick a video on youtube to show. i suggested this. I was suspended from school

Therobloxianogamer YT : 2019? :v

Awesome Peta : I remember watching this as a kid without problem...


Amy Nicole : I remember watching this when I was like 7 , wow does time pass by

M.siri.j ! : Why did i watch this when I was a kid tho?😂

cinar eren : So thats how pink lemonade is made...

Nukefries : This cartoon is a very good example for children, very kid-friendly and creative, I hope you all kids enjoy this wonderful show! Have fun and keep watching!

Slik : Urghh. The way she cuts the eye slowly 😳🤢

Mãjeśtic Clҽmeŋtin3 : *My friends* Lol you still like cartoons?? *me* ...

Orange Juice : I found myself almost in tears halfway through, it's been nearly almost an hour and I've rewatched this too many times. It's pretty funny and educational I'm gonna show it to my future children

I panicked! At the disco : I thought this would be nice to show my 5 yr old sister Me and my sister have been sleeping in my parents bed for a week now

Shairiz Galiz : When i was a kid a used to watch this.I dont know why,and its so weird 😂😂😂

Aminah Shafiq : This is making me hate lemonade now Thx a lot😑

ChimkenNuggers : I totally forgot about this show! I must have been so traumatized as a kid that I wiped it from my memory. Lol

itz Lulu Playz Gacha : …and I thought this was an innocent kids show 😞 *Little did I know how wrong I was*

1000 subscribers without videos : I hope they'll put this on Disney channel someday.

Cat Bat : 1:20 blood is already in there instead of lemon juice

el lugar de lay :3 : Esto está más perturbador que los juegos del saw. Y se supone que en un cartoon para niños. Estoy... ¡TRAUMATIZADA!:D :3

Alexandre Gélinas : I accidentally stumbled upon this when I was a kid and that scared the 💩 out of me. Your right, I already watched that as a kid.

Natalia Itzel : Me and my first ever best friend used to watch this all the time when we were younger, wtf bro.

tOnKy wOnKy : How tf did I find this entertaining as a kid?????

Dersired : All This Gore Makes Me Hungry.

boy/ girl : i never knew it COULD be this BAD when you grow up

TheBluePro_HD : que acabo de ver por dios :v

Vlad C : 2:13 Mistake: She didn't cut two eyes

Darxify : This is a kid’s deep web

Derp. : do you know how much this scarred me Fck you

the gemstone Gamer64 : This should be taken off of YouTube transferred on a disk,burn the disk,burn the ashes,put them in a volcano,and throw that volcano into the sun Overkill:nah

wendou Lopes : Melhor animação ❤😸😍💀👻

Ed Cushman : I remember back when one of my older brother’s friends showed me these videos in like 2008, I’ve been looking for them ever since, I finally just found them and I’m already binge watching all of them lol

Araxbella S : This is one of my memorable fav when I was a kid & it still is 💀

Carolina Roos : When I was like 4 years my brother I watch this on computer xD Now I have 13 and my brother has 23, I decide do search on youtube this because I´m Portuguese and when I was 4 years I didn´t speak nothing of English, but the " tree true friends" stayed in my head LOL 👌

Chassity & Jayden : When I was bored I would watch them and laugh What’s wrong with me

Lizbeth Magana : I would watch this as a kid and years later my mom wanted to put the show for my little cousin. I had to stop her and explain the show. yeah my mom was traumtized and scared

Amelia Rodriguez : Saben q a esta serie me hace recordar a las peliculas de destino final por lo sangriento q es aunque esto es una caricatura y si mueren sobreviven

Jeff LaFlare : I think all of us that have watched this when we were little can admit this has left a permanant vision on violence

Anastasio Nicolas : Aparesia sangre en el minuto1 21😨😨😨

insert name here : I’m traumatized.

Android 28 : Best cartoon ever! ....I'm such a fucked up Android ...I now know why I only have 3 friends XD

Гури Тян : ЦЕ ПИЗДЕЦ! РИЛ.....КАПЕЦ... но мне нарвится~

MC Dexpo : This shit traumatized me when I was little...

Aminah Shafiq : I remember watching this without a single problem when I was 7 and now that I’m watching after 6 years I am very disturbed by this

Ashley Reyes : I remember watching these as a kid lmao

WhatAboutAGirl ? : Wow I was watching this when I was 6

That1Weeb : My brother messed me up with this man 🤦🏻‍♂️

abood amak : I used to enjoy this when I was 8 years old wtf xD

LD • Râîsêr SD : Like yes the time in 2019 🤩 Y comenta si eres latino👍

ToxicSoul : 1:32