Every Guy at Home Depot

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A Beautiful Horizon : Hahaha. YESSSS. Well, actually that's me. My husband googles everything first, so... he's a expert by the time he gets there. 😂

dagman85 : Hahahaha... Hilarious!

AnointedFighter17 : "You have a 2 by 4?" "What? No my car is all wheel drive." Genius 😁🤣

Frankie Cortez : “Idk Everybody just keeps saying fractions in here” 😂 definitely me when I go to Home Depot 😂

Sadie Cherish : The best parts of Home Depot: 1. The smell. 2. The aisle with all of the light fixtures.

Shanktuary : Every guy! Speak for yourself bud. I do it all, in fact today I'm changing my wife's blinker fluid.

Alissa Eck : "I don't even know what half these tools are for." Me. 🤣

Sarah S. : 'Maybe we should put a grill in the bathroom.'

Anna Buys : I'm going to redo my bathroom this afternoon 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

seashmore : "I'll put a kitchen sink in my bathroom. So what?"

Erik Reyna : "I don't know what 5/8 is, every one just seem to use it" 😂😂😂 Priceless!!! Keep up the good work 💀🤣💀

VIPShirlee03 : you have experience? Yeah I put in a shower curtain I think im fine.

Nikki D : Fractions 🤣

Trey Van Camp : I REFUSE to EVER ask for any help or directions 😂😂😂 it usually costs me at least an hour extra at the store though. 😂

Emily White : i worked the HD customer service desk, this is so right on the money! Made me laugh and cringe at the same time!

Nintendo Gamer : Lol got to love Home Depot though

Addison Glommen : 2×4 no I got all wheel drive LOL

Ian Johnson : Wow, I sure hope there are not men this ignorant, lol. Though I have my doubts about some of my millenial brethren. :)

Bekah Burton : Dude! We gotta get a new mailbox!! 😂😂

Matt B : You could be an comedian.

Albert Ruiz : How many type of woods are their 😂😂

Amelia Quintero : Hey I'm looking for a 5/8 Of what? I don't know! Everyone keeps saying fractions here!!😂😂😂

Zach Galanius : "I don't know what half of these tools are for."- John Crist 👍

TheBaseballLiker : I like how they don't even sell Craftsman tools at Home Depot, making the "employee" sound as misinformed as the guy in that case.

Maki-risu : The fraction bit gets me every time!

R. A. : My car is all-wheel drive

Glenn Riccobono : I'm a guy. I'll just go outside. Better yet give me a bucket. Ewwwww

PσkєPαrtч : *Who else died of laughing?*

Tomas M : How many kinds of wood are there?🤣

Petty Thomas : Hilarious! It’s so true too. LOL!

Garret Emo : I'm looking for a 5/8......

Brandon Townsend : No. My car's all wheel drive. 😂😂 lol. Love it.

Luke Marriott : I have to go to Home Depot with my dad sometimes. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is confused about fractions being all over the place in Home Depot or Lowe's. lol great vid, I can't wait to see more like it!

GOLD 1515 : What DOES 2x4 mean...? I know it's a size of a wooden board...

Yoga Unity : 👍 😂had to watch this twice 😂

AlyG99 luv : 1:10 How many kinds of wood could there be? Lol 😂😂😂

Daniel&LeAnn Smith : Hahahah! Orange bucket for the win!

Me! reacting! : That's an exterior door. Ok😂

ChocolateNinja : Nice video :)

Christian Adventure Films : Can't believe all the guys you just threw under the bus"...............🚌

Sarah Lynn Sovilla : Lol 5/8ths lol

Abel : haha i'm working in construction with my dad who's been a carpenter since I can remember I guess I the opposite

William Parker : The orange bucket had me rollin

Sarah Rogers : Ha ha! The orange bucket 😂

JayD Walker : Love love love love love love you John

Zach Galanius : Man this dude is awesome 👍

Clinton Reed : This made me smile. Great stuff.

Japheth Frey : my dad was a farm hand so he knows what he's talking about.

Sampsonay : As someone who works at Home Depot, i can verify i see customers like this everyday

Michael Vitiello : This is brilliant, lol