Hey Tim - The Story of my Life.
2 years of filming 6 months of editing 500 hrs worth of footageHey Tim

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"Don't ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs most, is more people who come alive." - Howard Thurman 6 months ago I began this project, and since then it has consumed every part of my being. The day I would click upload seemed like it was a million miles away. It feels weird knowing that it's over. Never in my life have i put this much of myself into one project, but this one was special and I knew i had to give it my all. Collectively I've put well over 500 hours of focused editing into this video. I spent 3 weeks on a flipped sleep schedule where I would wake up after sunset and work throughout the night in complete isolation and go to sleep as the sun would rise. I made a lot of sacrifices to make this happen. If you guys want to support me and continue seeing more passion driven work please share and make sure to follow me on all my social channels! Follow the journey! www.instagram.com/samkolder www.twitter.com/samkolder Animations by the incredibly talented Howard Wimshurst. Howard had been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with on this project. When I first saw Howard's style I was hooked and knew I needed to get him on board for this one and I'm so happy I did. Make sure to check out Howard's channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/HowardWimshurst Special thanks to Jakob Burkhardt for helping with shooting a ton of this footage over the past 2 years! together we traveled the globe and collected tons of memories :) Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me and my work, I could not have made this without you all. Music by: Odesza Line of sight (Reprise) https://open.spotify.com/track/7zXEY847TCQKZjk9CtiErN?si=ZUea378uQaCc21CGgRr7UA Higher Ground (Reprise) https://open.spotify.com/track/5NoSQH3h0yLc29HxoUySef?si=XiUMPHVWQzSzeLSRdOML4w It’s Only (Feat. Zyra) Odesza VIP remix https://open.spotify.com/track/2XyNLoEWc4IDt9OVzXZUXl?si=KyXua8olQGCxOAc6rEWtoA Ben Böhmer Autumn (Original Mix) https://open.spotify.com/artist/5tDjiBYUsTqzd0RkTZxK7u?si=AxbDpo5zTA21RsiKP9pn3g "it's only" cover by 'Jules' https://youtu.be/_1QPA463Xo4


PPPeter : Alright, this has to be the best video on this platform. Hats off.

Januaristio Efram : 2 years of filming and 6 months of editing??? Dude this video deserves 100 million views

sums dawn : “....and there’s this girl. You would be proud of me man” 🤞🏽❤️

Channel 355 : Film School: *Doesn’t accept Sam Sam: I didn’t really need you

Jess : "So there's this girl... you'd be proud of me man." 😭❤

Coloringg : kold - TORONTO Peter Mckinnon - TORONTO Jr Alli - TORONTO DAMN Canadian YouTube Cinematographer dominating the world

Duy Thanh : I've followed you since i was 19, then my father was gone when i was 20. I realize how life is working, i started to make a solo trek to Everest Base Camp when i made it to 22 ( my first time going abroad country ). Now i became an editor and colorist in the best production house in my country. Thanks for this video man, my tears drop like hell.

J Walker : I rarely comment , but man this video killed me you inspired me to do filmmaking

Highly Dynamic : These transitions, sound effects, visuals, everything...are beyond me! Stunning work here! Only a burning desire can create what we all just witnessed, not a school, teacher, or any other influencer.

michael : I don't think film school could've taught you any of this.

imaginezzy : Kold & Odesza is the type of combination we need more and more.

elsac ko : oh dude. try to hold my emotional but 08:28, that is my tear drop. good work

Teddy Zhang : 1 million!!! Who was here before 10k??

Lane McCall : Sam: *applies for film school Film School: we're looking for artists Sam: *releases this incredible film Film School: yes Sam: Film School: we'd like to talk Sam: Film School: please Sam:

lpz : It's over. My Year 2016 is finally not the best video on youtube anymore.

DAJ : Hey Kold Live a life you will remember ❤️🌍

Danny Venetti : This Is Astonishing, amazing, lovely, beautiful, beyond perfection. Glad I watched it and thanks for inspiring us! <3 I see every second of hard work put into it.

Jacob .Locke : I am aloof but this makes me feel. Feel Everything ;')

León Olbrecht : ,,How good will the video be?" Sam Kolder: Yes.

