Tuesday Afternoon with GM Ben Finegold

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jason engler : 3:58 b sicilian accelerated dragon, maroczy bind 11:27 w sicilian weird Kalashnikov with Nf6 Bg5 16:26 w caro kann exchange, pannov botvinnik 20:27 w sicilian Qxd4 30:16 w scandinavian Qa5 39:11 b caro kann advance, c5 40:58 w double fianchetto 46:15 b chigorin with e5 50:54 b symmetric english 1:00:38 w caro kann exchange pannov botvinnik 1:04:15 B+N checkmate declined 1:06:16 b chigorin with e5 1:11:26 w d4 d5 Bg5 1:15:16 w scholar's mate refused 1:23:10 B+N checkmate 1:24:57 b symmetric london system 1:29:30 b caro kann advance, c5 1:37:46 w french advance 1:48:26 w scandinavian bullet 1:50:50 w double fianchetto 1:52:30 w pirc with g4 1:55:14 b sicilian grand prix 2:01:13 b alekhine Nc3 d5 e5 Ne4

kmarasin : That stalemate was the funniest thing in the history of chess streaming

Hristo Radev : Stalemate like a Grandmaster.

vPsy - : Hi Ben! Thanks for the game again, sorry I played f6. Actually analyzed the game and f6 was a blunder lol

omniscient : 10 out of 10 times if they say no sound after this first 5 mins, they are just messing with you.

Hypernova80 : Do you accept daily challenge's?

b s : hey evrybody

Ablejack Courtney : "Probably Y.A. Tiddle" - with no hesitation. hehe

grove33356 : You can play music on twitch during the stream just gets muted on the replay and if you post it on YouTube

Tim M : I alwaysss miss theseeeee where can i enable notifications !!!

timothyLucasJaeger : 1:16:28 "g6 that's the best move"... Nope better is ...Qf6 which equalizes. White had a win the move before with Bg5 instead of Bxh6.

Todd McIntyre : Things I've wondered: Why doesn't Ford have a commercial where chess grandmasters get together and choose Ford? Tag line: GMs choose Ford. Check with your local Ford Dealer ... you might get the use of a vehicle for a year.

catharsis222 : Huge price is right losing horn at 41:00. Wump wump wuwump.....WAAAAAAAHHHHH

abishek soti : 1:49:38 Get high like a Grandmaster

Daniël Hoenderdos : Very subtle product placement in these vids. Very suspicious.

Snak : suspecious comment passing!, also the link to the chesscenter doesn't work once again

TheWooloomoolloo : Not going rawr once in every 5 moves is not allowed! Guess that mainly depends on your opponents.

omniscient : your can change your video quality if the streamer is a partner.

RedBelgradeStar : I love good ol finegold

b s : rawrrrrrr mad

James Bell : <.< >.> I'm not suspicious...

FLoP : 12h stream on March 10? Noooooooooooooooo, March 10 I want to watch Round 1 of the candidates! Rawr!