10-11-2018 Mexico Beach, Fl Hurricane Michael Catastrophic aftermath from Helicopter Aerial
Mexico Beach Florida this morning after hurricane Michael

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***NOT FOR BROADCAST*** Contact Brett Adair with Live Storms Media to license. brett@livestormsnow.com Unbelievable destruction, aerial view from Helicopter over Mexico Beach, Fl.


Brian Sullivan : This reminds me of hurricane Camille, Pass Christian Miss. in 1969.

Dieter S : Unbelievable, my deepest compassion for the people which are living there!!

Allen Rogers : Where do you start the clean-up... my goodness.

Roni Coppock : Anyway you can go record St Joe Beach, FL? We live at 704 Nautilus Drive and have no contact...I feel so lost.

Linda Burton : Thank you so much for the footage of our beloved community. I know everyone wants to see their own special part of town...including me. so frustrating that all the footage I've seen has focused on the canal area and then turned around and gone back that way again. If you go back....there is much more to MB that is near and dear to many hearts...could you continue down across HWY 386?

Brian Patterson : Unbelievable. Definitely Storm Surge destruction. (For the most part)

Danica C : Good work Brett! I hope I am about to head down to help these people. Y'all be careful.

Jeff Zipperer : If you can get down to 2nd Street and show the area would really help. We own the fourth home in from 98 (if still) there. We still have a little hope that it is still there, but no footage of this area yet. Any help would be very appreciated!

S : Great job here on your first hand incredible coverage !! Thank God for the evacuation warnings and the safety of men women children and pets! I’m so happy to see those who survived it alive to be Thankful they did! I saw the couple who survived in such debri only shielded by a desk That speaks volumes to me angels over them !

CB Viau : Thank you for sharing this.

ODD-one out n about : looks like a massive quake just happened. .total devastation 😒why bother building there again,,itl only happen again. .each year will get worse worldwide. . :(

Dean Howell : Amazing, what can you say about something like this. So much destruction But great footage from the air!

1955dmb : Shocking

Lizabeth Tucker : Thank you for sharing one of my favorite towns in the state. I'm heartbroken to see the level of devastation. My heart goes out to all who live there.

George Santos : Powerful images nature reminding men to remain humble because it can reclaim back everything when least expected.

David C : How can you rebuild this carnage ?

notmanynamesleft : 140+ mph gusts will create EF 3 tornado equivalent damage, just so all the conspiracy theorists out there know why the destruction is so severe.

Patricia Mitas : Please try to get video of Port St Joe also

Broner Blows : Global warming is a myth. MAGA

WAR WHORE : I sure wish they would quit with that HAARP Machene. They sure make a mess with that damn thing.


Pam Hunsinger : Wow....Tampa area was soooo lucky...bless you folks.

Esteem Yahuah : Looks more like a "war zone." SO SORRY to all the folks who have lost homes. πŸ˜‚

labgirlreed : Incredible destruction....thanks for sharing this video.

Terry Perry : How terribly sad to see the destruction left behind by Michael. Prayers and best wishes to everyone affected. May God keep you in the palm of his mighty hand.

Michael Donelljr : My god...just look at all the devistation!

victoria prouty : omg such a shame, god bliss this area

Joseph Astier : Every now and then there's a home with almost no damage. These should be studied.

The Dummyblondes : I knew it would be bad but that is just total anihilation. There's nothing left. Tragic does even come close.

Justice Keyes : Nice job Haarp!

Jesse Wainwright : Unbelievable everything has been flattened

DCents : Myopic Americans building homes with wood on their coast that receives these storms πŸ˜†

RetiredGuy Adventures : Looks like Big Pine Key after Hurricane Irma.

Dede smith : Now for our first yard sale.florida will barter recycling material for rv s and campers.

Night Howla : u can just buy a drone at walmart of remote view anywhere in the multiverse with ur mind u gotta close ur eyes tho

theresa dirocco : No words but god help them πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Repair&Review ChenPounJoe : Some the house roofs are built stronger to withstand cat 4 hurricane

Project Domination : This breaks my heart!! This is the only place my family has vacationed for the past 4 years. The first year we stayed we fell in love. Sadly the cottage we stayed in the first year, i don’t see anymore😞 The 3 years after that we stayed at The Vue which I see at the 39 second shot of this video is still standing. This is just devastating!! It’s weird to just see sand where I know a building used to be. My prayers are with everyone in this BEAUTIFUL place!! I hope everyone is safe. Houses and buildings can always be rebuilt. As long as you are able to see your loved ones another day it will all be okay. As catastrophic as it all seems, it will get better

Ken Terry : Sooner or later riding the storm out becomes a bad idea!

Blue Bird Jay : built to code? ...really.

M. D. RANGI : man made destruction

Terrell Miller : 2:26 a bomb would have done least damage

David Digital : Anything that is left standing will more than likely have damage too. The whole area will just be leveled and doubt anyone could inhabit that area for some time. It will be built back with highrise condos and people will be priced out of living or vacationing there again.

Tim : Wow!

Corinne Vickey : an incredible hurricane ... accompanied by tornadoes? Hard to believe. Prayers to all in your recovery.

nero eagle : What happens to property values, do the homes remaining lose value?

Linda cp : Let's build on the beach again!

Phil T : Its incredible that some of the houses look completely unscathed amongst all of the other devestation. I assume those are newer construction/different standards and codes but it is really striking.