Happy Tree Friends - Eyes Cold Lemonade (Ep #33)

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Amy Nixole : I remember watching this when I was like 7 , wow does time pass by

KimmyCornyTM : Published on March 2007 Me: watches on 2018


AraMaui bella : This is one of my memorable fav when I was a kid & it still is 💀

BrithGarcia : Esto traumó toda mi infancia

Dayana T.V : minuto 1:45 mal pensé :'v

吉田雅子 : ボンボンTVから来た人

MSP Star MSP : 2018?

SuperGlitch : Rule number one in HTF. Never make a decision.

Aylin Huber : My friend and I had a challenge. We googled random letters in Youtube and I wrote HTF. Then we saw this and thought it was for children. That was so disgusting 😂😁🤨

Snow Shoe : It's glenn's eye

Fluffy Cat : I can't believe it's been 11 years already! I remember watching this on my birthday.

FranL2002 : Soy el único que vio esto de niño?

Candela Pia Leon : Esto es contenido familiar 🖒

Lovely Learth : 2018??

abood amak : I used to enjoy this when I was 8 years old wtf xD

SYRO xTeaz : i remember watching this when i was 7 now im 14 and i still remember this.

MC Dexpo : This shit traumatized me when I was little...

mía diaz bts : wta fac

caden harnish : When are you guys going to make more episodes?

iker omar moreno : Mi vida se arruino al ver ese video

Starboiii : There's my daily dose of horror

KimmyCornyTM : Still remember this. Btw, who's watching??

Thiên Thuận : 2018 ?

old motel : the first one i ever watched <3

고단한 : 뭐야 시발 이게;


SoulFire19K : 1:16

Kittrell Gaskins : When life was pretty simple good ole classic cartoons

Tyber Zann : Well...I guess when life gives you eyeballs, make a bloody mary.

Joosua Anttila : This looks suprisingly good especially when you consider this was made in 2007.

Rocio Del Cielo Luna Saravia : Sinceramente soy sádica esta serie me encanta 😗😗😗me encanta ver tripas 😂😂😂

Damn u all : ah the beautiful childhood memories :') isn't life great?

DIZZELKINGZ ass : My childhood gore

XI pv : When I was about 7 years old I'd watch this, no lie xD

Antonio Alvarez : Soy el único que le gusta happy tree friends

Miku EmoGirl : Gracias a este video soy una loca psicópata enferma mental el cual le gusta mucho la sangre :v

Manzanita 74 : Espero no ser la única a la que le encantaba esta serie tan sádica...

Jennie Is My Bae : Yep never gets old

Chode Master : Who remembers sharing happy tree friends videos over bluetooth?

Daniel Ramirez : (G)old

Mauricio galvez : Ahora entiendo muchas cosas que no entendía de niño :v

Camila : Y asi mis niños fue como conoci esta hermosa serie

jhordan purizaca : dibujo de enfermos

el ahmed fauzi : 2018

spongebob squarepants : ALMOST THE FIRST 2007 VIDEO

Sara Rodriguez : que horrible 😲

Leonel Castro : No voy adomir por 3 noches

macarena vattuone : esto si es comedia v: