Happy Tree Friends - Eyes Cold Lemonade (Ep #33)

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Araxbella S : This is one of my memorable fav when I was a kid & it still is 💀

Darxify : This is a kid’s deep web

Joosua Anttila : This looks suprisingly good especially when you consider this was made in 2007.

Joseph Favour : What is this Why was it recommended to me Why does it have 70 million views Why has it just traumatized me Don't leave me please

TaehyungSenpai : Published on March 2007 Me: watches on 2018

The Blacc Channel : I remember finding this back when I was six and being horrified 😂

Ruby : Put the speed at 0.25 then pause at 1:16... is it a glitch

SparTan 117 : Quien lo sigue viendo? Jajajaj xD

Kpop Unnie : Why is this entertaining?

Lovely Learth : 2018??

Lil_Lazy_Potato : How tf did I find this entertaining as a kid?????

Kippy The Bug : When my and my sis first watched this, i remember we kind of liked it, so we did what any other normal child would do: show it to our little cousins, and make them traumatized too

TotallyToonsTV : When I was a kid South Park and Happy Tree Friends taught me that childhood innocence isn't safe....but it was so addictive to watch so nobody cared.

Juanita Guerrero paz : Like s nunca te traumo este episodio ni los otros #HappyTreeFriends

CRYTRAX : It make ne feel so uncoformtable, my veins where THICC af while watchig this

chillygamer : i thinki should wash my eyes after watching this

the lost paradise : I watched this when I was little and feel nothing. But it's 2018 now and this is so violence

Damn u all : ah the beautiful childhood memories :') isn't life great?

MC Dexpo : This shit traumatized me when I was little...

ánonima Bv : When no se como coño llegue aquí :v PD: ta bien shida la animación

Jeff LaFlare : I think all of us that have watched this when we were little can admit this has left a permanant vision on violence

luffy el pro de gameplays diversion y matar : No ningún solo capítulo donde no allá sangre

Violet Cyanide : Well, when life gives you lemons!

Amy Nicole : I remember watching this when I was like 7 , wow does time pass by


Jeff LaFlare : I watched this exact episode when I was 5 and I still remember it to this day

Michelle Iniro : I really don’t understand why I watched this show as a kid... it literally teaches you how to KILL somebody but it’s hella funny at the same time 😂

BlueNoob 1 : 1:22 petunia’s face XD

abood amak : I used to enjoy this when I was 8 years old wtf xD

Nether Ember : Ya know, the story of me finding this cartoon started with my little sister. She was four and she kept trying to get me to watch it. She said It was called Happy Tree Friends and that I would like it. After hearing the theme song, I definately wouldn't look at the screen...that is until I heard blood curdling screams and splatters. Heh heh :D

Leonelita MM : Eyes cold lemonade (S2EP32) full episode Official

Luciana :3 : madre mia willy mi infancia :"v

Duy Nguyễn : 2018??

misterholakease :v : 2018?

Jeff LaFlare : The thought that this was a regular show that was played on indian tv kinda scares me a little

Denise Flores : this cartoon opens my eye in the brutal world haha lol

Oh Nigga u gay : Why can I call Videos like this my childhood?

iker omar moreno : Mi vida se arruino al ver ese video

Fabulousss : When i was a child they would'nt let me watch it.... and now i know why!!!

theawsomeyoutuber275 : petunia and giggles are very cute

ERICXD : Assustador...

Un loko en voláh : nunca entendi porque mis amigos lo encontraban gracioso, sadicos culiaos

Yasmine Metayer : Call me crazy, but I like Happy Tree Friends. Anyone else agrees?

Anonymous Anonymous : Note: the is was the video that got me into watching this stuff ♡♡♡


niko angeles : #HappyTreeFriends

nancy munoz : This aint happy tree friends this is nightmare tree friends

Tyber Zann : Well...I guess when life gives you eyeballs, make a bloody mary.

Nika Chan : Es una limonada de sangre :vv