Every Guy at Home Depot

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Sadie Cherish : The best parts of Home Depot: 1. The smell. 2. The aisle with all of the light fixtures.

A Beautiful Horizon : Hahaha. YESSSS. Well, actually that's me. My husband googles everything first, so... he's a expert by the time he gets there. 😂

AnointedFighter17 : "You have a 2 by 4?" "What? No my car is all wheel drive." Genius 😁🤣

Frankie Cortez : “Idk Everybody just keeps saying fractions in here” 😂 definitely me when I go to Home Depot 😂

seashmore : "I'll put a kitchen sink in my bathroom. So what?"

Sarah S. : 'Maybe we should put a grill in the bathroom.'

Alissa Eck : "I don't even know what half these tools are for." Me. 🤣

Shanktuary : Every guy! Speak for yourself bud. I do it all, in fact today I'm changing my wife's blinker fluid.

VIPShirlee03 : you have experience? Yeah I put in a shower curtain I think im fine.

Anna Buys : I'm going to redo my bathroom this afternoon 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Amelia Quintero : Hey I'm looking for a 5/8 Of what? I don't know! Everyone keeps saying fractions here!!😂😂😂

Emily White : i worked the HD customer service desk, this is so right on the money! Made me laugh and cringe at the same time!

Trey Van Camp : I REFUSE to EVER ask for any help or directions 😂😂😂 it usually costs me at least an hour extra at the store though. 😂

Sampsonay : As someone who works at Home Depot, i can verify i see customers like this everyday

Addison Glommen : 2×4 no I got all wheel drive LOL

Erik Reyna : "I don't know what 5/8 is, every one just seem to use it" 😂😂😂 Priceless!!! Keep up the good work 💀🤣💀

dagman85 : Hahahaha... Hilarious!

Tyler Inloes : Too funny. I have made 5 trips in one day because of a bathroom remodel.

Shelley May : Or the Home Depot employees who have no idea what you want even when you know what you want and have to ask the one old guy that works there what I'm asking for. I wanted a utility knife, also referred to by the brand name Exacto knife. The dude asked two people before asking the old guy who knew exactly what I wanted and where it was.

Nikki D : Fractions 🤣

GummyPumpkin : *Who else died of laughing?*

Bekah Burton : Dude! We gotta get a new mailbox!! 😂😂

Matt B : You could be an comedian.

Zach Galanius : "I don't know what half of these tools are for."- John Crist 👍

Albert Ruiz : How many type of woods are their 😂😂

Brian Lawson - Songwriter : "...I don't know, everyone just keeps saying fractions around here."

Tomas M : How many kinds of wood are there?🤣

OvoJ : I grew up as the son of contractor. This just makes me cringe haha.

Shawn White : I worked at Home Depot. This is (sadly) accurate, albeit hilarious here. Actual question I get asked almost every day; "What aisle is your cement in?" *points to aisle that has 'Masonry' in big letters*

DWmusic : DUDE you're so funny but for goodness and humors sake... MAKE YOUR VIDEOS LONGER!!!!!!😁😁😂😂

Gino Attardi : Seems like there are very few of us left who actually know what all of this is and can use it!

AlyG99 luv : 1:10 How many kinds of wood could there be? Lol 😂😂😂

Ian Johnson : Wow, I sure hope there are not men this ignorant, lol. Though I have my doubts about some of my millenial brethren. :)

Daniel&LeAnn Smith : Hahahah! Orange bucket for the win!

Me! reacting! : That's an exterior door. Ok😂

syz·y·gy : I worked there for a month. The only thing inaccurate about this is that you're not speaking Spanish.

Fantasy World : Lol got to love Home Depot though

Augie Zinman : You want me to put led lightbulbs in bathro.. oh LED ok 😂

Clinton Reed : This made me smile. Great stuff.

insane bob's crazy shack : I work the Home Depot Garden dept. and there are guys that need their hand held. Others don't have a clue because their family sent them with only a vague idea of what to get.

TheBaseballLiker : I like how they don't even sell Craftsman tools at Home Depot, making the "employee" sound as misinformed as the guy in that case.

Sarah Rogers : Ha ha! The orange bucket 😂

Garret Emo : I'm looking for a 5/8......

GOLD 1515 : What DOES 2x4 mean...? I know it's a size of a wooden board...

R. A. : My car is all-wheel drive

Brandon Townsend : No. My car's all wheel drive. 😂😂 lol. Love it.

Yoga Unity : 👍 😂had to watch this twice 😂

Gramms : Whats funny is that I work there. Every damn old person always calls LED bulbs lead!

holy. sacred. pure. : I like how for some of the scenes you didn't speak as loud like you were trying to keep your man card 😂

Danielle LePard : This is funny but it's sadly true that these are the men our young women have to choose from lol.