ICarly but without the music or laugh track

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Rodrick H Smokes Dank : No wonder most child actors go insane later on in life

PowahSlap Entertainmint : This is depressing.

Lamby Corn : Laugh tracks are like the bass Nobody cares when its there, but when its not, everything suddenly seems odd

Trydodis : It's ironically funnier without the laugh track

Zach Ryder : Actual footage of me talking to my crush

Awesome : How am I supposed to know when to laugh?

Mallorie Louann : I've never even watched icarly. Why am I here?😂

isabel : Fun fact: laugh tracks were recorded in the 1950s. You’re hearing dead people laugh.

DepressoExpresso : This is literally a porno

UIS Media : Lil Pump probably faps to this

Elzeta : It's like I'm watching a school performance

Overthrower545 : Me going on a date with any girl: *Awkward silence intensifies*

Rylawn Plays Games : So this is what it like to eat water

Hi Sisters : I’m still able to hear the laughs

Ah Shit Express : 0:59 you can hear a laugh

Music Central : So this is what it feels during taping.

Can i get 100 subscribers no videos? : *_This is very uncomfortable and awkward_*

Bitter Comments : Did anybody else think this felt eerily similar to the opening of an amateur porn video?

Kashi Shirogane : This is one of the most awkward things I've ever watched. Well done.

Uncle charlie smokes meth : It reminds me of the office.

Yoshimaniac : well this was... awkward

Astruko : This reminds me of how the beginning of a porn video starts off...

GAME BOY 4 : Wow I thought laugh track was annoying But now I realise why they do it

Neir : When do I laugh when the audience doesn’t queue me to 😢

xBipolarSunshine : *10/10 acting*

DammitSinged : _Somehow a laugh track still plays in my head._

Josh Turner : Why are the fans so loud over the dialogue? There’s ambience yeah but there’s not even a fan on in this scene wtf

Simon Cowell : This makes me so uncomfortable.

J R : *This is a scene right before a porno starts*

SDF Productions : It’s funnier in an unintentional way 😂

Coya Does Music : Acting level: Porn

What Is Up : This is like the beginning of a very bad...nevermind

Spider-Man Pitbulls : Im depressed now.....

Azmodayus : Gives off a dry humor vibe similar to The Office. I wouldn't mind seeing the whole series like this lmao

MankaroyTM : I imagined the laugh track in my head but it wasnt on purpose it's like my brain filled in on what was missing in the video

LeeTheNPC : "Murder is so not cool." "Anyway..."

chittaphrrr : for once in my life, i actually wish there was a laugh track ‘cause that shit was so awkward


aggel beatboxer : this is the best video ever why didnt i find out about this sooner?

TiDi oH : Still funny actually

hope : this made me uncomfortable

•Beshlie • : this is so u n c o m f o r t a b l e

Wolff : *M U R D E R ' S S O N O T C O O L*

Ping Li : I know the idea is to show how unfunny the show really is, but the gibby saying “anyway” then completely forgetting still made me laugh

maggie 10103 : Thank goodness this was in my recommendations

Fullmetal Shenron : The camera crew were dying out there

Lightning Mcqueer : They should just have the guy from Shrek who tells people to laugh with huge cards at the wedding scene

Alyssa Marie : Almost as awkward as my life

kool Kiwi : Iamsociallyakward

Ray Leonardi : This is the most uncomfortable experience I've ever had in my life.