As bare knuckle boxing is legal in the UK it draws massive crowds into arenas around the country The current middleweight champion has the strangest fighting style Ive ever seen

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SUBSCRIBE Jimmy Sweeney Vs Shone Carter Event BKB5 Edited By GhostBKB


Valenski : How is this bare knuckle boxing they have 10 pounds of tape on their hands?

shaun mcmahon : Need to see this boy with full training. Come on Mr Sweeney show the fans the full deal

Ryder lind : To anyone who reads comments before the video This fight sucks, total waste of time

Michael Knight : Sweeny is such a goof lol

gst800 : Bare knuckles...with wraps...wut

kidk007 : It's awesome that Dana white took time out of his busy UFC schedule to corner Shonie in this fight 👍

Daniel : like a cobra lmfao....like a slow broken old man fighting other slow broken old men

GreatNorthWeb : I see bear knuckles, not bare knuckles. either way, I wouldn't want to get hit by them.

Beau - : Actually Carter is an MMA fighter. If he were to be able to use all his skills it would be a very, very one sided victory for him.

Jack Da Box : Bare knuckles do not cause more damage to the person you're fighting against... they potentially cause catastrophic damage to your own hands. Skull beats hands every time

kaz5150619 : Late 90's early 00's Shonie maybe but 2017-18 Shonie come on naw

Israel Wolstein : They have 2 other orgs , The KBWK and the BKBG. Kick Boxing without kicks and bare knuckle boxing with 10oz gloves .

George Wuertz : St. Patrick's Day! To All..Jimmy Sweeney Top O' The Heap!...May The Luck of the Shamrock hang from your Door Way and a Bucket of Gold! at Your Feet!

Jim Baysinger : Sweeney does well against fighters with no left jab who stand there staring at him. Funny how so many of his opponents are like that.

Stick Brightling : No way this keeps working for long.

Nemer Velasquez : WTF?! Didn't know old man Shonnie was still fighting. The man is done and lunch drunk. Fight a real opponent!

Zevin X : This is literally not bare knuckle, in-fact it seems kinda stupid because the wraps just make it more dangerous for everyone involved. Yes the wraps protect your hand and make it less likley to break, that is not a good thing. The entire argument against gloves is that they allow people to throw power punches that would break a hand. True bare knuckle boxing requires discipline and control. It's not about giant power swings.

Autism Apocalypse : Not bare knuckle. I can understand one layer for the sake of not tearing skin up *maybe*. Also, Shone and this dude are total cringe.

Sandman1975 Sand : No wounder jimmy look s good all the time ... The guy s he fight s are crap . lol

mwhich50 : Poor Shonie has neurological damage from too many fights.

Michael Borges : Now if spinning back fists were legal.....

BarbarianBreed : God fighting men, But their knuckles aren't bare. Lethwei.

Jeremy Battle : Shonie Farter

stlmikie : Shonie “Lumpy” Carter.

Ghetto Tech : Wow carter still fighting

Daniel : is that des lynam?

Dragon 67 : Shonie over the hill. Not a good striker in his prime. Jimmy in trouble when he runs into a good defensive counter puncher.

Ghetto Tech : Like Muay Thai style

Dee Boy : Shonie should stop. No disrespect but he sounds like the many years of fighting are taking their toll. Hope the best for him.

kaz5150619 : Shonie's main bare knuckle experience is Shidokan which is a blend of Muay Thai Kyokushin and Judo so like age and extensive fighting aside for Carter not being allowed to kick orelbow or what have u is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT situation he did alright all things considered

SkavenUK : ITT people saying "it's not bare knuckle" x 100000

Jessie Walker : Its true, their hands are wrapped to the point it's not the same as bare knuckle, I'm all for protecting your fists but if your fighting bare knuckle than it should be bare knuckle, some tape is okay but these wraps are too thick

The Brummie Runner : Sweeney looks off his head on something in the post fight interview!

Ghetto Tech : I like leithway rules

Dave Nolan : Bare finger boxing.........not all it's made out to be.

Chezzy79 : The referee looks like he can take both fighters at the same time lol

Stoney Lonsome : Hmmm- this is very hard to analyze to be honest- very odd way to fight. It looks like two guys just throwing everything but the kitchen sink until one of them gets lucky and lands. I'm sure that's not what's actually going on but, that's what it looks like- very sloppy. I prefer MMA because occasionally you get to see really effective, clean technique actually work within the context of a realistic fight- which is rare. So rare that when it happens a lot of ppl invariably think it has to be fake, that it can't be real- but it is. Shit like Anderson Silva slipping and dodging then laying out Forrest Griffin or Cowboy Cerrone and that amazing combo against Rick Story, Conor slipping and then uncorking hell on Aldo in 13 seconds, but if these guys keep going eventually they'll get there. If you remember the UFC wasn't exactly great fighting when it started. We didn't strat seeing the kinds of things I am referring to until the UFC had been around for years already. and became established enough to start attracting big talent.

imanishay : Wasnt he in police academy

Light Work : Just stop it shonie

Jeremy Stillwell : that sweeny stuff is trash

Hankola : Hands up, bob and weave to the body. Sweeney has no gut for it.

ANGRY COLLECTOR701 : Man that place 8s dead

Sa Bo : Love Shonie but he's been hit in the head too many times.

Retired Shitposter : Damn I hate to see this. Wish Shonie would retire.

anthony clark : shonie carter hasn't been relevant for over a decade

Derrick Curtis : that ring girls testicals are hanging out

Scott Decker : Do ya like dags?

Killa Kong : How did carter get a title shot?

grifter grifter : carter would smoke him in a real fight