Maximum tar and nicotine lung absorption. Doubles, f*cked filters, double inhales, long holds.

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7modi 09 : Awesome 👏, great as always, just keep giving those lungs and they want and deserve

Hovsep : Is this ironic or is there a actual community that supports This? lol im lost

Gary 6666 : Nice ! Nicotine chaos but do try it !

Hardcoresmoker85 : Amazing video chainsmoker!! Just perfect - you are THE KING!!!!!!

Jahzell Selmon : Wow I thought I smoke too much weed , You need help man shit I feel I do after watching you smoke them cigarettes

SmkrCGN : Who needs exhales if the best things take place before that 😈 Outstanding hot, bro - as lungs deserve it!!!

smokin leather : perfect long holds for your happy lungs.. .absorbing is better than exhaling

zenistic : Incredible lung work. From the sound your lungs make it sounds like you might have COPD or emphysema.

Gary 6666 : Hot !! Try cutting the filter in half to get more nicotine and tar ! Has worked for me !

Gary 6666 : Working on my addiction here and love your inspirational vids! Total addict here !

balmorall nokia : Why don't you never watch to the camera my hot bearded sexy man? You are my Idol, thanks to you I am really proud of my self, I've increased my smoking ammount from 2 packs to 3 packs a day.

John C : You really punished those lungs hard. Polluted and black with toxic tar. Keep it up... we both need so much more.

Kannabis ヒップ―ホップ : "This is America"

Gary 6666 : More new vids please ! Share your addiction here !!

Heavy Metal : Got a question if you don't mind. Perhaps you already answered this one, if so i missed it but anyway. I smoke myself as well but not nearly as much as you do. How does one get so addicted to smoking as you? I don't mean it in a critical way because you can do what you want but i am legitimately curious.

Symon Moreno : How long have you been smoking

WZRD : Existe um grupo de pessoas que leva fumar cigarro pra caralho como um estilo de vida? (Assim como os que defendem o uso de LSD, maconha e tal). Comecei vendo o canal do inglês do Marlboro, agora achei o teu e fiquei curioso

Vinicius Aguiar : Hello, I am from a country where the portuguese is the official language. So I dont understand some expressions that I see in smokers channels...could you explain to me what is a "smoker pig"?

pigcub : Very good stuff, brother

Alejandro Junior : Você fala português?

DreadSkull : Puoi parlare italiano?

coolmusic49 : Is Malboro still alive?

Amroe Loks : Just hear his breathing before even puffing lmfao 🤣😂 bruh

Daniel Sjöberg : Compared to other of your videos it sounds like you currently have a harder time to breath - how long can we expect you to be alive from now?

EpicSwordcris : Have you ever smoked weed and if you have, would you consider it comparable to cigarettes?

Gamz4pros : What do you say to a 14 yr old smoker?

Eazy E : Why do you move your mouth, before you inhale?

Eazy E : Do you work currently ?

BigWheel : Jesus you're a tough son of a gun, are you trying to see how long it takes before you kick the big one or do you have some sick fetish?

Rainbow Bridge : Holy shit you just breathing normally sounds as if you are having a hard time shit dude! You are clearly suffering

Jimmy Gates : How have you been smoking for 44 years and are 57 yet you’ve got that long, thick ass black beard? Dye?