10-11-2018 Mexico Beach, Fl Hurricane Michael Catastrophic aftermath from Helicopter Aerial

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David Lynch : I presume the random houses still standing were built to the most recent code? If so, what a difference.

vpking77 : You can see which buildings were built to code and which one's weren't. Most of the three and four story apartments and condos are still there. They may have no windows and extensive water damage but they still stand. The other homes and properties are slabs. It's really amazing. Some of it's luck depending on which angle they sat in relation to the wind. You can see that Michael was no joke and without question one of the most powerful hurricanes to make landfall in the US.

Dieter S : Unbelievable, my deepest compassion for the people which are living there!!

Brian Sullivan : This reminds me of hurricane Camille, Pass Christian Miss. in 1969.

Linda Burton : Thank you so much for the footage of our beloved community. I know everyone wants to see their own special part of town...including me. so frustrating that all the footage I've seen has focused on the canal area and then turned around and gone back that way again. If you go back....there is much more to MB that is near and dear to many hearts...could you continue down across HWY 386?

Allen Rogers : Where do you start the clean-up... my goodness.

kaya miya : holey shit!! flood victim of storm sandy here, remember this! you alive ! youll get through it! my hearts out to you! next house build round 10 feet off ground

Roni Coppock : Anyway you can go record St Joe Beach, FL? We live at 704 Nautilus Drive and have no contact...I feel so lost.

Unknown User : I hope all pets are safe

Jeff Zipperer : If you can get down to 2nd Street and show the area would really help. We own the fourth home in from 98 (if still) there. We still have a little hope that it is still there, but no footage of this area yet. Any help would be very appreciated!

Gregory Parrish : Maybe Trump have some more paper towels he'll like to toss like playing basket ball like he did in PR.

1955dmb : Shocking

brasileiroamerica : At least, the power of Nature ,men can NOT control!

S : Great job here on your first hand incredible coverage !! Thank God for the evacuation warnings and the safety of men women children and pets! I’m so happy to see those who survived it alive to be Thankful they did! I saw the couple who survived in such debri only shielded by a desk That speaks volumes to me angels over them !

GenocideExposed : The God of Nature has manifested a tremendous amount of anger lately! God's wrath has encompassed many areas of mother earth in these (apparent) last days.

Suz Jensen : We will soon be a 3rd world country and can give thanks to the greedy capitalists GOP who pretend that climate change is not real and is a hoax. The 100 or so people in this world who control the majority of money don't give a damn about "we the people" so welcome to your new world. The orange turd tells God to bless and that God of course is money. He will bless you but won't help you. We are getting what we deserve and all the while the world is getting slammed the turd in the WH and his greedy GOP followers are doing all they can to destroy more of our environment so that they may make more money off of us. Stupid, stupid people that we are we let them go on doing it. So we are getting what we deserve. No longer will it be only the people of the poor 3rd world who suffer from the greed by entitled white pricks that we have an abundance of but welcome to first hand empathy for the rest of the people in the world. You greedy stupid bastards elected these cockroaches and we are now going down. The most we can do now is learn to cope but habitat for food is disappearing quickly so maybe its time for the end song. The world will be no less worse off without us. My regret is for the children who will not have the opportunity of a long life.

Patricia Mitas : Please try to get video of Port St Joe also

Project Domination : This breaks my heart!! This is the only place my family has vacationed for the past 4 years. The first year we stayed we fell in love. Sadly the cottage we stayed in the first year, i don’t see anymore😞 The 3 years after that we stayed at The Vue which I see at the 39 second shot of this video is still standing. This is just devastating!! It’s weird to just see sand where I know a building used to be. My prayers are with everyone in this BEAUTIFUL place!! I hope everyone is safe. Houses and buildings can always be rebuilt. As long as you are able to see your loved ones another day it will all be okay. As catastrophic as it all seems, it will get better

Brian Patterson : Unbelievable. Definitely Storm Surge destruction. (For the most part)

Tim : Wow!

notmanynamesleft : 140+ mph gusts will create EF 3 tornado equivalent damage, just so all the conspiracy theorists out there know why the destruction is so severe.

