Donald Duck sings "Simple and Clean"

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TheCaliMack : He sounds like he is on the verge of death.

Nidalevi : Just how I remember my childhood, so much nostalgia from one voice :'(

Inujake7 : When he starts singing in Japanese it sounds like he's having a stroke while simultaneously choking...

belen alejandra fernandez carrasco : Sora: Donald! Heal me!! Donald: 🎵DONNA TOKI DATTE- Sora: DONALD!!!

OhMyJosh52 : The dislikes are obviously people so overcome with emotion that they accidentally hit the dislike button.

Nichole Talbot : Does sending this to girls count as flirting

Christian Vargas : 0:47 “don’t get me wrong I love you, but does that mean I have to beat your father?”

Hans Goober777 : *hears the Japanese lyrics* ok now you're just showing off, you mother ducker.

Coffee Hime : If you thought it was hard understanding him in english, I speak japanese and I had an even harder time understanding that-

First Cooommment : *When your Drunk on Karaoke night.*

Kenneth Golden : When Donald is the only survivor of Kingdom Hearts 3.

bearbaroho : I hope Donald is the last survivor, then he finds Soras dead body, so he has to take the key blade and become god and recreate life on earth. Then the credits is him just singing the entire soundtrack. And if you buy the preorder, you get to hear him sing despacito while doing dance moves from Fortnite.

GuardiansOfSamsung : Honestly, after the first 2 minutes, it stops sounding like Donald Duck and starts to sound like a man who's having a stroke singing this song with gravel in his mouth.

Chappy1512 A.K.A. FishTitties : I genuinely feel sorry for this VA's mouth.

person54345 : Utada hikaru died from waiting for kh3 to drop, so they had to settle with donald singing this song

iwee : this is too emotional

Rhys Valleley : Someone: he looks so focused I wonder what hes thinking about Me:

Kolink Battler : This song during the scene when Cory was forced to kill Donaldnort was the saddest part of Kingdom Hearts 3.

lunk : Please tell me you have an actual version of that sock puppet

Train Wreck Studios : *Never in my life have I needed something so much and not known until I had recieved it.*

Jordan Nguyen : If this isn't in the credits of KH3, I'm boycotting and rioting.

Aobungy Smeef Freef : Donald had fought a long and hard battle. After slaying the last demon, he desperately searched the battlefield for his friends...and there they were...Mickey’s body lay on the ground...broken, covered in blood. But before Donald could even process the emotions he was feeling from seeing the scattered remains of his friend...he heard from behind him...“Hyuck” He turned around to see Goofy, with a dark spear protruding from his chest. Goofy fell face first to the ground with a thud...Goofy was the last to go...everyone Donald loved was dead...he was the only survivor...

Jesus Christ : I like to believe this video having no captions was on purpose.

Jun The8th : *Captions has left the group chat*

Héctor Gutiérrez : When Sora dies because Donald didn't heal him :v

keybladesarah : This moved me deeply.

starforcenetwork : Finally, a voice that surpasses Utada Hikaru herself!

Sally Vee : Someone needs to send this to Utada Hikaru.

Professor Badger : We can't afford the life support any longer... we're gonna have to pull the plug. Donald:*sings simple and clean *tears slowly crawl down corners of eyes Ok... one more year; *starts to run off while crying: one MORE yEAR DOCtoR!

DayDREAMER IV : 1:32 I couldn't hold in my laugh anymore, then he switched to japanese too???? K M S 😂😂 why is this awkwardly beautiful

Lara ́s beauty : I cant stop thinking of this version of this song ,i have a test tomorow and i cant study... i cant stop crying donald please dont die in kh3 please

Doug Doug : This is the original opening for Kingdom Hearts 1 before Utada Hikaru stole it off poor Donald

Matthew Cadenas : Forget waluigi, how about Donald for smash

Deadwolf : It's easier to understand the lyrics when Donald sings them

Universe_ : *Utada Hikaru leaves the group chat*

Depth217 : I’m so sorry Donald! I’m so sorry I always benched you in the Disney worlds! Please don’t die... please keep singing!!! Don’t go! Hold me! Whatever lies beyond this morning is a little later on... :(

Benjamin Che Ba : So that's what donald's doing while we are fighting with only 1hp. He sings so loud that he can't hear us screaming at him for help...

Sephistt : When you just wake up on the day of Kingdom Hearts 3 release.

Janet Martinez : I’m kind of embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve listened to this

mike hannah : Donald is on his deathbed and his life is flashing before his eyes with this in the background

Sultan Sketches : *cries*

Damian Christensen : The moment he gets to the first "pleaaaaaasse".... ....I die of laughter. *Gets me every time.*

Arriyana F : this sounds like my cat on heat lmao

AnimeAngel : The Perfect Song Doesn't Exi- My God... 😭💝

RavenWhispererABC : I showed this to my friend and she's crying.

Jack Nask : Poor Donald... this is so sad, Goofy play despacito


diego morales villegas : That PleeeeEEEEEEEEeeeeeasssseee just kill me XD

Hallow Knayle : Some people make art. But've made a masterpiece.

Fiku El Owoptimista : -shora-