ICarly but without the music or laugh track

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Shinichibi【Voice Acting】 : iSociallyAwkward

MineTronic : Wow now the pauses feel way too long!


Raging Gamer : This is comedy

StillNoPickles : Without the music it feels like the beginning of a porno...

Fullmetal Shenron : The camera crew were dying out there

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Category:gaming Kind of awkward game.

SayySooFlyy : I like it without the music or laugh tracks

Otaco Metálico : I actually hear the fake laughs

Ben™ : Soap opera at it's finest

A Buzzed Whaler : It's so unfunny it's sad.


crazy 8 : Im not gonna lie...thats how most conversation with girls go like for me

UnoriginalUsername : Proof that these sort of shows don’t have a leg to stand on without fake laughter.

hmm yes interesting. : Jesus Christ. I need more of this

David R. : This is about the level of interaction with the current generation.

Jancarlo Hilerio : Thanks. I hate it.

Skylack : Is that porn?

Kesi R : I had to fake laugh every time the laughing track was supposed to be there so I could get through this nightmare

The Inconceivable Glue Man : This is heading in a bad direction

Jordan The Gamer : Category: _Gaming_

Vanilla : I feel violated in so many ways

DarkCloudOblivion : Somebody turn that fan off!

Nicklefritz : So... About as awkward as real life.

Ikcatcher : So basically real life

Dyna 08HD : It’s the office

Astronotty : Why are you showing a prono? I wanted to watch an iCarly video.

Xulph : top 10 pornhub intros

Space_Monkey777 : Everyday we push farther from god

Dime F : I could still kinda here it. SCAM!

Marcus Tullius Cicero : When iCarly gets airtime in north korea

SamuelPiece : Gibby is me talking to my crush.

Aoife mchugh : Just a failed attempt to make an ASMR video

Rodrick H Smokes Dank : No wonder most child actors go insane later on in life

Luis south park : Quien viene por mr retro

Angela M : Zoey101 looks different than I remember 🤔

HeadstrongHarpy : This makes me want to die.

Número Cinco : Beautiful.

DammitSinged : _Somehow a laugh track still plays in my head._

Beth Simionescu : This shows how bad of a show it is

Papaya Boi : Uhh... Not wierd

CR1MS0N X. : Lmao when she said that she'd murder him that sounded literal.

Hatfat : Just imagine acting that out

Dany L games : 0:46 that's just painful to watch... the whole video is...

CoolTastic XD : The complete silence at the end. Lol 😂😂😂😂

ThatChillGamer : It's so bland😂

Manuel Sousa : *AWKWARD*

Miguel Maravilla : U dont realize how important sound effects/music/and laughing noises are to a show until u see this 😭😂😂


H OO E Y : Frightening.