Lindsey Stirling - Mirage - feat. Raja Kumari

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Nathorix : It can't be legal to be this talented...

Dead Bird : Everytime I see you dancing, I remember my violin teacher telling me "don't move! Nobody plays well while moving!" and it makes me giggle. You are crazy talented. You're an inspiration.

Zhen Zheng : I love how the women have talent and not just twirk for 3 minutes

TheAdventurousNerd : And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make music that’s inspired by a specific culture WITHOUT dressing up and acting like you’re from that culture :)


Cheetah Piper : How on earth are you managing a tour, music videos, and DWTS all at once??? You have some crazy determination!

Geetha Sindhuri : anyone here for raja kumari?

DILLAN DAILEY : Lindsey Stirling is a freaking goddess. Those string plucking skills, those legs, those expressions......oh law'dy law'dy I need me a glass of wata'.

David Ye : I love this authenticness of this song!

Aaron Irby : This woman changed me. I used to listen to exclusively rock only. Also this woman has saved countless Asian drivers from my road rage with her music.

Aishwarya Net : Love the Indian Theme in the Music ❤

JaniceThe Squid : Everytime I hear a Lindsey song it feels like the first time. Utterly amazing.

Gemma Whatley : I owe an apology to lindsey. When her recent videos came out I judged too quickly. These are amazing! They have grown on me so much and deserve more credit. I hope I can be forgiven for being negative previously. It was unacceptable u_u

ms. san : Lindsey looks exhausted in the clip following the video. Hope she gets a little getaway soon :P

Sarah Sawan : I find that the videos are starting to get a bit too excessive, I prefer the simplicity of her old ones, but the music is amazing! And the parts with plucking are fantastic!

Micah Turner : Finally, something on trending that is actually worth watching. 👌🏻

Ven Pen : *Leave some talent for the rest of us.......*

Anonymous Fangirl : You hit 10 million!!!! GOOOOOO LINDESYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lockette : Went to the Warmer in Winter Concert last night in ATL guys, its worth it!!

Esmeralda Castillo : If u like this it means ur a fan of her and her talent

mariel ivana : That was not what I was expecting but I like it

Loreen Kristie : I'm in love with this music and dancing) amazing video!

prisha L : LOVE THIS I never expected this Indian vibe performance

flomojo2u : When you've gone one step too far with the bronzer ;-) Love the video, "gold" Lindsey was quite the surprise!


Psycho Cattato : When bollywood meets violin

raju : I do not listen to music but your instrument music is mind blowing and I'm addicted to it......I will be loving to listen to your new album



AnneNymus : The dancers are great!

Danie F : Everyone talking about "I miss the old lindsey" " I like the new lindsey" .... I'm over here like " It's the same ole linsey with better production quality 😂😂" You the best at what you do babe💛💚! It must feel nice knowing you're the only one of your kind.

Awrista Indermuehle : I don't understand how there can be 3k dislikes! Lindsey inspired me to play and now I do but I'm sad that there isn't a orchestra at my school.

Leelee Butterfly : How can you dance and play cause you are so good

a girl tha is dead inside : Im so happy for her that how talented she is 💜ily Edit:those 1.4k ppl that dislike this vid was jealous of how talented she is

Eve Delarosa : YES!!!! 😄🎙🎻 Fan of both artists. I'm overjoyed.

hannah arnold : a surprising amount of negativity in these comments :0 I was thrilled by this music video, the dancing and visuals are awesome and the music is great.

mira takagi : The musical style including the violin harmonics is wonderful. Player articulations In addition, rhythm and melody - I like (my matches the guidelines, dilettante · TS, It should be noted that contains the terminology of the music and film industry in the comment) PA · mixing techniques, multi it is a transition of configuration and video editing of slow-motion video using the robe, including the technique cinema look filter of track recording, lighting operator technique, angel of the ladder of production-camera split-movie technique is wonderful. In the case of a wonderful dress color of 4 minutes 23 seconds is pink · coral · gentleness · unconditional love · female · maternity · compassion · kindness · feminine intuition · self love customer · amenance · Easy to get scratched · Men and women are rich of female sexuality · kind and carefree · All colors have meaning. The title of the video clip is Lindsay Sterling - Mirage - Feet. Raja Kumari 's English is translated into Japanese by Google translation

xox izzigam3r123 : It's so addicting... Can't.... Stop....

Diana Hernandez : Me encanta el diferente diseño de cada VIOLIN♪♥♥

Oliver Twisted : You are the most beautifully talented chameleon <3

Big Mofo : So diverse. Much ethnic. Wow.

Cassandra Yuan : Amazing<3

Minecraft Explorer : Help! There is a random man speaking in my ear. 1:55 3:37

243butchb : Not many vids this old geezer will watch twice in a row, ten times for this and still counting. Lindsey you rock the world.

Pralhad Tarde : The real violin star!

Gojira61 : Where the heck have I been??? That was amazing!

Dzevad Imamovic : I watched this as like a battle between godesses and I loved it!!!!! 👌🏼👌🏼

Ezekiel Nduli : Lindsey got moves...

Girl Nuri Love Music PIC : Me encanta este vídeo en especial por la cultura indu es increible,Lindsey eres genial ^_^ :-)

Rebecca Archibold : Haters: You can't be on a competitive dance show, record a Christmas album AND make new music videos at the same time! Lindsey: Hold my beer...