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dee dee dee da da da dee dee dee The song is from S.O.S Family International (English version). They're some cult of sorts. I got the song from Red Letter Media's Best of the Worst Please share so I can get 70 billion views


Markus Magnon : 0:22 - four (!) times hitting other vehicles. After that just drive in a hole. WTF.

prah89 : This song was actually made by a Christian cult lol. Check out the RedLetterMedia Best of The Worst episode featuring "SOS" Wheel of the Worst #5

TopTsun : I'm so glad I'm not Chinese

Abyssal Knight : china.exe has stopped working

DerLamer : 1:28 gives me vertigo

RichManSCTV0 : China number 1

Mohel Skinberg : The "China Century" = the *last* century for this species.

薄ē†™ę„ : My new favourite video.

dre 0924p : china you skurry

Dillon Sears Sears : Greatest thing I've ever seen. Is sand spillage a real problem there in China?

Shlom : Bravo

Spencer Holley : *Red Letter Media Has [ENTERED] The Game*

Clembo : China has the lowest population density of any country on Earth. 0 humans.

Overseer : Hey look Iā€™m on youtube

theedwardian : the Chinese are more like Sims or ants than conscious human beings. The ones that migrated to the west a hundred years ago were the cream of the crop.

javier l : What would the world be without the chinese videos!?

Citiera : Good job Buddy!