Lindsey Stirling - Mirage -feat. Raja Kumari

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bogdanich375 : Amazing!

Alexander Lim : Isn't this from your tour? IT'S AMAZING!!


Jellied Panda : thank you for featuring Raja Kumari, a brilliant song writer

Candy Girl : People this is Called TALENT

KEM T : Good job!! Lindsey and Ladies. .. Love it .. 💕

David Ye : I love this authenticness of this song!


Cassandra Yuan : Amazing<3

Honey Lavender : Absolutely amazing Lindsey! Once again I am blown away! The choreography and the costumes are so smooth and Dream like- you and your dancers are hypnotizing! Keep dancing and loving life! Love from Canada!

Abigail Knight : YAASS GIRL!!

Ariel Joote : I love the Indian and Middle Eastern vibes.

Matt Matthews : Am i the only one disappointed that Raja Kumari doesn't make an appearance in the video?

Sarah Sawan : I find that the videos are starting to get a bit too excessive, I prefer the simplicity of her old ones, but the music is amazing! And the parts with plucking are fantastic!

Mastermind8908 : I'd love to see you have a duel with Mairead Nesbitt of Celtic Women.

HeyItsRin : QUEEN 👑

Lockette : Went to the Warmer in Winter Concert last night in ATL guys, its worth it!!

Barbara Langille : Your music inspires me everyday. Just fantastic!

Christa Vaught : Apperently 150k can dance like they can while playing the violin like she can and think of the ideas used in this video like they can. LINDSEY STIRLING AND RAJA KAMARIYOUR AWESOME AND SO IS EVERYONE ELSE WHO HELPED YOU IN THE VIDEO

nevereverwinter : This song is so much fun to dance and work too...people can look at me weird all day i move so easily to this. Thank you so much Miss Stirling

Psycho Cattato : When bollywood meets violin

Rebecca Archibold : Haters: You can't be on a competitive dance show, record a Christmas album AND make new music videos at the same time! Lindsey: Hold my beer...

Leelee Butterfly : How can you dance and play cause you are so good

Awrista Indermuehle : I don't understand how there can be 3k dislikes! Lindsey inspired me to play and now I do but I'm sad that there isn't a orchestra at my school.

Anonymous Fangirls : You hit 10 million!!!! GOOOOOO LINDESYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dann Ochoa : What a nice video and majestic music. I'll be glad to buy some of your disc.

adam beldjilali : I Know KSHMR Did Put Something On This Song <3

Pralhad Tarde : The real violin star!

Diana Hernandez : Me encanta el diferente diseño de cada VIOLIN♪♥♥

Marlies : Lyrics: Dagidagadagudagi Dadadadadada Dadagadagadungdada Dadagadagadungdada (Hey 289284x) amongdagadaga dtinda dtinda dtinda (abouhh hah 378174x) Dadagadagadundadah 3x (Hey + ouh 374828x) Thank me later.

Zaib Akhtar : So amazing Performance 👏👏👏👏👏I love your music😘It touched always my heart and soul.💖Thank you ⚘⚘⚘⚘

Phenom76 : 10 10 10 10

Sakura CherryBlossom : Lindsey Stirling thank you, you help me so much with my violin, whenever I'm feel like I can't do it I remember that you never gave up and so I'll never give you. Someday I would love to meet u in person it would be a dream come true,and again u can't yell you how much I look up to you and you help me, you are my #1 role model. Also help my dreams come true.....thank you so much!!!!!😂😘😜😂😇

Krissi Berry : 🐝 classical East Indian fusion 💗💗💗

Oliver Twisted : You are the most beautifully talented chameleon <3

Micah Turner : Finally, something on trending that is actually worth watching. 👌🏻

Ben Cardenas : Trap Link dancing this

CandyHardMYV : 2k de personas son tan tontas que no aprecian lo que en verdad es bueno

Draukagrissah : Think DWTS is gonna push Linds to 10M!

karolyn solfis : Music to my Ears

Mark Tube : Hi lindsey!!!im a big fan and you always keep me happy and thank you :D And i love this song!

Noe Benitez : Is she ever going to fix her wrist

TakaS013 : Sorry, but this one wasn't good.

Eruanna : Third costume = Queen Midas(????)

Baby ArelyYT : I play violin because lindsey insirped me to play it 😍😍😍😍

Aria Antoinette ritcherson : I have to say this is another favorite of mine, I dunno if it's just me but I actually like this better than take flight.

Bianca Luevano : #sherlock

อับดุลมายิด นพพันธ์ : Thank You

deputyseal409 : I love that she uses strong and pretty women of different sizes for her videos, and not just stick figure dancers.

Ferry Mary : Wow amazing🙅🙏💁💃💃💃