Jarrod Haigh : I honestly have no words for this. My biggest role models in life aren’t professional sport stars or famous musicians but the people in life who choose to take their own direction, go against the grain, create experiences like no other and this Sam is unreal my dude! RIP to Tim and I’m sure he is looking down on you with the biggest grin, he would be so proud. Thankyou

Sidney Ene : Amazing work....Truly inspirational...your brother would be proud....Unbelievable talent...Live Life to the fullest


CJ Banilla Visca : 4:37 ❤ “Dont ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs most is more people who have come alive.” - Howard Thurman

Ayaan Pawar : I know this is a very cliche comment but the best content I have seen in my life. The effects, the animation. The 2 years definitely paid off.

Benn TK : Dude my heart goes out to you, so sorry for your loss, he would be so so proud of you man! so so proud! Another absolute masterpiece to say the least

Jim : A film school would've taught you... Production. Your experience taught you life. And it brought tears to my eyes. 🙏

OscarJohn : no way, almost 1 month, and only 975k views....why? u deserves more views, sam!

Alex Rosier : This is a special special piece of work man. Congratulations on creating something for Tim, something you can look back on in 50 years. Love over everything, love lives forever -- that's why this piece will live forever. Deeply moved by this, Sam.

Tony Pedersen : Sam Kolder: what will it take you? Me: hold my beer!

KapteinO : Hands down the best video i’ve ever seen... just incredible😱

Mircea Brs : 332 people are working in that film school 😅

RuddyUddy l FilmMaking Tutorials : OMG... after I saw “my year 2017”, a 9-5er me, quit my desk job and set off on an unpaid journey to learn filming. I started a YouTube channel and failed horribly. So 14 months later I got back into a desk job but I kept learning and producing videos on the side. This video has given me the same goosebumps that the MY2017 did! In fact the last YouTube video I watched from begging to end without skipping once, was MY2017. Dude you are impossible to keep up with, you have taken the same editing tricks but played them so differently in this video, yes a video is about the story but I could watch your videos even if they had no story! This video is mindblowing! This is on the scale of my2017 video (sorry but everything that came in between just wasn’t on this level). Enough respect to you Sam! From nothing to whatever I know today (using cameras, using gimbals, frame rates, shutter speeds, editing, colorgrading EVERYTHUNG I know about filmmaking is because of you! You have changed my life so much, thank you!

Vikram Neeham : Such a emotional video, after watching it reminded me why i love filmmaking!

Kuldeep Kumar : when you are done with the world around you and about to quit this is one of those video that sparks and tells you that no wait you will be missing so many things if you came this far and left this world! the world has many beautiful things to offer ❤️

Patrik Rasch : This video is single-handedly the biggest inspiration of my entire life - both for video creation and to LIVE KOLD <3

Thapelo Motsumi : Dope work Kold, very powerful piece. What is the animation technique you used, what software did you work on? Also, what is an effective way to produce the quality transition between the animation and real footage?

Unicorn Workhorse : Holy shit those transitions were SOOOOOOOO SMOOTH! Amazing use of the multiple mixes of the song; I legit was jaw dropping

Maciaasty_ : Here I am, a simple man at the mile stone. One Million Views, congrats Sam, you fully deserve those... And even more, greate video and storytelling! Keep inspiring!

DOS TACOS : Who else here saw the thumbnail and thought this was about Avicii

akanksha rao : This is INCREDIBLEEEEEEEE. So surreal oh God😍😍😍

Travel Channel Indonesia : Amazing story, thank you for sharing and inspiration for me

hose : best editing i've seen so far... very inspiring a Great vid.. Great one.. <3


Sylvain Crosnier : This video is just so so beautiful and inspiring (I saw it for the fourth time!!). Love your work.

PuraVidaFamilia : Wow, this is pretty amazing, doesn’t do it justice. You touched the hearts of many, you’re brother is proud of you dude!

BrunosMedia : man you are really special. when we are sad we create energy, its just about transforming that energy into power. and you were able to do that to the next level.!

Rata Mn : 11mins of pure bliss, life always feels better after a Sam Kolder journey

Yes Theory : One of the best videos I’ve seen in a very long time Sam. Stoked we got to see it a month ago knowing what you’ve been cooking up for so long and now seeing it put out into the world 👏 proud of you and Tim would be too. ❤️ Love you dude -Thomas

Lucia Brezianska Videography : This is so far the most EMOTIONAL and EPIC thing i have ever seen. You just showed us what LIFE means within few minutes. THANK YOU.