ICarly but without the music or laugh track

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SilkSatin Paradise : If iCarly was an adult TV show, Spencer would definitely be a pothead.

Feluto : Dan 'hold her tighter she's a fighter' Schneider masturbated to this video


afreen : Lmao please do more of these

art garfunkel : Gibby is a stand-in for Dan Schneider

thanks jk : This is making my brain physically hurt, my body is filling in the empty spaces of the music and laugh track

Trevx64 : lol

EG. M : Well that's goddamn awkward

Ruz : It's like a David Lynch nightmare.

martinaee : So... that's the beginning of a porn, right?

Tess Maley : Rest in Peace Michael Jackson you are so beautiful in this

BrickKash : i love how the white noise sound effect gets louder at the end of the video

Slake : This is not as funny without the laugh track.

John Pesarchick : Brutal.

Average Human : Like somethingoutta Twin Peaks

Aaaron Reeyes : ESKETITTTTTT