Hot Wheels Road Trip

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silvio palfner : Those cuts were really smooth, good job.

ExplosiveFun Game Bash : "Oops, I forgot to press record"

Atiendl boludos : how it feels to chew five gum


Matyas Aranyossy : Who else is here because it is in the recommended videos?


Arjun ram : it was nice! but I saw that in two places it was cutted

Game Cupe : LoL

Shawnyrocketship : Those are cool where do you buy and how much do they cost

TheBroChannel : I thought this track was actually non-stop 😂

ecxandalus YT : Fake

Tadas Kapturauskas : No, I was wondering

The new THX : Brazil watch in here

Haiqal Hazrulnizam : AWSOME

Khan ammar : Awesome Bro that's awesome

benjamin roman : Fake

Ramon Martinez Peña : So fucking epic

Meglena Tileva : How that with the pool

Curtic Carmichael : Holy crap...

Maria Garcia : Ariana Ariana y Justin

aleksander tomaz : Hello... very well... My sons loved! Thank you!

BreadBoi4Lyfe : I never knew hot wheels can move on under water

agam kadafi : mantapppp

nem tudom : Those sneaky cuts, damn!

David's Drum : no booster? ?

Jesús Alberto Pérez Félix : Fake

Ben Wehdeking : Mega lange bannnn

Da bass Beast : Nice editing

xyz y2j : Liked before the end of the video👍👍✌

Olle Rydén : fake and gay!!

Mega Mewtwo X : This is truly epic and cool

IW YT : How you do that it just like teleport from place to other place amazing maybe YouTube can give you golden butten

Ryan Kirk : Magnets and speed wheels right?

Music, Gaming and Paper Folds : Cool

otaku nub : that's awesome

Sharkyzane231 : That was awesome

NathanGaming HQ : Wowww broo lookin cool! Keep up!

Shamsul Adzhar : wowwwww

Whale 05 : Watch mark Roberts it's super cool

J-Dawg Argueta : Ok that was lit

caleb lee : 1:07 watch at slowest speed they paused and moved the car. Good job though

MooseDraws : OMG loaf the water sene

Shiroski O Cháros : The water part is fucking awesome!!

PalmettoMoon : You.....are a legend!

Andres E. Gomez M. : It took me a while to realize the transitions. Right after the pool scene ended

XsV : Too good to be real

Edvards Dūks : Very good editing

face the dolphin : He or she Your videos are so crazy still good job you got talent

Brandon Marlow : Do a day long one

Vanesa Bonon : #hot wheels under water