Lindsey Stirling - Mirage -feat. Raja Kumari

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Customer Assistance : When u mix music in Indian Style, It always will be Great like this, Keep going Lindsey!, Next time try to play ur Violin against a Tanpura! and get a good musician from the music industry and try it with Tanpura, or u can play Indian Raagas using ur Violin, Just wondering how will it sound Tanpura and Violin and An Raaga. Try night Raagas Like Kirwani or Shivranjani or Marwa!

Tarcisius Sudarsono : Yes!Dynamics,energic and spiritfull.Thank's Lindsey Stirling.Bless You!

Lenny : Listen to this song Lindsey, so beautiful! You should do covers of his songs:

Blue Dangerous Star : God every time she touches that violin my heart melts because of her music she is really amazing and very inspiring with her music and I thank you Lindsey Sterling for making me the person I am

Zendaiya Graham : Another AMAZA-BALLS vedio. Keep up the good work Lindsey Stirling.

Abigail Balazs : I love your music! Can you play Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance? Please, or because Halloween is coming can you play a song from Nightmare Before Christmas?

Ghosthand : I want a wall paper for my computer of you in the war paint look. That is so hot looking!

Hannah Stein : I was subscribed to her since when she had 400,000 subscribers now she has 9,000,000 wow 😮

Amun-Ra : Tripple combo in the air and a shotgunning of a quick Bulgarian beer, while taking a couple of paparazzi with a high kick out ouf your space is the least thing I can do for you, girl ;)

Annie White : Lindsey, you never fail to impress me

Ghestualt : This is by far your most unique piece.

Hillary Sanderson : I would love to have violin lessons from you ❤❤❤❤

BubbleskattGirl324 : AMAZING!!! XD :D :) I want to go to one of your concerts so bad.. Please have one in California!!!

Krzysztof Capek : I would love you and Estas Tonne work together

kittycatluv : I made a nightcore of this is u wanna check it out

Natasha G : I love Raja Kumari! Was her name just added in the title, or did I miss it before?

Alaya Shah : This is one of the first times I've actually enjoyed a song that was inspired Bollywood and made by a non Indian person because it's actually pretty accurate. Some artists who try to have Indian influences end up doing something that is an assumption of what and bharatnatyam is.

Chloe Ledbetter : she is still so amazing

Krysten Chaney : Lindsey transformed what has been considered "nerdy" and something kids thought was restricted to only the "dorks and smart kids", into something COOL!!! My 12 year old son is probably considered "a jock" by his peers. He's just a natural all around sporty kid that always seems to have a ball in his hands. Never in a million years would he ever consider playing the violin because Orchestra isn't something the football kids did... But after seeing one of Lindsey's videos, he found her so "Awesome" and began asking if I thought he could ever be like her. He was so enchanted that he stopped caring what his friends would think and say about him if he played the violin and because of this, he opened himself up to so many new possibilities in his life. As a parent, that is something very special to see and I can only credit Lindsey for that. So thank you for taking the "dorky" and making it "Awesome"!!

Agent Smith : I'm always listening to you in the car

Steven Jones : I wanna see her play devil went down to Georgia so bad, she's so good.

transecuadorunido : hi lindsey please mi name is joseph and my birthday is this 26 please please send me a greeting

logical Octopus : One of my favorite L.S. musical pieces + one of my favorite L.S. videos. What an awesome combination.

Morgan Yee : It’s so good😊😊😊 ur an amazing violinist

rose gonzalez : You inspire me so much to follow my dreams everyday! i love ur music. This was one of my fav songs. glad you made a video its amazing as always♡♡♡

morning star : LOVE IT AS ALWAYS!

Jesse C : Been a fan for years. Even watch you're collabs with various youtuber's and of course the whole "Dancing with the Stras" thing. Love everything you do. Keep it up chick.

diera nav : I absolutely love this music, but singing is too much. i found singing disruptive...

Hitcher177 : You ALWAYS just know, and new video from Lindsey is going to be REMARKABLE, and it always IS.

Ana Justice : i love Lindsey as a blonde!

Jayme Gomes : But it is very beautiful this cat ... Success for you Lindsey, I love you and your work, if a day comes to Brazil let me know kisses !!!!!!!!

Mr Jordan L : Some say Lindsey's violin is magical and any tears brought on by the sounds echoing from it, will cure all sadness.

hendi liz : Her grandma was one of our patients.she played violin everytime she visits her grandma here in shadypines care home

the Bams :v : I like I love you lindsey Att: the bams


mike x : loves  your vids  n  when you go all out  dressing up  in ya vids.........also love  when ya  dress down   n  show the world  you re   just another  regular girl in the  rock  Lindsey.......keep up the good work.

nycSmokes : Girl, you are an idol to me. I am rooting for you during DWTS, and I am giving not so subtle hints to my parents to get me tickets for your Christmas tour. Woot Woot!

Amaya Johnson : Skimming through youtube, trying to find something I can just listen to as I finish this math quiz. Hmmm, Lindsey Stirling? And she has a new video? Works for me! Ok, press play, switch tabs, and start question number 1. Not even 5 seconds in, I had to put down my pencil and switch back. The violin was just so enticing, I loved it!!!

chris lawrence : I loved this new video Lindsay

Caleb David : This is gold, quite literally.

TheLittlewhisper : I don't like it as much as some other videos, but it's good. I think it could have been more. I would have loved a real story.

R Jackson : Oddly this doesn't entirely remind me of Bollywood, it also reminds me of pirates. More accurately, the pirate shanties from A.C.: Black Flag.

Bryson Tiller : Didn't know u could make those sounds with a violin

Esteban fitness model : THE VIOLIN SOUNDS AMAZING ;D

Brittany Marcil : Anybody else think a Ludovico Einaudi and Lindsey Stirling mashup would be beautifully epic?

Trena Seymour : Another AMAZING track!!!! I didn't know if it could get better than "Elements" or "The Arena" but....Wow. This is beautiful.

M and H Vlogs : Welp now I know we're Taylor swift got her idea for the song "oh look what you made me do"

shadowx 20xx : when is warmer coming out

Aly x : Wow Lindsey you are amazing, i love your songs 😍💖

POTATO KNIGHT : wow crazy to think she's about to hit 2m. Subbed at 50k. What a journey 😘