CB Viau : Thank you for sharing this.

WAR MACHINE : I sure wish they would quit with that HAARP Machene. They sure make a mess with that damn thing.

Hannahcode1 : Florida should be now deemed uninhabitable for humans. With their tremendous water issues that have caused the algae and death pouring into the Oceans. Not to mention the cost of the idiots that live at ocean's edge that the rest of us continually have to pay to be cleaned up. They all need to be relocated and stop this idiosie.

Zombie Vampires : don't know who is luckier, the people who's home is completely gone or the ones who survived in tact and have to live for years in a construction zone. . If I was in charge, I would just level it all and put up a park because these storms will just get worse... not better

person unknown : looks like a massive quake just happened. .total devastation 😢why bother building there again,,itl only happen again. .each year will get worse worldwide. . :(

Danica C : Good work Brett! I hope I am about to head down to help these people. Y'all be careful.

Justin b : I blame Trump

K B : Trump is God

5000 subscribers with no videos : *THAT'S ALOTTA DAMAGE*


Broner Blows : Global warming is a myth. MAGA

Adam : Myopic Americans building homes with wood on their coast that receives these storms 😆

Terry Perry : How terribly sad to see the destruction left behind by Michael. Prayers and best wishes to everyone affected. May God keep you in the palm of his mighty hand.

Judithann Barton : Oh, how terrible. Well, that's the risk one takes when choosing to build that close to the ocean.

The Dummyblondes : I knew it would be bad but that is just total anihilation. There's nothing left. Tragic does even come close.

tharrison004 : Hurricanes don't do this,i'm on the East Coast in NY and we get Hurricanes all the time,and i never saw this before,and i lived threw a lot of Hurricanes in my life,this looks more like a Tornado. I know the houses are old here,but some of them should have survived if this was a hurricane.

Jackie rash : There wouldn't be any devestation if people didn't live next to the ocean what do you expect your not going to be hit by a major hurricane 😒

roslan bayu : Most of the brick houses are still standing. Great video. Thanks 🙏.

colonodemarte2014 : Finaly a clear video

ain't dat snipes : entire town will have to be razed and rebuilt!

Diego Alberto Lopez Beltran : Waoooo! Es una completa escena de guerra

Lai lai : Severe windstorm

EUGENIA GONZALEZ : Dios bendito es como si hubiera caído una bomba, señor mandales fortaleza para salir adelanté que dios los bendiga.

Cassie Lemoine : It's not that the multi story buildings are built to a different code... it's the fact that the storm surge will not lift those multi story buildings .... The surge just blows out The walls of the lower floors. If that storm had a surge as large is it could have very well been ..there would be nothing at all left there. look up Holly beach Louisiana. hurricane Rita... there wasn't a thing left..... nothing...

Gary Garrett : *Instead of screaming for a wall to keep Mexicans out, you Trumptards should have been demanding floodgates to keep the Gulf of Mexico out.*

Nu-Wave utility Trailers : They need to let the fire department come in and do a control burn and get this cleaned up it would be faster then taken it to the dumpI know what about pollution it probably won't be polluted but just a couple days I know what some of you saying is this guy for real yes I am for real and I'm not joking

girlstorm09 : yikes it reminds me to much of Mississippi's Gulf coast after Katrina....i know there were be more strong hurricanes but i didnt know the damage would get on Katrina Mississippi level for a long long long time....guess i was wrong...seems hurricanes are becoming more severe and common...

richard none : most of this could have been minimal damage if they build to a hurricane code like we have been doing in Broward county for over 60 years somehow they thought that no hurricane would ever hit them time to rethink your building code

apis : The citizens of US live in huts .. Houses without foundamnets .. wired over tree trunks .. but the US - act as world leaders on .. that's all just ridiculous US-PEOPLE you really are not important to your wealthy .. that's the way it is all over the world .. they are all criminals and we have to endure them because they believe us they are making god for us .. But we are better when they are gone .. all .. together with assistants.