Donald Duck sings "Simple and Clean"

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TheCaliMack : He sounds like he is on the verge of death.

Damian Christensen : The moment he gets to the first "pleaaaaaasse".... ....I die of laughter. *Gets me every time.*

ツShad : My last brain cell during an exam:

dom : i can feel him spitting all over my face

Jimbo Slice : *TEXT FROM DAD* "Why are you crying so damn loud?"

Nichole Talbot : Does sending this to girls count as flirting

SoulReaperSlayer19 : Showed this to my Japanese friend, he said this is why Japan hates us...

Chance Perez : 1:42 "Aah Cthulu eat me"

Amnethyste : He can’t sing,he can’t heal and he can’t attack.

Toaster Guy : Sucide rate drops to 0%

keybladesarah : This moved me deeply.


Gally Gears : The “PLEAAAASE OH BAABY” killed me every single time

Claudiadude - : Me at 5 am reaching for the water on my nightstand

John Mariscal : You can hear the sound of his vocal chords snapping at around 3:12

Jordan Nguyen : If this isn't in the credits of KH3, I'm boycotting and rioting.

No Name : Give this man some water ASAP

Johnathan Adams : I absolutely died when he flipped to Japanese. Just the right kind of overkill.

Vilmy21 : Tfw Donald dies in the last KH3 trailer

EscapadesofaBibliophile : I TRIED getting through this with a straight face.... not possible. My husband and i are HUGE KH fans so i sent it to him as an anniversary song

iwee : this is too emotional

Majoras Arbok : “No captions available for this video”

Inkmaster 101 : Man the Smash Ultimate OST sounds great

Final Fantasy : Please do the same with Sanctuary 😂


Lara ́s beauty : I cant stop thinking of this version of this song ,i have a test tomorow and i cant study... i cant stop crying donald please dont die in kh3 please

respectful rabbit : This *LOW KEY* GOES HARD AF

Beanie Boo Express : The last thing Donald said before he died in the Newest kingdom Hearts trailer

Snake_XIX : This is what you get when you have an old man with helium inflation fetish, stabbed through the neck, bleeding out, held at gunpoint and being forced to sing. Artiste

waddles : The ending scene of KH3 should be Sora, Goofy, and Donald singing this song together.

Sultan Sketches : *cries*

Raspberry Rabbits : I like how it begins to slowly zoom in on Donald

Vincent Rillo : I came here after watching the KH3 Final Battle trailer--- With a certain scene from it in mind.

Chickenarla : Good sir you predicted an actual plot line of KHIII. Donald's dOnE for!!!!

nick : Current mood after the final trailer

Depth217 : I’m so sorry Donald! I’m so sorry I always benched you in the Disney worlds! Please don’t die... please keep singing!!! Don’t go! Hold me! Whatever lies beyond this morning is a little later on... :(

Raven Knight : I am actually crying right now holy shit Why was this in my recommended I don't even know but I'm so glad it was

Shadati : Donald as he dies in Kh3

Powerprotoman : this song is VERY apt for todays trailer

schmitguy23 : Me after I heard Kingdom Hearts 3 was leaked a month before release

Nidalevi : Just how I remember my childhood, so much nostalgia from one voice :'(

X naM ageM Reversed : This is actually better than any other version I’ve found cause it doesn’t have all the extra remix stuff. Can anyone find an original version that has more simple instruments like this?

Wren the Chicken : My anthem for depression

Demonoid Diamond : Its 2:48 in the morning and this was recommended to me. This is a blessing rn and I'm in tears

Idolmaster Subs : Translation: I'm dying so hard....send help!

Yellow Pancake : Hey, subscribing actually paid off!

Camaileon : When he starts singing in JAPANESE... oh my god that was amazing

Shawn McGuire : Why is this so strangely extra sad?

Yuh : “ *I* *GOT* *IT* “ - rip dolan

Joshua Hudson : Tfw donald dies in the latest kh3 trailer.